Immortality Conceptions. § About the infinity of the Universe and Iissiidiology that aims to radically change our views

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0001. Earth has remained a material territory of exploration and habitat of human beings for countless millennia. But an irresistible urge to achieve the unachievable, to reach, as the mythological Icarus did, toward the sky, drove humankind to turn to the cosmos, to study it, to explore it, and to master it. The expansion of human knowledge of outer space was accompanied by a need to expand our understanding of inner space, or Consciousness, which is “subjective” and “intangible”. Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky anticipated this with a view to “future”, extensive explorations of the Universe: “…there are no limits to personal — individual — perfection…”. The same conviction now excites the interest of not only scientists, but also millions of people around the world.

10.0002. That is why today I would like to begin to speak to you about the fact that everything that we define as “the material world” or “outer reality” is not a separate part of the Universe differentiated from the rest, but represents a natural continuation of the dynamics of deeper Cosmic Processes. I should explain that these Processes are initiated by Forms of Collective Intelligences that are much more developed than that which we interpret as the collective Consciousness of “humankind”.

10.0003. We let individual elements of these Processes pass through the extremely curved mirror of our limited system of Perception; and, using creative dynamics of our own imagination, we individually model and form, by means of energy-information structures of Space-Time, a distorted-beyond-recognition reflection of higher-quality projections. The projections, in turn, specifically manifest from deeper Levels of Creation in a frequency range common to our existence.

10.0004. We call these supercomplex “dynamisms” that consist of many other, very complex “dynamisms”, elementary particles, although we don’t have any idea about either the nature of their manifestation in this frequency range, about the functions they perform, 20 or about their goals, plans and creative objectives in this universal Cosmic Process, where everything is interrelated and interdependent. Moreover, we are unaware of our own roles in these multilevel and complex dynamics imposed on us by “Somebody” for some reason. We can only make rough guesses and offer the most absurd explanations for them.

10.0005. As opposed to this unsteady and inadequate exploring position, the Knowledge which I presented in Iissiidiology has invaluable significance for the formation of more favorable and desirable outcomes for “the future” of all of humankind in our collective Consciousness. I am sure that exactly owing to this Knowledge and to discoveries that are consistent with it and will be made by the most progressive and gifted scientists, the “currently” existing paradigm of academic, canonical science will finally not only be turned on its head, but that wrong-headed and outdated views on Creation, its Laws, and human Nature will be overturned as well.

10.0006. The Information that forms the basis of Iissiidiology aims to change radically all your current preconceptions of the world, from minerals, plants, animals and human beings to far Stars and Galaxies, which actually are an incredibly complex and extremely dynamic Illusion which is no more real than last night’s dream.



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Immortality Conceptions. § Overcoming the fear of "Death". The inspiration to become a Creator

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0097 All the unnecessary, superficial and concocted ideas that at least somehow contribute to your fear of “Death” must be eradicated from your thinking, because your subconscious belief in these ideas is the primary reason that pertinent hormones gradually cease to be secreted in your organism as adults, thus activating “the program of Death” that you believe is inevitable in your limited conceptions. Clinging to these conceptions, you automatically refocus not into ageless Forms, but into development scenarios where your body starts to wear out, get sick, grow decrepit and “die”.

10.0098 Buying expensive insurance and personal safety items, choosing in advance protection methods against probable enemies and “deadly” situations, buying well in advance a place in a cemetery for yourself as well as special clothes for your funeral to come, you thereby do everything possible to accelerate the coming of aging and “Death” which you expect with an eager persistence that should be used for other things.

10.0099 Thinking sad thoughts about your “future” old age, believing that your body will soon become decrepit and “die” brings you by the quickest route straight to “Death.” With the help of Information from my books, by all means, convince yourself that your body can live in health, strength and joy as long as you wish, and if you wish, it will live eternally.

