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Return to our Pleiadian Home. Part 21

Results of the Pleiadian genetic experiment

QUESTION: It is my understanding that on different planets of ours, as well as other Star Entities, a "human being" was created from the same "basic" primate; or rather, different genetic material was grown / created on each planet?

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Return to our Pleiadian Home. Part 22

How are the names of the stellar crafts, crewmembers and Space Sound Code (Tone) Names originate.

QUESTION: The name of the space ship, with the crew of which you periodically communicate sound purely earthly - "SIRIUS-A". Is this a "translation" of its name into Russian or is it an actual earthly word used? Is the team of the gravity flyer consist of former Earthlings? Does it also participate in the evacuation of Earthlings, or its team has other tasks on Earth?

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Message from the Pleiades

Here is the amazing story, told by Oris, regarding his meeting with the Pleiadians. So much time has elapsed since its initial publication in the "Contacts on the eve of the 2000s" book series, however, this information remains relevant as ever! After all, the knowledge of Iissiidiology, which Oris has, and still does, transfer from high-frequency dimensional levels of Space-Time over the past 10 years, reflects the True Human Development Path, followed by our distant ancestors. Everything is interconnected and the still “sleeping” team members have to be awaken; therefore, we deem the transgression of this knowledge is very important!

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