About the Substance of the «Divine Manifestations»

QUESTION: What is behind such notions as «God,» «Absolute,» «Allah,» «Prime Creator,» and so on?

All concepts known in the World about existence and influence of some supernatural Forces Hierarchy on our Life (including God, gods, demiurges, angels, and other Entities developed to various degrees) have been created by people for one Reason: there always should be Paths for every person, which stimulate them in various ways to persistent self-perfection. Iissiidiology also makes its contribution to this endless Process giving people a real opportunity to get closer, in the own individual Self-Cognition, to the high-ampliativnyy Conceptions about such universal and absolute «God,» Which is Energy-Information (Energy-Plasma) presented in our Perception systems with the countless number of versions of different vibrational and different functional energy-information Fields-Consciousnesses conglomerates structuring the golokhronno manifested SSS-Entity slloogrentnyy f-Configuration (the amitsissimnyy — primogenitivnyy + consummative — Information State).

No one is able to prevent you from the subterransivnyy performance, in your Self-Consciousness, of the deeply internal process of the iissiidiological Information heterogeneous Synthesis provoking new intuitive Memories for you and the sequential activation, on their basis, of increasingly high-vibrational brain cortex areas, which neural Creators encourage you to increasingly ampliativnyy experience of the inertial dynamics of the reality surrounding you! Involving you to the exciting and constantly intriguing circulation of unordinary Conceptions transmitted by the «collective Subconsciousness» and completely flipping all your previous established Thoughts and Feelings, the iissiidiological СФУУРММ-Formy — not in words, but in deeds! — give you the unique opportunity to get a one-on-one with That Entity, Whom you used to accept as Something totally unachievable either to your attempts to Understand It, or to your Aspiration to get closer to It.

To answer this question, we will have to recall that the inter-skunkktsionalnyy interconnections (SSS-Entity) all infinite variety has been konsuetno and golokhronno formed at the «time of implementation» of the merkavgnatsiya Act in the USIP (the United Superuniversal Impulse-Potential) — as the result of «internal» discharge of the diverse and heterogeneous Impulse-Potentials — on the kovarllertnost and liyllustsivnost Principle between diverse SSS-fragments. Prior to achieving the konfektivnyy State, these interconnections have united to the energy-informational skrruullerrtnaya system — the countless number of the different-type Macrocosmoses. In our subjective perception, this system «consists» of the focus-ethereal interconnections between the structures (Creators) of two ambigulyarnyy and inter-conditioning slloogrentnyy «Constructions» reflecting the primogenitivnyy and konsummativnyy States typical features in the SSS-Entity’s Focus Dynamics.

The primogenitivnyy State interconnections serve as the formation basis, in each of the skrruullerrtnaya system Focuses, of the noo-time Continuums (NTCs), Konversums, and Universums infinite variety, whereas the konsummativnyy State is reflected in all Self-Consciousnesses Forms Focus Dynamics through the space-time Continuums (STCs), Conversums, and Universums subterransivnyy properties. Each of these focus-ethereal interconnections conditional eksgiberatsiya «points» simultaneously manifested in the skrruullerrtnaya system is characterized with availability, in it, of the conditional degree of qualitative compatibility between Self-Consciousnesses Forms structuring it.

The birvulyartnost types transfinitnyy multitude has been formed on this compatibility basis; their Form-Creators simultanno provide the Energy-Information Synthesis processes of the Schemes somehow similar to each other (kovarllertnyy ones). The more the Synthesis Schemes are compatible to each other, which are performed in various Self-Consciousnesses Forms Focus Dynamics, the more complicated and universal f-Configurations are of the Form-Types jointly eksgiberirovannyy by Them, which means the higher the abilities and realizational opportunities these creatures possess are.

For example, very often, the true reasons of many cases of «divine» healings are the actions of Form-Creators of our simplisparentivnyy Interpretations; the whole multitude of our biological organisms f-Configuration vibrational components is a part of their eksgiberatsionnyy Self-Consciousnesses Forms. When we have a serious pathology strongly depliatiziruyushchiy our psychic state, this has a destructive effect on the FD state of any of our simplisparentivnyy Interpretations many varieties, which trying to get rid of this discomfort provokes our FD (through the lutalnyy or khristalnyy «body») to amitsirirovat to the development «scenarios» groups where this pathology is absent.