10.0100 Never worry about how long you’ll live, because you will live forever! Get rid of any notions that assert that you are “mortal”! Get free of everything that implies the “Death” of your body, up to a complete cancellation of your “birthdays” as memorable dates — clear evidence of the steady increase in the number of years you have lived.

10.0101 Live not by your “past” Conceptions, but by your absolutely new “now,” consciously and confidently directing your Aspirations only into those variants of your “future” in which any awareness and perception of “Death” is absolutely absent.

10.0102 From now on, this state of Mind must become a Supertask for your Self-Consciousness: if you choose conscious Immortality then immediately, not tomorrow, you must cease living your old Life based on your “mortality” and begin to form a completely new Life based firmly on flawless Knowledge, on a deep Understanding of the Laws of Creation and the Ability to use these Laws and Knowledge each moment of your Life.

10.0103 There is no need to do anything with your present Form, you don’t even need to change your clothing, hairstyle, glasses — it’s not an outer, visual transformation that will take place, but numerous internal changes that affect your entire Self-Consciousness and lifestyle and that form your relations with the outer world and with the “people” who inhabit it.

10.0104 The only thing required from you — while you thoughtfully read these lines — is to start decisively and irreversibly from this moment forward the process of intensive, quality refocusings in your Self-Consciousness so as to gain a foothold in one of your brand new and higher-quality Forms as soon as possible. Everything happens the way you think and believe; your attitude toward “Death” becomes the perceptible reality of your Life.

10.0105 When you deeply understand that your Life simply always is, then this Understanding becomes the source of your creative forces, strengthening your ability to create your own Destiny, involving to the utmost your entire life potential. This Understanding absolutely guarantees and assures you of the following: whatever you do at any moment of your Life, you cannot, for a single instant, lose your psychic and spiritual connection with Life itself, which will go on at any subsequent moment, for all ages and for all times.

10.0106 The whole Goal of your Life must be your Aspiration always to remain its inseparable part, its conscious Creator, who illuminates only its most pleasant and attractive aspects with the Light of your Mind, having forgotten other negative possibilities that will disappear in proportion to the resolve with which you will ignore their potential existence.

10.0107 Do not choose any other Destiny, any other Knowledge for yourself except that which provides you with both unlimited freedom to move at your discretion in the Direction of the development of the Life you need and with incredible possibilities to be only who you want to be.



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Immortality Conceptions. § The illusion of our perception system. The inertia of thinking becomes a brake on evolution

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0007 But I would like to emphasize here that it is not quite correct to define the World and the objects that structure it as a “complete Illusion”, because both the World and these actually “nonexistent” objects are nonetheless present in our Self-Consciousness. And they are not simply present there but have amazingly strong internal (energy-information) interrelations with deeper Levels of the universal Form-creating Process where each component part (a Form) contains all Information about all other Forms on its “subtler” frequency Level.

10.0008 I call the World illusory only in relation to the overstated degree of solidity, stability, and invariability with which we unjustifiably endow it on the basis of our own subjective conclusions. This imaginary perception of “stability” is illusory relative to “subtler”, more real states of all the “material” Forms around us.

10.0009 Our system of Perception reminds me of the operation of a television which transforms various electromagnetic waves in Space into images visible to us. But since our individual Perceptions are personal and idiosyncratic, the images that each of us perceives take on different meanings, conceptual colorings and particularity in the Self-Consciousness of each “human being”.

10.0010 That is why each of us looking at the same objects, sees, assesses and understands the same outer World through his own biases, not the way others do. Since every image potentially contains Information about all the other Forms, then the vibration Levels that form our “points of view” determine the kind of Information which will be perceived by us through observation of an object.

10.0011 In school we are taught to imagine all of outer reality as comprised of tiny “building blocks” — quanta of energy — which form all objects visible to us and which are unalterable (as they assure us!) in their nature.

10.0012 Now it turns out that everything around us — including the Universe and Its Laws, the Galaxies and Planets, things and living creatures — change every single moment, “flashing by” at super lightspeed simultaneously through countless dimensions, and that we ourselves undergo significant transformations each moment, not only in our states of Self-Consciousness (energy-informationally) but also physiologically, refocusing from one Form into another one.

