Iissiidiology Fundamentals. Volume 6


Bioenergetic processes of formation of the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness

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This book is a part of the general multivolume informational cycle "The Great Message", consisting of the Iissiidiology Fundamentals, Commentaries to the Fundamentals and collections of Ayfaar Songs – songs with highly spiritual content, the texts for which were written by Oris on popular and beloved melodies.
In the sixth volume of Iissiidiology Fundamentals, the author invites the reader to delve into the study of the creative activity of our Self-Consciousness through the specific characteristics and interaction features of various biosystems of the human body.
One of the most valuable results achieved by the author in this work is the formation of clear connections between biochemical neurohormonal processes in the body and our mental capabilities, individual awareness and quality of our choices. The author shows that it is not spontaneous hormonal activity caused by the environment, instinctive habits and the same diet, but our volitional efforts, mental attitude, concentration on our own aspirations, as well as a multitude of very different Conceptions, determine both the state of our health and the comfort of our moral attitudes, and scenarios of our fate (a series of our choices).
The description of the psychodynamics of our Self-Consciousness on a level-by-level basis: from the most primitive, instinctive to the most conscious, harmonious, possessing creative and constructive tendencies, may be no less significant for the reader. Perhaps this approach to the study of human consciousness will seem unexpected and unreasonable to some, but the reader will not be able not to agree that by studying the human psyche in this interpretation, he will naturally begin to self-analyze own reactions and mental states. This, in many respects a practical method of human cognition, has much more significant potential than it might seem at first glance.