Unconsciously coming through many revitalizatsionnyy acts, we have inclined to perceive the own recovery as a miracle gifted to us by some external «God.» Actually, this simply clearly demonstrates the universal unity konsuyetno implemented in the process of simultannyy existence of our «personal» Interpretations: changes in the FDs of each of them have a specific impact on the behavior and choices of some other Interpretations. Besides, in every particular case, the Focus Dynamics spectra resonational parts of both simplisparentivnyy and dimidiomittensnyy НУУ-ВВУ-Form-Types can be spatiumalno and simultanno activated in each particular case.

Because of the essential kovarllertnost increase between different-protoformal interconnections (owing to the activity annihilation in the low-vibrational СФУУРММ-Forms in the FD — from 1st to 5th Self-Consciousness Levels), our dimidiomittensnyy Interpretations creative potential incommensurably exceeds the realizational opportunities of our current mikstumnyy НУУ-ВВУ-Form-Types. Being completely free from the ungs and ssvoouns destructive influence, they are actively involved not only in the processes of formation and successive perfection of our biological organisms, but also in generation and monitoring of all-possible climatic, geo-, zoo-, phytological and other processes.

Just as we, people, actively change the reality surrounding us with the own Conceptions, desires, and intentions — we build and destroy («materialize» and «dematerialize») villages and towns raising and blowing up dams and bridges, digging and filling up channels, drying off swamps and irrigating deserts, felling forests and planting new areas with them, destroying flora and fauna, and creating their new forms, and so forth — our dimidiomittensnyy Interpretations, apart from the creative work peculiar to them, are also spatiumalno involved in the cardinal formation of not only the own CSRs, but also the FDs qualitativeness raising (due to their abilities and skill to enter the so-called «catatonic state») of all own mikstumnyy Form-Types, which structure their slloogrentnyy f-Configurations and specifically (causally) influence also on their creative states.

Our translyutsensnyy Interpretations have incomparably more opportunities, than the dimidiomittensnyy ones, indirectly to influence on the Physical Globes states of many Planetary Entities, whose Focus Dynamics and Synthesis Schemes are compatible with the lluuvvumicheskiy birvulyartnost type. This is being done not on purpose — for somebody or something else (the vibrations peculiar to our density Levels are inaccessible to Their Perception in the form we perceive them) — but on the basis of the Cosmic «Laws» and Principles implementation. How does this work? I will try to explain.

As mentioned before, when our further Self-Perfection grows, we gradually obtain an opportunity to focus in the f-Configurations of the same Our ampliativnyy ЛЛУУ-ВВУ-Form-Types (simplisparentivnyy, dimidiomittensnyy, translyutsensnyy Ones, and so on), which, due to appearance of Their increasingly more universal properties, abilities, and realizational opportunities, simultanno produce much more powerful and responsible Humankind Collective Consciousnesses, and, correspondingly, Human CCIs in the lluuvvumicheskiy birvulyartnost type duvuyllerrtnyy manifestation Levels.

Consolidating with the protoformal CCIs kovarllertnyy to Them in the Own Creative Activities (on the geterogeneusnyy Synthesis Schemes), these powerful Cosmic ТОО-УУ-Entities manipulating together with the Energy-Plasma manifestation Levels accessible to Them (Astral Plan-Overtone + Mental Plan-Overtone = Causal Plan-Overtone as the different-vibrational eksgiberatsionnyy regimes of the Self-Consciousnesses Forms manifestation in the Space-Time) actively and coherently realize Themselves in various «materialization» Processes (Form-generation) peculiar to the 3-4-dimentional diapason (in the eksgiberatsiya conditions of various Planets Physical Globes, the parameters of this vibrational — energy-informational — density can be manifested completely differently).

