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round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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  • § Necessity of conscious realization of each level of Self-Concsiousness. Example of a person with active low sexual levels

Immortality Conceptions. § Necessity of conscious realization of each level of Self-Concsiousness. Example of a person with active low sexual levels

About necessity of a conscious realization of each level of Self-Concsiousness. Example of spiritual aspirational person with a high active of low INGLIMILISSA Center levels (sexual activities). The caution on self-deception and the implementation of aspects of background Qualities other then dominant ones. The State of "Creative Cosmic Potentiality». The Human qualities Altruism and Intellect. Replacement the qualities of LLUU-VVU (real Human) oriented development direction with background Qualities is a manifestation of ambitions, hypocrisy, double-dealing and pridefulness.

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0574 Now, perhaps, you should recall the words which I have often repeated about the necessity of a deep, conscious, and purposeful realization of literally each of the Levels of the Creative Activity of your Self-Consciousness, regardless of whether you like it or not, whether others approve of it or not, and even regardless of whether you understand it or not (or even if you do not wish to!).

10.0575 Without such level-by-level realizations, you will not be able to develop further (when you will approach a definite moment in the development of your intellect and sensuousness) without the Synthesis of Aspects of both dominant Qualities (which is necessary for the activation of each of the next quality Levels of your Self-Consciousness).

10.0576 Here, the point is also that it is the degree of synthesis of all Aspects of Qualities actively manifested in structures of Self-Consciousness through UU-VVU-copies that determines the extent and intensity of your focusing exactly in a LLUU-VVU-Form, but not in one of the Proto-Forms of GOOLGAMAA-A, which are duvuyllerrtly close to it.

10.0577 By what is it conditioned? Let us consider this question using a particular example. Let us suppose that you, who aspire so irrepressibly and insistently toward your spiritual self-perfection, don’t like some of the sexual manifestations of your psychology, and are tired of your “extremely indecent”, yet for some reason so attractive and arousing, ,involuntary fantasies, dreams, Thoughts, and sensations.

10.0578 So you say to yourself: “That’s it, I am fed up with all this! This is not spiritual; it hinders my harmonious development, my perfection, and my movement along the spiritual Path. I refuse this, suppress any attempts to provoke me to this and begin to study persistently only Iissiidiology!

10.0579 And you actually begin to delve purposefully into mental processes that lead to a deeper awareness and clearer understanding of this Knowledge, which, as it seems to you, can distract you from constantly “annoying” desires of “rude-sexual realizations” and can help you to refocus sequentially into higher-quality Configurations of NUU-VVU-Forms used by you.

10.0580 All this is good, of course. But at the same time you don’t take into account some nuances of this synthetic process, namely: being afraid that any sensuous activity can involve your Self-Consciousness in unnecessary experiences, you decrease intentionally or unconsciously the Creative Activity of Aspects of the Quality ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom, and fill your life creativity with the dynamics (as it seems to you!) of Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence “to the full”.

10.0581 But I assure you that it only seems this way to you! The point is that you are not the author of Iissiidiology and are unable to be completely aware of Those Levels of Information on the frequency of which I have formulated and uttered this Knowledge. As long as you are occupied with pure analysis and logic, trying to imagine abstract schemes of very complex cause-and-effect interrelations and principles of structuring, as long as you manipulate all possible mental logisms in your Self-Consciousness, thoroughly “polishing” them by your analysis, you, beyond doubt, realize actively Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence.

10.0582 But you do not come close to understanding everything in this Knowledge in order to think incessantly and make Choices only within the activity of SFUURMM-Forms that belong to it, and that is why you get tired very quickly, and are more subject to the obstinate desire to occupy yourself with something more primitive.

10.0583 When you get too tired to think and act “in the right way”, you completely unnoticeably to yourself and unconsciously direct your mental logical-analytical activity into a more convenient and easy (to your Perception) course, incessantly trying to APPLY (I intentionally underlined this word!) the intellectual Essence of this Knowledge to your particular life situations, to adjust and adapt it to lower Levels of your understanding, judgment, and creativity.

