Distinctions of Energy centers in Iissiidiology from the conceptions of eastern knowledge. Part 1

IISSIIDI –CENTERS (Energy Centers) are energy-structures that organize the entire creative dynamic of our "personal" Self-Consciousness, subconsciousness, superconsciousness and higher level of consciousness. In turn, each of Center is structured by 12 "karmic Channels" (ДУУ-ЛЛИ) {DUU-LLI}). The names of the energy Centers are universal cosmic sound codes instead of Sanskrit names. By meditating on the sound codes, it is possible to get profound, detailed and more authentic information about every Center.

Please learn more about sound cosmic codes here:

  • 1st Muladhara (Sanskrit) – ARGLLAAMUNI (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology)
  • 2nd - Swadhishtana (Sanskrit) – ИНГЛИМИЛИССА {INGLIMILISSA} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology)
  • 3rd Manipura(Sanskrit) – ОРЛААКТОР {ORLAAKTOR} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology)
  • 4th Anahata(Sanskrit) – АИГЛЛИЛЛИАА {AIGLLILLIAA} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology)
  • 5th Vishuddha(Sanskrit) – УЛГЛУУ {ULGLUU} (Cosmic code.Iissiidiology)
  • 6th Ajna(Sanskrit)  – ССААССФАТИ {SSAASSFATI} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology)
  • 7th Sahasrara(Sanskrit)  – ОЛГООЛЛОНИ {OLGOOLLONI} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology)
  • 8th – UNKNOWN(Sanskrit) – ААНИ {AANI} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology)
  • 9th – UNKNOWN(Sanskrit) – РААКЛИМА {RAAKLIMA} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology)
  • 10th – UNKNOWN(Sanskrit) – УЛУУГУМА {ULUGUMA} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology)
  • 11th – UNKNOWN(Sanskrit) – СВААГАЛИ {SVAAGALI} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology)
  • 12th UNKNOWN (Sanskrit) – ЭЙЯАА {EYYAAA} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology) 

Iissiidi-centers notion differ from chakras, which are presented in many knowledge. One of the basic differences that iissiidi-centers are considered just in pairs of them not separately like in eastern teachings. Another difference is that there is not such strict placement of them to any exact place of our physical body as it is accepted in the Indian phylosophy or other teachings. You can learn about other differences from part 2.