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Commentaries to Fundamentals. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

Fundamental Principles of Immortality

Cover volume 2

The first Chapter of Volume 10 describes the idea of genuine Immortality and tells about the necessity to transform one’s Consciousness. It also explains in detail in which Worlds and why the phenomenon of “Death” is needed, and how psychological states affect physiological Immortality. This Chapter shows the fundamental difference between our bodies of manifestation and those Self-Consciousness’ structures due to which we eternally perceive ourselves.

The second Chapter tells us what is Iissiidiology, for whom it is written, and states three postulates: there is always freedom in choosing a scenario of Life, All happens in one single moment, we simultaneously exist in many Worlds; it also tells the reader about the indigo generation, its role in the development of future society.

In the third Chapter, Oris uses the postulates to explain the multilevel and multiquality structure of our Self-Consciousnesses that can be manifested in different Time Flows (in our so-called “past” and “future” Lives) and in various dimensional diapasons. This Chapter also describes the deep initial interconnection between the entire World that exists eternally and us.

The fourth Chapter explains the notion of “rotation Cycles” from the level of personal Self-Consciousness to the levels of Worlds and Continuums. It provides a detailed description of the principles of refocusing in the Tertiary Energy-Plasma structure, as well as the principle according to which Realities, Worlds, Continuums, Conversums and Universums are formed, and there is also a brief description of the nine Levels of Self-Consciousness that connect us with GOOLGAMAA-A (the Soul-Aspect).

In the fifth Chapter, there is a full explanation of one of the postulates – the principle of many-world existence, and the conclusion based on it – each of us has virtually an infinite number of various Destinies manifested in different Worlds and quality conditions of development.


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Commentaries to Fundamentals. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 11

Energy and Biological Aspects of Self-Consciousness Refocusings

Cover volume 2

In the first Chapter of Volume 11 (the 7th Chapter of Commentaries to Fundamentals of Iissiidiology), Oris describes in detail functioning of Formo-Creators of the brain, how the memory is accessed, how biological structures of the brain are associated with energy-information structures of Self-Consciousness, how various Self-Consciousness Levels are differentiated and reprojected at the moment of so-called “Death”. This Chapter also describes functioning of “the intestinal brain”, how it is possible to cure at a distance (the technique of ethereal projection), gives the meaning of the esoteric term “Astral Plane” from the point of view of Iissiidiology.

 The second Chapter tells us that biological Forms can exist in different Continuums and explains the interrelationship between our lifespan and quality of active Levels of our Self-Consciousness. It also provides information on the following subjects: it is possible to “live one’s Life many times” in higher-quality scenarios, cycles of changing male and female manifestations within the structure of a multidimensional human Form, physical principles of organization of higher-frequency levels of the Universal Reality with a detailed description of the nature of boson and fermion fields, and types of particles that are carriers of such interaction.

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Commentaries to Fundamentals. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 12

Nootime Dynamics of The Universal Focus of Self-Consciousness

Cover volume 2

The first Chapter of Volume 12 (the 9th Chapter of Commentaries to Fundamentals of Iissiidiology) explains in detail the refocusing mechanism of our Self-Consciousness and tells about unlimited possibilities we have if we understand well the organizational principles of the Universe stated in Iissiidiology. The Chapter also explains how various diseases depend on one’s Self-Consciousness refocusing in nonhuman development Direction and mentions priority features of the Human type of development such as Altruism and Intellect. It describes the phenomenon of psychic implants (dissociation of personality), tells where and why prophesies come true, gives information about coma.

The second Chapter is dedicated to the dynamic changes in structural elements of our Self-Consciousness – UU-VVU. It describes how other Civilizations are manifested through our Self-Consciousness, tells us whom we can observe at a cemetery, who observes one’s body in the state of coma, and explains many other phenomena.

The third Chapter provides details about principles of interaction with OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-systems – universal time-independent Information repository about all events and experiences in all our Lives. There is also explanation of hypnosis, “astral worlds”, mechanics of meditation, the principles of differentiation of Worlds, and others.

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Commentaries to Fundamentals. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 13

Psychogenetic Causes of a “Human” Form’s Manifestation

Cover volume 2

The first Chapter of Volume 13 (the 12th Chapter of Commentaries to Fundamentals of Iissiidiology) tells how the fear of “Death” affects the quality of the refocusing dynamics, describes Self-Consciousness Levels that are subject to this fear and the Levels on which the notion of “Death” is perceived as a positive evolutional mechanism. The Chapter describes situations with “accidental Deaths”, how our psychomental conditions influence the World around us, causes of events from “the future”, the meaning of lessons which Oris gives at Ayfaar.

The second Chapter describes the principles of the refocusing dynamics on various Self-Consciousness Levels during moment by moment and “after-death” refocusings, and conditions for subchakram refocusings during stresses. The Chapter also contains details about the principle of slloogrentness of our Forms and tells that we, as certain integral “personalities”, don’t exist. There are also examples that consider interage refocusings.

The third Chapter tells how DNA is connected with Self-Consciousness Levels, depicts the multidimensional structure of the “human” genome, explains the relationship between genes and Cosmic civilizations, complete scopes of manifestation of the 12-spiral DNA structure of a Human Form and the role of two present “superstructural” spirals, future opportunities of science to control the properties of telomeres and provide unlimited lifespan of biological Forms. This Chapter also describes new properties of mitochondria, how cosmic radiation affects mutagenesis, the mechanism of genetic inheritance with transmission of Self-Consciousness Levels, and true reasons of existence of so-called “junk” DNA.

The fourth Chapter describes the subjective experience of “fatal” diseases, preagonal conditions and dreams, explains psychological and physiological aspects of dreams, practices of conscious dreams, tells about the consequences of suicide, about various methods of treatment and how they affect refocusings of Self-Consciousness, what is cancer, depicts 5-minute clinical death, dissociative and somnambulistic states, etc.

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Commentaries to Fundamentals. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 14

Self-Consciousness structure Resonation Principles

Cover volume 2

NOTICE: Only a few chapters of the book have been translated until present.

In this volume the author allows the reader to delve into the most subtle and complex, in terms of mechanisms of their manifestation, details of form-shaping synthesis processes of not only in three-dimensional range of Energy-Plasma, but also throughout the entire multidimensional energy-structure of the Universe. Every reader with an inquisitive mind and aspiration for knowledge will discover the secrets of physical laws of our material reality manifestation, as well as the mechanisms of gradually dimensional formation of inertial ranges of the Universe spatial-temporal structures. Conventionally comparing the dynamics of various forms of self-manifestation with the processes of fractal geometry formation, taking into account varying degrees of quality differentiation and the associated tension (dissonance) configuration, Oris, in an entirely new perspective describes the fundamental questions of science: mass formation, the phenomenon of gravitation, materialization mechanisms, relationship between matter and antimatter principles, and much more. In his own fashion, he describes the modern fundamental interaction theory, in particular, the physics’ standard model and superstring theory, continuously comparing the modern scientific and iissiidiological worldviews. In volume 14, he reveals the essential basic understandings regarding the concept of dimensions that allow the reader to get the key perceptions for mastering the knowledge, depicted in “IISSIIDIOLOGY Fundamentals."

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