Message to English speaking audience from the Author

round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology. § Vibration

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

1.0239 Vibration (from Latin vibratio — oscillation, tremble) is any type of manifestation of the Form-Creators’ Focus Dynamics of Energy-Plasma in Space-Time; it is expressed through any combinations of the eglleroliftive and irrkoglictive Impulse-Potentials in Energy-Plasma (though, we can consider any phenomenon only from the point of view of an energoinformational interaction between Form-Creators of the SYNTHETIC Evolutional Branch and Info-Creators of the RESOSCONTIONAL Involutional Branch of Development). In the mode of the 3-4-dimensional diapason of manifestation, the state of «vibration» (generation of oscillatory, trembling, wavelike-advancing shifts in Space-Time) of any Self-Consciousness Form is maximally reflected through characteristics of a vector sum of continuous spin moments that specifically structure each part of manifestation of its Configuration in a given resonational point. Let me remind you that spin is an individual moment of an impulse (a quantity of rotating motion) of elementary particles, it has quantum nature and is not connected with movement of a particle as a whole; in other words, this is the figurative «pixel» (a Configuration of the smallest «quantum shift») whose total dynamics «encrust» the slloogrent Configuration of the entire subjective Reality around us.

1.0240 In a broader iissiidiological Sense, the term «vibration» reflects an inertial process of qualitative rotation of focus energoinformational interconnections, and this process is generated by any Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators regardless of their manifestation Form. A specific Configuration of vibration is the main component part in resonational manifestation of any Self-Consciousness Form in its typical dimension (vibrational Level or resopason).

1.0241 Examples of lower-quality (relative to the LLUU-VVU-oriented development Direction) carriers of vibration are subnuclear (doolls-typesubquantum, subwave, subelementary) projections of the slloogrent Configuration of Fields-Consciousnesses; examples of higher-quality ones are superuniversal projections of the Configuration of Fields-Consciousnesses (in Essence, they are the same!) (flaks-type — superquantum, superwave), and «above» them (up to the 12th dimension), there are hyperuniversal and protouniversal projections of the focal Configuration of these Fields-Consciousnesses. Each particle (energoinformational combination) of a Field-Consciousness has the ability to generate a specific vibration in Space-Time.

1.0242 Now you must clarify and understand the huge difference in meaning between terms used in modern science and the same terms used as iissiidiological notions. For example, IISSIIDIOLOGY considers the term «particle» as the collective Focus Dynamics of many different-qualitative Fields-Consciousnesses that synthesize various qualitative Levels of Energy-Plasma. For example, corpuscles and waves of our subjective Reality (the 3rd-4th dimension) are simultaneously structured by projections of Fields-Consciousnesses that have Forms of subnuclear doolls-particles (the 2nd-3rd dimension) and superuniversal flaks-particles (the 4th-5th dimension); the dynamics of flaks-particles, in turn, are formed by inter-Qualitative interactions between wave-particles (the 3rd-4th dimension) and vuolds-particles (the 5th-6th dimension); the dynamics of vuolds-particles are formed by dynamic interconnections between flaks-particles (the 4th-5th dimension) and orfrov-particles (the 6th-7th dimension), and so on. Potentially, in accordance with the Principle of Slloogrentness, the creative dynamics of each particle that structure «the adjacent lower» Level slloogrently (potentially) include creative possibilities of particle «projections» from all other «higher» Levels of Energy-Plasma.



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