Commentaries to Fundamentals. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 12

Nootime Dynamics of The Universal Focus of Self-Consciousness

Cover volume 2

The first Chapter of Volume 12 (the 9th Chapter of Commentaries to Fundamentals of Iissiidiology) explains in detail the refocusing mechanism of our Self-Consciousness and tells about unlimited possibilities we have if we understand well the organizational principles of the Universe stated in Iissiidiology. The Chapter also explains how various diseases depend on one’s Self-Consciousness refocusing in nonhuman development Direction and mentions priority features of the Human type of development such as Altruism and Intellect. It describes the phenomenon of psychic implants (dissociation of personality), tells where and why prophesies come true, gives information about coma.

The second Chapter is dedicated to the dynamic changes in structural elements of our Self-Consciousness – UU-VVU. It describes how other Civilizations are manifested through our Self-Consciousness, tells us whom we can observe at a cemetery, who observes one’s body in the state of coma, and explains many other phenomena.

The third Chapter provides details about principles of interaction with OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-systems – universal time-independent Information repository about all events and experiences in all our Lives. There is also explanation of hypnosis, “astral worlds”, mechanics of meditation, the principles of differentiation of Worlds, and others.