The New knowledge for the New idea

With the continuation of the social crisis it is clear that there is a complete failure to launch any good social and economic arrangements. Let’s call this crisis "a crisis of ideas" than just an economic or financial one. The fact is that in absolutely all spheres of modern society today, there is a lack of fresh, positive and global ideas: in politics, economics, arts and culture, spirituality, religion, literature, entertainment or in academic and fundamental sciences. However there are people around the world who can make decisions that benefit all of humanity, these people are usually more progressed and developed within society. They are the ones who have ideas and who are capable to inspire others on a global scale.

People like this voluntarily unite and they are filled with enthusiasm and they are the most progressed and developed individuals within humanity that hold the knowledge of powerful indigenous evolutionary transformations. In the world today, there is not a single, global promising idea for the strategic development of our entire civilization to unite all these people for a realization of their potential. There is no a realization that comes to mind, if you think of who would be willing to actively join and make these transformations, people who are willing to contribute with millions of other people from all over the world, regardless of their religious, political and social views, as well as their income.

All kinds of religions, faiths and various esoteric systems have already ceased to be a source of spiritual and intellectual inspiration for so many people who have grown in a spiritual manner and also progressively within each field. Thus, all of the above mentioned have been unable to solve the problem of the unification of all people in the world in a graceful and moral way and to contribute to the development and implementation of progressive ideas within a unified world community. Unquestioned dogmatism and rapid conservatism has encouraged people to blindly believe in something that is super powerful and has separated people from their own creativity. The dogmatism and conservatism within religion and many of the modern systems of esoteric knowledge has deprived the evolutionary growth of all of humanity.

Humanity has been stalled in a very powerful manner and has been slowed down to self-improvement as all individuals have been focusing, in an unconscious manner, towards one direction and then to another in an impulsive way, thus this has promoted temporary and inefficient development. This has also given people defective and limited opportunities and kept them from realizing the greatest creativity within them.

Humanity has been limiting their own development by making short- term plans, caused by inaccurate perceptions of the imaginary brevity of human life. These outdated beliefs and attitudes about the apparent predetermination and vagueness of our existence are the strong obstacles that prevent progress in the development of our collective consciousness.

To solve the important questions that the world  unified society have, all must understand that it is absolutely useless to attempt patching up the old wounds. It is indeed necessary to change the current order of things in a radical way. Also to change the outdated standards that still exist within the relations between the state and its nation, any individual, the state structures, businessmen and woman and all financial and economic institutes.

In order to have a better life for all on earth, it is expected that all who believe in this idea actively participate as we belong to a generation of people who already have extensive life experience. There is a significant amount of young people who are wise beyond their years and who are advanced within their knowledge and also they are already free from selfish prehensile instincts. They do not have fear of any kind of change, however, this new generation of people is in no way able to cope with these assigned, planetary and evolutionary tasks by themselves, unless they teach themselves brand new, fundamental knowledge and if they persuasively and logically justify the need to form a collective consciousness of new ideas for universal growth and equality.

Knowledge and an education like this exist! It is called Iissiidiology, the newest cosmological conceptions about the structure of the universe and the human being.

On what kind of New Knowledge is the New Idea is based on?

You have an opportunity to become familiar with unique information as we have no one else in the entire world that correlate with these ideas. Those who deem this statement too be bold, will be able to see the truth of these words by reading at least the first volume of “Iissiidiology Fundamentals” books series, the knowledge that is absolutely new to all of humanity.


Iissiidiology represents outstanding universal knowledge that is always improving and it encourages people to get rid of actively far-fetched and dogmatic restrictions like fear of death, cult actions of every sort and kind, knotty fantasies, messy speculations, blind faith in the supernatural and it provides people with detailed explanations about mechanisms that bring forth the realization of personal and collective evolution. These mechanisms guarantee the process of becoming mature and to understand personal responsibility in a profound way, in order to persevere and improve the world around us. There is no place in this concept of new knowledge for anything “supernatural” that cannot be explained or any place for what ought to be worshiped. This is why IIssiidiology is not religious at all by its nature

When considering the options for our evolution to blossom and grow in the greatest way possible, we are always able to refer to ourselves as true Human beings, with a capital letter, to recognize our evolutionary, significant and creative abilities that we acquire in the course of continuous, intellectual and mental self-improvement. The knowledge of Iissiidiology justifies principles and ways of the most favorable planetary coexistence and the development of all people. A shift towards a higher level of evolutionary maturity, spiritual and economic prosperity and absolute confidence in our future, starts with each individual and ends with the international community as a whole. Having the knowledge that we offer will allow each person to consider even the most distant and future prospects of development, which is achievable in the most favorable scenarios of our future. The future, where the rapid development of science, on the basis of Iissiidiology, allows us all to forget about present restrictions of biological existence, about problems with food and accommodation, about religious and ethnic hatred. If our modern society consider the possibility to pay close attention to this project, this knowledge will be capable of laying a powerful evolutionary foundation in the paradigm of human consciousness. It will be the reliable support and the key factor in rapid achievements, to get the best results in scientific development and in the settling of all currently existing social, international, political and religious issues.