10.0584 For example, being unable to cope with some of your common drawbacks, you will distort (out of context or simply superficially) in your own fashion some of statements of the Knowledge (which I, perhaps, formulated not quite specifically), and you will begin to try to prove, literally and “furiously” your own (profitable to you “personally”) interpretation of some statement to somebody by using all your “logic” and “analysis” to convince those who doubt it.

10.0585 However, I am sorry to disappoint you, but this will not amount to any realization of Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence! This is not the deep intellectual activity in search of the Truth which must occur regardless of whether it will suit your beliefs or not, whether it will help you or, on the contrary, will complicate your existence. A purposeful search for the Truth (not its replacement by SFUURMM-Forms which are more convenient to you but at the same time are more primitive) is the key to Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence.

10.0586 What you will demonstrate, in this case, is ambition, cunning, temporization, mimicry, stubbornness, persistence, perseverance, meticulousness, scrupulousness, assiduity, commitment, expedience, rationality, fanaticism, ignorance, — in short, anything but Intellectual-Sensuous Experience of some analytical process!

10.0587 You must remember the following, which is very important (to your conscious development): as soon as you begin to practically apply, use, adjust, manipulate, adapt, or fit, high-quality SFUURMM-Forms of some particular sphere of Knowledge to something (or to somebody), Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence take second place.

10.0588 Their place is immediately occupied in your Self-Consciousness by more active UU-VVU-copies of some of the Aspects of other recessive Qualities, which also remind you of logic, analysis, and deep thinking in something, but... only in connection with your lower subjective needs that correspond to existing conventionality, forced circumstances, patient expectations, necessary understanding, preconceived opinion, individual interpretation, practical usage, and so on.

10.0589 But this does not mean that all of the abovementioned is worse than the Intellectual-Sensual Experience common to People, that you don’t need this at all, or that you should avoid all this so as not to get involved too actively in Aspects of other, non-dominant Qualities.

10.0590 It is complete nonsense to perceive this Information in such a way, which once again demonstrates the primitivism of Configurations of NUU-VVU-Forms focused by You, — a simple fact you should carefully consider.

10.0591 I repeat: an increased intensity of the Intellectual-Sensual Experience truly manifested in your life creativity is only a necessary condition of the Synthesis of a specific state in Self-Consciousness which I notionally call “Creative Cosmic POTENTIALITY” which is rezonationally compatible with Aspects of the Quality ALL-Unity that structure middle Levels of the third and fourth IISSIIDI-Centers.

10.0592 But, just as everything else in the One and indivisible Universe, it is simply impossible to synthesize these Aspects in Self-Consciousness in isolation from the Creative Activity of Aspects of the other ten Qualities, which [the Creative Activity] is manifested to a necessary extent in your life creativity.

10.0593 This means that if you decide to continue to focus in the Human Direction of development of this LLUU-VVU-Form, then you should not get rid of anything “non-intellectual” and “non-sensuous”! You should simply have an adequate clarity in understanding of “what is what and what may become what” in your Life. That’s all!

10.0594 I gave this Information only so that, in the process of your incessant subjective awareness of the essence of each moment, you could clearly differentiate and deeply analyze all tints of your own life creativity, not allowing yourself to be deceived and focusing for excessively long periods (and too deeply!) in the realization of Aspects of background Qualities, naively taking their realization for the manifestation of your Dominants.

10.0595 All Aspects of all Pure Cosmic Qualities are very deeply and tightly interrelated by all possible Fields-Consciousnesses that simultaneously structure many synthetic Spheres of Creativity. In fact, everything, absolutely everything, is already initially synthesized and all results of these cause-and-effect force interrelations projected from higher-quality Levels of Energy-Plasma onto lower-quality ones simply cannot be perceived by us as anything separate, because they carry ALREADY-synthesized Information which is characteristic of these or those Qualities to one extent or another.