Being in the states of the deepest ignorance and delusion, people accept the consequences of these Cosmic Entities’ joint creative realizations (that is, the Interpretations of «future» Our-Selves!) as a certain mysterious, supernatural «Divine Activity» completely inconceivable for their understanding, which they have simplified, in the own subjective Perception, to the level of religious stereotypes known to us. Depending on the own eksgiberatsiya Levels, each of these Our amplifikatsionnyy Hypostases (belonging to the Human CCIs various types) is capable of one or another «immensity,» «globality» of the materializational effects, which could be differently perceived by our mikstumnyy НУУ-ВВУ-Form-Types simultanno eksgiberirovannyy in this (3.0-4.0) dimension diapason vibrational density various conditions.

As noted before, the ЛЛУУ-ВВУ-Conglomerates (meaning, the multiple groups of the Self-Consciousnesses Forms simultanno focused by us and consolidated for implementation of a certain vital Interest, Idea, Plan, Aim similar to the one They have or to the one common for Them) of our simplisparentivnyy НУУ-ВВУ-Form-Types have the own individual opportunities for partial reflection (via the «collective Unconscious» and «collective Subconsciousness» Form-structures), in the Focus Dynamics of each our «personal» Interpretations, of the consequences of the implementations It performs (manifested in our subterransivnyy Perception systems mainly as specific visual, sound, tactile, and versatile psycho-mental effects, which we subjectively interpret as «hallucinations,» «telepathic contacts,» «channelings,» «astral coming outs,» «psychic writing,» «distant healing,» and the like).

ЛЛУУ-ВВУ-Conglomerates structured with the motivationally consolidated (on the character of the research Interests they manifest in the CCIs peculiar to them) groups of our dimidiomittensnyy НУУ-ВВУ-Form-Types also have the own opportunities of the spatiumalnyy influence (via the «collective Subconsciousness» high-energy Form-structures reflected by Creators of the brain high-vibrational zones — the prefrontal cortex ventromedial, dorsolateral, and ventrolateral areas) both on ourselves and on the reality surrounding us. These influences are reflected in our FD as a sudden, «miraculous» change of a critical situation to a favorable one, as an «unbelievable» series of circumstances or their «marvelous» transformation in our «personal» Live, and so on.

Basically, we should accept every such «miracle» as a consequence of our unconscious ekstrasuppozitatsiya (radical substitution of our current FD for another our «personal» Interpretation FD) manifested as a result of powerful realization, in our FD, of the «subcenter-compensatory» mechanisms of amitsiratsiyas. We and our dimidiomittensnyy Interpretations are those, who simultanno accomplish these amitsiratsiyas; the last ones are immersed to so-called «catatonic state» with the goal of obtaining, from our eksgiberatsiya Levels, the Information they require for realization of their own creative Interests.

The ЛЛУУ-ВВУ-Conglomerates formed by Our translyutsensnyy НУУ-ВВУ-Form-Types actively participate in provision of the Planetary Levels of our existence through ambigulyarnyy qualitative balancing and maintaining of the causally compatible states of the different-Planetary Physical Globes (where the mikstumnyy НУУ-ВВУ-Form-Types are simultanno eksgiberirovannyy) due to the purposeful intercompensating manipulations with the Energy-Plasma of the Astral, Mental, and Causal Globes of corresponding Planetary Entities and Stellar Systems (which appear in the Earth STCs and are reflected in our FD as the locally or globally expressed «miraculous,» supernatural, and scientifically inexplicable events, as well as exceptional phenomena of the planetary scale able amplifikatsionno to influence directly on the «current» Paradigm qualitativeness of the Collective Consciousness of each of the simultanno eksgiberirovannyy — not only on Earth, but also on the other planets! — humankind mikstumnyy versions).

I repeat that the effects produced by these ЛЛУУ-ВВУ-Entities and differently subjectively perceived by us are organized and eksgiberirovannyy in the human STCs corresponding groups in very close cooperation with the qualitatively compatible Cosmic Entities Conglomerates realizing Themselves in the Synthesis Schemes peculiar to Them, as well as under the spatiumalnyy «control» on the part of so-called «strange-attractory» СБОАЛЛГСС-Entities of the corresponding Levels of the CCIs, the «Laws» and their Principles Cosmic Entities, which, in turn, reflect the abissanlnyy position of Creators-konfektons of the Macrocosmos skrruullerrtnaya system.