Bringing forth the most natural ideas and principles of interpersonal and mutual relations regularly, based on a profound iissiidiological comprehension of the evolutionary essence of humanity,will help to reach the collective conscious of all and will allow millions of people to rapidly engage in various intellectual and altruistic correlations. Also to develop everyone on a conscious level, to be positive and to understand personal responsibility for one’s own choices as well as others.

People may call this knowledge in any way they want an ideology or a part of any political institute, pseudo-science or science fiction and they are right, but it doesn’t really matter. It is essential to be open-minded and to see this in a positive light. People who might think this will soon understand and realize that it is not the case. It is important to understand that the name or classification type of the knowledge we share is not the main point, but that Iissiidiology sheds light on many difficult and unanswered questions in science, philosophy, religion, politics and economics. You will come to realize that Iissiidiology will undoubtedly prove to be most helpful in the creation of a new, more advanced and democratic global society, where the universal principles of Ayfaar’s relations,which is based on an altruistic-Intelligent model, will be assumed as a fundamental way of life. If at least 500 million people join this powerful and grand idea, to create hundreds of thousands of Intellectual and Altruism Development Centers, then it will help to effectively improve the whole perspective of the subsequent nature of the human existence very quickly!

Who is able to change society for the better? What kind of principles do we suggest to cultivate between people?

Who changes our society for the better in terms of perfecting our views on each individual’s meaning of life? It can only be people who are inspired with an insatiable thirst to be positive and who feel the barest creative necessity to devote their lives to benefit and be in Service to all of humanity.

Based on Iissiidiology information, we have been developing the methodical framework of self-improvement principles and techniques, allowing each person to disclose their exceptional individual abilities. These versatile techniques is available to everyone, however, they are extremely relevant to young people who will have a direct influence in the process of the world’s community development in a few years. The proposed system of harmonization, intellectual and sensory development, will allow individuals to reach new horizons and will help people in the near future to become active participants of a collective, creative society on a planetary level.

To create a peaceful society, based on absolutely new and high-quality relations, is possible if we change our own consciousness to a more positive state,instead of forced change in our outer world.Our methods include a variety of techniques to get rid of negative behavioral reactions and to discover an opportunity of an individual’s re-orientation to positive and rational thinking. This can be achieved by intense training of constant cultivation of the key Human principles: Highly intellectual Altruism and highly sensible Intellect (Intelligence). With these two principles as the foundation of our more favorable future, it can and must be the main resources of the world unified community, to create a new social and economic system, with the use of the latest achievements in different technologies, pedagogy, psychology, sociology, culture, medicine and other areas of our life. Having an outlook on the world through acquiring the Iissiidiological knowledge, a person will be able to openly demonstrate to others that Altruistically-Intellectually behavior in a community has many advantages. The priorities of an individual’s life that is trained in this direction will consist of unconditional service to others and cultivating their own consciousness with qualities such as honesty, openness, high degree of personal responsibility and spiritual initiative. The informational motivation and analytical transformation of the existing experience with every decision taken are the key signs of being present in an intellectual and altruistic state. On this basis a person is able to model and form a conscience and logical argumentation of the universal idea of everyone’s radical well-being and improvement, to be sensible and the desire to constantly make a personal contribution to the common good for all.  We need to emphasize the importance that not just one, but all these features combined should be clearly present in any human behavior, defining a high moral and spiritual expediency of every action made.