10.0596 That is why LLUU-VVU-Forms provide you with specific “creative mechanisms”, such as Intellect and Sensuousness. So, as you constantly perform deep analyses of all that happens simultaneously both in your inner psyche and in the outer World, you can find subjective differences in any type of interaction and, logically “filtering out” some illusory dualities (“the necessary” from “the unnecessary”, “the important” from “the unimportant”, “the better” from “the worse”), to learn how to reduce in a highly-sensuous way (intuitively) all your mental-sensuous processes to a common (synthesized from subjective extremes!) denominator. This is the real manifestation of the state of “Creative Cosmic POTENTIALITY”.

10.0597 Now that I have protected you against possible extremes in your development, let us get back to our example. I remind you that, being afraid of activation of UU-VVU-copies of lower Levels of INGLIMILISSA in your Self-Consciousness, you have deliberately suppressed your sensuousness (Aspects of the Dominant Quality ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom) for some period. Instead of it, along with a fragmentary intellectual activity in a deep study of some direction of Knowledge (not necessarily Iissiidiology), you started to intensively develop the Creative Activity of something in your Self-Consciousness, which helps you to assimilate new Information, and which, in your opinion, is very close to Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence.

10.0598 In some time, you begin to see the particular situation to which you have led yourself more clearly. You begin to express more and more asperity in your relations with others, which sometimes comes to cynicism, more and more persistence, occasionally demonstrating blunt obstinacy and irreconcilability towards everything that resists you; and the main thing is the manifestation of increasingly oversensitive ambition which, being burst forth in the most unexpected-to-you forms of conflicting interrelations with other “people”, more and more often forces you to make extremely illogical actions.

10.0599 Why does this happen? The point is that using some Knowledge in practice without quite understanding its true altruistic meaning, in order “to give a good account of yourself” or not “to come out on the short end” in front of somebody, you often try to wangle, wriggle, understate, distort, garbling new SFUURMM-Forms to fit your old conceptions, combining some fragments of one Knowledge with snippets of other Information, each time adapting in every possible way this process of low-intellect thinking to the doubtful quality of your life creativity and satisfaction of your egoistic needs.

10.0600 In some time, this process (this “something” which you perceived beyond doubt as the manifestation of Intellect and Sensuousness) becomes so intensely activated in your Self-Consciousness that it begins to turn from a recessive state into a serious competition for the Dominant of ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom stubbornly suppressed by you. You replace it with an impetuous partiality or, vice versa, by a cold impartiality, with ostentatious delight or forced self-humiliation, with arrogant ambition or unveiled haughtiness.

10.0601 In some period of time, this “pseudo-sensuousness” becomes equal, in its intensity, to the Sensuousness suppressed by you and soon becomes a simply indispensable characteristic factor of your entire existence and a principle of formation of interrelations between you and the outer World. That’s how it is!

10.0602 This means that it is not impartial logic and deep analysis common to Intellect, and it is not unconditional positivism and selfless Altruism common to Sensuousness. Rather, it is a primitive and excessive practice of egoistic use of the mental-sensuous creativity of UU-VVU-copies of the two lower Centers (which are actually isolated from the Knowledge you study) that considerably prevails in your life creativity over the Creative Activity of Aspects of the dominant Qualities common to LLUU-VVU-Forms.

10.0603 All this usually happens with intensive dynamics of countless subjective “Deaths” of focused-by-You NUU-VVU-Forms and subsequent refocusings into Configurations of Forms of other priority Directions of your possible development, which resonate to the utmost with wave dynamics of Thoughts, Feelings, and Desires generated by your Self-Consciousness and the Aspirations intensively formed by them.

10.0604 In these cases, your life circumstances are also modeled in the direction of a high-priority manifestation of the realization possibilities which correspond to the narrow frequency range of Energy-Plasma in which you perceive yourself. You remove yourself more and more from society, from people who “are unable” either to understand you or evaluate you worthily and give due share of the credit for your unusual mind, genius, and abilities...