10.0013 This statement of mine, as well as many other ones, will create a serious stumbling block for the majority of scientists. It has long been known that the main inhibiting factor to the progress of science is not due to lack of funding necessary for research (with a strong will to achieve a goal, the funds will be found!) but a strong resistance among scientists, who are firmly convinced that they possess the ultimate truth, to pursue any theory that could refute the theses of their former achievements and shake the foundations of their authority.

10.0014 Scientists who hold to the traditional scientific world-view categorically and dogmatically prevent dissemination of new Ideas in an attempt to forestall their final defeat. To many scientists it is simply not permissible to endow a certain class of phenomena — even if they appear publicly and authentically in the observable World — with an acknowledgment of their existence.

10.0015 For example, having discovered electromagnetic waves and understood the mechanics by which they operate, scientists, in the variety of their own technological applications, routinely rule out the possibility that other carriers of Information exist in the Universe. We even still try to contact extraterrestrial civilizations by means of radio telescopes on waves of interstellar hydrogen radiation!

10.0016 But — I assure you, dear scientists! — there are hundreds of other types of force interactions (fields) yet unknown to you with properties and possibilities yet unstudied by you. You should acknowledge them as entities, search for them, study them, and value any Information that testifies to their existence, not brush them aside or “turn away” from them “like the devil from holy water”!



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Immortality Conceptions. § The gateway of illusions is a very delicate balance of conscious choice

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0017 Einstein, who postulated the theory of multidimensionality in physics, and a scientist who till the end of his Life studied problems in cosmology with a philosophical eye, observed that you cannot solve problems using the same level of consciousness that created them.

10.0018 It is equally true of us: we are unable to change our outer reality (which we experience and feel inside ourselves every single moment) until we are attuned to the same Level of Self-Consciousness with which this reality was created by us.

10.0019 In order to choose what we want — the circumstances we desire — as reality, we must be internally prepared to look beyond the apparent Illusion proposed to us sometimes obtrusively and sometimes carefully by the outer World.

10.0020 For example, if you want to see a sick human being get healthy, you must completely imagine him as healthy; you must feel, see and perceive him exactly in this way in order to exist together in a reality (which is new to you both), where the recovery has already happened. This is possible because it always initially existed in his Life and in yours.

10.0021 Remember: your DNA carries the potential for various possibilities for your development at every moment of your Life; that is why you need only to learn how to choose wisely the necessary direction from your entire evolutional legacy. There is always a wide spectrum of favorable probabilities of any event occurring which you can choose at your discretion.

10.0022 However, don’t forget that there is a very fine and delicate difference between a wish for a new possibility and an active pursuit of it through your Thoughts, Feelings and Faith. It is only through the latter that your creative will strongly impels you to manifest in the reality you want. It’s important that you know also that your speed of movement in the necessary Direction of creative development immediately decreases when fears, prejudices and doubts cloud your Self-Consciousness.

10.0023 In order to choose such a quantum possibility (which can be realized with different degrees of probability in many points of Space-Time at once), we must not just think about it but try as feasibly and as confidently as possible to become this possibility, this desired reality of which we dream.



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Immortality Conceptions. § The concept of true immortality. The necessity transformation of consciousness

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 10

10.0024 For example, for thousands of years, “humankind” has unsuccessfully tried to ensure its eternal existence by finding an elixir of Immortality, although it is now absolutely clear that there is not and can not be a phial containing the sought-after liquid.

10.0025 There is no need to invent anything else in Creation, if the most reliable method of infinitely extending our actual physical existence has been initially, at any moment of Time, at the disposal of each human being? Of course, only those few could make use of it who had managed to achieve a level in their development that allowed them to know of its existence.

10.0026 But this ability is not a magical elixir, the search for which you’ve seen reproduced in the storylines of modern filmmakers; nor is it a mechanism by which cells are regenerated in the process of Life attempted by scientists with varying success.