Meaning, each of the cases of so-called «divine manifestation» subjectively perceived by us (a «miracle,» a supernatural phenomenon, and the like) occurs with us and is performed in the reality surrounding us not as a result of intervention of the Forces of a certain «external management,» but with the patronage of the more ampliativnyy ЛЛУУ-ВВУ-Conglomerates of Our-Selves; what is important, this happens not arbitrarily, as if «per se» (or specifically for «current» us), but it is always conditioned by the particular profektivnyy amplifikatsionnyy Reasons, which have causally encouraged some part of Our-Selves to make such type of creative realization exactly in this Space-Time «local point.»

For example, many our mikstumnyy НУУ-ВВУ-Form-Types structuring Collective Consciousnesses of rather developed mikstumnyy human civilizations, which live, in parallel with us, in other space conditions of the STCs groups of the 3.0-3.74 dimensional diapason formed by them on Earth, have already developed the extra-sensory abilities and assimilated the technological opportunities, which allow them partially to interfere in the evolution of the less successful humankind Collective Consciousnesses and specifically to correct implementation of the more or less global projects in the direction they need (religious, political, sociological, technological, scientific ones, and so on). Among sensual-intuitively developing human mikstumnyy civilizations, I know Aassflass (interpreted as «Shambala»), Idaayss, Avvaalmira, and Vluustor; among intellectual-intuitive ones, I know Aglaorot and Krarashard (these are their Sound Codes).

There is plenty of the ways for such «custody»: introduction and support of the «key person» in the necessary psycho-mental states reflecting their large-scale Goals; materialization of the specific objects in the right place and at the right time; holographic «projection» of the «live» people and animals in the space spectrum visible for us (both in a single version and for creation of crowd scenes), and the like with the goal of modifying the Paradigm of this civilization; spatiumalnyy transfer of the more advanced technologies providing accelerated development of this humankind Collective Consciousness, and so forth. All these «miracles» are the work and the Self-Consciousnesses manipulation of our «future» Interpretations understanding, at the own level, and controlling the karmic interconnections available between us and them.

I don't have the slightest doubt that the representatives of each of these highly developed human civilizations interfering in our Life and relations is always aimed at the right reasons, since they cannot but deeply realize that we and them are spatiumalno «in the same boat» very closely and ambigulyarno influencing on each other with the own decisions. Unfortunately, we destroy and pervert their good intentions as a result of our ignorance, aggressiveness, and high degree of dependency of our choices from the strong influence of the ungs and ssvoouns СФУУРММ-Forms on our «personal» Self-Consciousness.

The mikstumnyy versions of either our human, or different-protoformal highly developed civilizations living in the other galactic conditions (including the sun and the planets of our system) also could be attributed to the Mechanisms of «external» management of our Collective Consciousness Paradigm. However, their interferences more likely to have not systematic, but episodic character and more attached (localized) to some very important events, circumstances, relations crucial for us. They are also able to organize all-possible «miracles» for us starting with somebody’s healing and ending with «impossible» victories in wars or fights, with solving global planetary crises and so on.

Also, I would like to note, that with the emergence of the «Iissiidiology Fundamentals,» nobody and nothing can prevent you — by means of the deep Self-Cognition, comprehensive Understanding, and meditative practice development — from achieving, someday, the state of spiritual Unity with the СФУУРММ-Forms of various Hypostases of Your-Selves, which now seems to you impracticable and unreachable. Only you yourselves can stop this deep psycho-intellectual process, specifically, your laziness and internal indiscipline, your superficiality and impatience, your restlessness and hastiness, your conceit and arrogance, your ambition and vanity, as well as simply unwillingness to give away your outdated conceptions, which are so common and comfortable to you.

Though, the new — iissiidiological — Knowledge provides you with all Information required for organizing of the deep and steady Conceptions in your Self-Consciousness about profektivnyy Causes of all-possible manifestations, in your Life, of so-called «divine functionality» as a result of simultannyy (towards your «current» Self-Consciousness Form) creative realization of the lluuvvumicheskiy birvulyartnost type Collective Cosmic Intelligences reflecting, with the Focus Dynamics peculiar to Them (in conditions of your subjective Realities), much more ampliativnyy stages of the universal Process of Your infinite Self-Perfection and Your eternal Existence.


Editors and Proofreader and Translator: Uksstukkullur.


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