10.0605 Persistent non-recognition of your extraordinariness on the part of the rest of “humankind” forces your wounded ambition to choose solitude more and more often and to desire complete privacy, motivating these fits of sophisticated hypocrisy and unhealthy pride by the fact that you prefer “spiritual development” to “the worldly vanity”.

10.0606 At such moments, you very often have Thoughts about Life in some remote monastery or in a far ashram, under the guidance of an experienced “master” who, unlike all others, could see all of your gifts and unusual abilities, and could help you to open them even more. Then, you would show “them all what a genius they once failed to discover, acknowledge, and accept!”

10.0607 All these complex psychic transformations take deeper root on lower Levels of Self-Consciousness and usually result at some point in you making a decisive (or desperate) step in the direction of a radical transformation of your current Life. As a rule, they first result in a drastic reorientation of your professional activity or in a change of your marital status or place of residence.

10.0608 You may perceive such changes in your life circumstances either as positive (“better” locality or country, circle of acquaintances and environment, conditions for living, work, creative activity, earnings, nutrition, personal and family relations and many other things than you had before) or as negative ones (you assess the same things as “worse than it used to be”).

10.0609 But all of them bring you inevitably closer to the necessity of refocusing into another territory, into one of the diffusgent races, nations, or peoples whose NUU-VVU-Forms resonate closer in quality with the general Configuration of the Proto-Form unconsciously chosen by you. Such Forms are able to finally help your UFS to refocus (for example, by changing the place of residence) into a half-wild tribe or into a remote, “godforsaken” village whose residents (by Configurations of their Self-Consciousness) represent borderline Forms between “people” and specific bodies of manifestation of this Proto-Form.

10.0610 On the condition that there is further continuation of the Synthesis of Aspects of Qualities in the same Direction and in case of the achievement of a definite quality limit in this process, you refocus completely into an absolutely different — “human-like” or even “nonhuman” — Proto-Form!

10.0611 This is the result of “I don’t want”», even though everything started so optimistically, so “logically”, and so thoughtfully! And you were even ready to hang all possible tags on me, such as “a sexual maniac”, only because I have deeper Knowledge than you and always try to save you in a precautionary, careful manner from that which later you will be unable either to correct “personally” in any way, bring back, or change...

10.0612 Due to the more sensuous characteristics of the Configuration of your Self-Consciousness your inability to understand deeply such a complex Knowledge as Iissiidiology, everything happens in a similar way (only differing in nuance) when you try to suppress in your life creativity characteristic manifestations of the Creative Activity of Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence and begin to focus more intensively only on “the study” of lower egoistic Levels of the dominant “spiral” ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom.

10.0613 This can occur when you mistakenly begin to take a sexual passion or a self-sacrificing egoistic attachment to a particular “personality” (whether it be a person of the opposite sex, a close relative, your own child or even someone else’s child whom you have adopted) in order to individually express your altruistic Sensuousness, plunging you deeper and deeper into self-deception, which is not at all any realization of Aspects of the Quality ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom.

10.0614 Instead of Aspects of the second Dominant (the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence), due to weak mental capabilities, you begin to intensively study all of the possible volitional features (but not highly-intellectual ones!) of your character (assiduity that amounts to “cramming”; persistence in achievement of goals that is more like “obstinacy”; adaptability with elements of “acting skills”; psychological “study” changed by utter meticulousness and so on) which allow you to successfully pretend that you deeply understand these high Levels of Knowledge.

10.0615 Finally, all of this pretense and self-deception also lead to the consequences described above in the form of sequential stable refocusings into “bodies of manifestation” characteristic of other Proto-Forms. Most often, UU-VVU-copies of low-sexual realizations take possession of your Self-Consciousness for a long time, completely slaking your interest in any kind of intellectual activity; this, in turn, determines your choice of Direction of your further development.



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