A person like this will always try to radiate with positive reactions, intellectual decisions and influence everyone around them to be the same and will generate and maintain the confidence and necessity to actin THAT way in a unconditional manner. The achievement of such a state require the annihilation of any signs of negativity, while constantly directing intellect towards the unconditional benefits of other people, regardless of their reaction on your frank desire to help them, whether or not they understand, respect you or even take you seriously. This means that regardless of the role on which the “unbiased” or a “know-it-all” public opinion have placed you, you should always try to assist people with spiritual growth, especially the most bitter and covert of enemies, the arrogant dissemblers, the supercilious scoffers, the skeptical admirers and crafty liars. Intellect and Altruism is not based on idle talk about idealistic topics or on far-fetched ambitious games in humanity, charity and goodness, but is based on the fact that you are SIMPLY UNABLE to live and act any other way! You must try to do your best to help because it is in ourhuman nature! For the effective implementation of such evolutionary changes, the model of a society, which is based on the above mentioned principles, must be supported not only by individuals, but also within all state levels.

The essence of the implementation of our grandiose project is widespread and has to be deeply rooted in the minds of all people on the planet. To be aware of a required presence in the process of individual development are two main components - the Intellect and Altruism. Without these inseparable human character traits, it simply is meaningless to talk about the effective evolution of the human civilization. In many countries there are a huge number of people already willing to make these choices. They are eager to join other people, to share their inherent inner vision and they understand the universal concept of working together and embracing our wonderful future. Without a solid support system in place, this future will merely remain a dream and won’t form into existence.

We are talking about intelligence as the embodiment of the whole intellectual experience that has already been accumulated through science and other applied knowledge. The same applies to the universal interpretation of altruism, which is a natural state of anyone,to serve by their qualitative choices and their ideas about the meaning of life. It doesn’t serve just the popular today, but very limited ideas about the meaning of life: family, religion, nations, countries and the political structures. These choices serve all of humanity, for the sake of the harmonious development of all people on earth. If we do not begin to cultivate this kind of self-consciousness within the majority of people in the world in the future, we can still expect only the war, aggression, lack of understanding, selfishness and the rapid degradation as people, who are unable to co-existence in a harmonious and effective way.

Creating International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers is the first step in a personification of the global Idea - the dissemination of Cities of Light and Knowledge on the entire planet

To this date, the followers of Iissiidiology are in Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Germany and USA and have accumulated the experience of the adaptation of these principles in everyday life. For more than 10 years (since 2001), there has been a training center for future iiaidcans in Russia called AYFAAR. The first steps have been made to the organization and constriction of International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers, (IIAIDC), in Lake Wales area in Central Florida (USA) and in Rosenheim in Bavaria (Germany). The proposed IIAIDC project is an incredible opportunity to introduce a new model of social and economic relations, based on the principles of Altruism and Intellect, formulated in Iissiidiology. We cordially invite professionals from different fields of knowledge who is inspired by the Iissidiology worldview and who are willing to share their own experiences. Our IIAIDC project is a remarkable opportunity to make the idea of the creation of hundreds of thousands of Cities of Light and Knowledge all over the planet a reality. This is a complete new concept of relationships and organizations.

Cities like this will be the living embodiment of a new global idea, which has been lacking all over the world for the last few decades. The IIAIDC is a prototype of the future numerous Cities of Light and Knowledge built all over the planet, where the social and economic relations between people are based on more versatile and human principles. Herewith we acknowledge that Iissiidiology is the ONLY knowledge for now, which unifies all those who apply real and vital foundations to their life through creativity and manifest signs of developed Intellect and active altruism.

Anyone from any country regardless of race, ethnicity, religious denomination, who supports any POSITIVE social or political views and who become familiar with Iissiidiology information, will have an opportunity to visit any of our newly opening Centers for an immediate direct participation in the realization of this idea to all. The training is supposed to be absolutely FREE for participants.  To study the experience gained and results of IIAIDC work, we plan to attract the largest possible number of professionals from different institutions such as social, financial, economic, political, scientific and medical to take part in the project.

How to help the implementation of the ideas?

The new model of this true human relationship of intellect and altruism will only come forth after all the organizational prerequisites are ready for implementation and submission of this global idea within modern society. This is the main purpose of creating “experimental” IIAIDC. After that only it will be successfully implemented in life. It is impossible right now because so far communities are obsessed with all kinds of religious, political, economic and philosophical dogma, on spurious restrictions, on silly and ambitious self-centeredness, on nationalism and chauvinism, and still remains highly inertial and ignorant by its consumer core.

We appeal to all who can financially and organizationally implement this project and people who can intellectually-altruistically invest, not only with their own capital, but also with experience in the effective organization of globally economic and social schemes of interaction. Without you our project will not be able to move forward, irrespective of how theoretically magnificent the foundation of it is. Iissiidiology knowledge can then really establish itself on this solid material basis, as no other modern concept has such a high degree of versatility and potential reliability.

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