10.0027 What I refer to is that, imperceptible to the mind, SOMETHING which has always initially resided inside the structure of our Self-Consciousness, inside our true — multiple-quality and multidimensional — Nature. The ability to become Immortal is part of the inviolable Laws of the continuous development of the Collective Intelligence of the Universe which includes us — People — as an essential Form of Eternal, Creative Existence of this Intelligence.

10.0028 True Immortality (as a process of continuous perception of oneself as a particular living human being, or a “personality”, that actively acts in the outside World and chooses his own creativity at his own desire and discretion) has always been part of the very structure of Creation that takes into account absolutely all force interrelations between all Forms of Existence of the different Types of Collective Intelligence.

10.0029 Most knowledge and laws (invented by some “people” for all other — similar! — “people” and instilled by them into others over many previous millennia) brought nothing to “humankind” but ethnic hostility and discord, fear and distrust of each other, disappointment and uncertainty, pride and envy, spite and hatred, wars and devastation, and disasters and poverty.

10.0030 To align with the requirements of forthcoming — higher-quality — Worlds and new Times, we need to change deeply and thoroughly, inside ourselves, in our individual Self-Consciousnesses, as well as in the collective Consciousness of “humankind”, and let go of the mistaken beliefs imposed on us from ancient times that have led us to the “present” deplorable spiritual state.

10.0031 When we are free from the darkness of lies and ignorance, we must find in our Self-Consciousness, and master thoroughly, the absolutely new — higher-quality — Stereo-Types so that we begin to think and feel in a new way, speak and hear in a new way, express ourselves in a new way, and create a better outer reality at our own discretion and with a new level of understanding.

10.0032 Do not look for miracles and fairy tales about magical “immortality”, but search persistently for authentic Knowledge of your “personalized” Immortality which always was, is and will be part of your makeup, was given to you initially and has never left you. Indeed, everything that “people” prefer to call a miracle is the result of a degree of knowledge yet unknown to them.

10.0033 A modern “human being” is originally an Immortal Creature, but one that has become imprisoned by “its own” devised dogmas and false conceptions of the Nature of Everything. “People” may easily believe in levitation, telepathy and other phenomena, “the afterlife” or “reincarnation”, but they stubbornly don’t want to believe in their own Immortality!

10.0034 Owing to the division of “human” Consciousness into “good” and “evil,” individuals’ pictures of the World focus only on small splinters of their Immortality. And that is natural: we can believe in miracles but to achieve a state of Immortality, everyone must exert every effort and take certain practical steps. Immortality is not about elixirs and magic wands; it is an absolutely real process, although a slow one.

10.0035 The highest criterion for an infinitely long Life is the quality of Life itself. The question of Immortality ranks in second place to the question of the real meaning of Life. Find the answer to the first question and it will become clear to you whether you need Immortality at all.

10.0036 Taking the Knowledge given in Iissiidiology and putting it into practice in everyday Life, each “human being” can achieve real Immortality (infinite conscious and “physical” existence) right now, without waiting for a technology — as from the industry of nanotechnologies — to appear in “the near future”. Accessing this innate ability will drastically restructure not only our outer world but also the physiology of the human organism by reprogramming it to enjoy thousands of years of active and creatively efficient existence.

10.0037 Immortality is just the necessary means to achieve the realization of the great richness of Life. Once we change the Program, which for some evolutional reason was “modified” in our cells’ DNA at some stage of our development, we will be able to prolong our Life as long as we wish — at least, those who really want it! Having fulfilled this stage of their Evolution, people will also be able to master their creative abilities on atomic and subatomic levels. And knowing how to control Space-Time at their discretion, People will be able to be any place they want.

10.0038 Isn’t that what many of you dream of — how good it would be to spend less effort on maintaining basic survival, so that you can exercise your natural life creativity? Isn’t that what you have always wished for, but for which you lacked the physical potential, the time or the money?



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