Message to English speaking audience from the Author

round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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§ - The personalistic Worlds as a structural mechanism of creating your own destiny and surrounding reality. Part 2

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 3

3.0325 You might have a question: «Does someone’s strong attachment to somebody or something (to the family or its separate members, to the motherland, to a certain collective and so on) mean that such a person focuses in the scenario of the person to whom he is so strongly devoted to?» Actually, any of your attachments represents a mechanism of switching your Focus of Close Attention to the person you are attached to. Here you should understand as soon as possible and decide what is more important for you: either that devotion, which by its egocentric tendencies constantly distracts you from following your cherished Goal demanding your attention, time, physical and psychical efforts, or your Goal itself. Attachment of any degree by itself does not influence in any way your focusing in «own» personalistic World, because it is very often in quite a big degree is formed by interconnections of some subjective attachments to someone or somebody and based on your preferences of something towards the other.

3.0326 However, attachment as a possible reason of your refocusing into sporadic World of the person you are devoted to, stops playing that role if you continue staying on typical of you principle positions and do not decrease the general qualitative level of SFUURMM-Forms used by you in life creativity. The more your reactions correspond to the Ideal you set as a Life Goal and to the qualitative development Direction that determines a deeper Essence of all your existence on Earth, the more stable you are focused in «own» personalistic World.

3.0327 For example, mother’s love to her child (or children, family) absorbs a lot of her physical strength and creative Energy, which in other conditions could be realized in much more useful way, for her own self-improvement in the chosen by her Direction of life creativity. However, if that woman in spite of additional concerns, yet keeps being not less determined and loyal to her principles with which help she wants to achieve her high Goal (that has a corresponding place for her family), then that deep attachment will not influence the stability of her focusing in «own» World. Then her Notions will be able to continue consistently organize in those circumstances of her Life she has dreamt about (along with the possibility of own creative realization, in her family there will develop and remain harmonious relationship, happiness, prosperity, understanding and mutual respect between all the members, and so on).

3.0328 However, each member of her family also have own plans, Desires, Interests and Aspirations, which each of them aspires to achieve at any cost, and which can be inconsistent with her Goal and even diametrically opposite to it. Children are, perhaps, the most perfect psychologists who are better than anyone in inventing ways of manipulation of their parents’ behavior and choices. Most of them, if do not get their way peacefully or by whining and whims, quickly switch to either aggressive tactics or demonstratively close up inside (it is also a very effective way of manipulation).

3.0329. However, here the woman faces significant challenges, and sometimes just insurmountable obstacles: either uninterrupted war for own beliefs and triumph of her plans, either constant surrender to selfish demands or exorbitant claims of separate family members, falling of her principle Notions into the severe dependence and powerful manipulation from the side of less qualitative SFUURMM-Forms and, in the end, sacrificing own views, tastes, Whishes, Interests and Aspirations to the family (or its separate members). If the mother starts reacting to her child’s behavior in the way not corresponding to her own high Notions, pretending not to notice his discontent, temper, rudeness, impudence and selfishness, if she does not make any attempts to change something in him with the help of persistent influence of her own SFUURMM-Forms on his Self-Consciousness, she will soon turn into the hostage of scenario, where her child is a «main character,» and it is impossible to predict, what role will be assigned to her in his sporadic World. Most often that role turns out to be dramatic or tragic.

3.0330 Such — constantly dependent — state of mother’s Focus Dynamics and her irresponsive attitude to the process of education and selfish tendencies of the child can lead to when for an effective cultivation in his Self-Consciousness of more ampliative qualities and character traits her «Death» will be «required.» For example, once the child played with matches, lighted them, and the mother did not tell him anything about the danger of such games. Next time, he, being curious, set a table on fire to find out for how long it will be burning down. Again mother just a little monished him; she never shared her Experience and did not explain him many things justifying his behavior by inquisitiveness, curiosity and vivid interest to everything. One day his imprudence and inexperience caused not only her death, but also deaths of many people, or loss of their material possessions. Now, the child will have to live with that tragic Experience all his subsequent Life building on its basis many interconnections with surrounding him sporadic Worlds.

3.0331 It is only one possible scenario from all the variety of multipolarizational development Directions of the given child, which involves Destinies of many people, one way or another connected with this family (territorially, psychically), but representing in that scenario only «working material,» social psycho-emotional background, which is intended this way or another affect the development of Self-Consciousness of both child and his mother. In the scenarios where representatives of that «background» — through their persistent concerned attitude to their Destiny and more responsible attention to the problem of improvement interconnections between them — could nevertheless defend their more qualitative principle positions and inculcate more ampliative tendencies to the members of the given family, they, in the peculiar for them personalistic Worlds, refocused to more qualitative scenarios, where such tragedy either did not happen, or there turned out to be less material losses and victims.

3.0332 That is why in more favorable variants of our with them «future» all the responsibility for the upbringing and education of growing generation is imposed not on the parents, many of who demand not less attention and help in education, but on the best specialists — psikhomodellers, pedagogues-meditologists, educators-transtsendtologists, mentors-iissiidiologists whose Experience and knowledge is formed in the process of renitive education of such scientific directions of the «future,» as, for example: aaylliietics (the basis of high-feeling interconnections), sfuurmmvvulogy (art of reconstruction of s-Reality), svuullogistics (regulation of emotional connections), iisstllics (basis of mental interactions), koarddiirlogy (purposeful modeling of rotational Cycles), psikhobionics (correction of bio-systems’ states), psychogenetics (influence of thoughts and feelings on chromosomal DNA mutations), vitoskopy (telepathic communication) and many others.

3.0333  Yes, your Focus of Close Attention can occasionally and for a while shift anywhere, in any Directions of life creativity, but if that strategic dynamic does not decrease the qualitativeness of SFUURMM-Forms of manifestation diapason of your Creative Activity Focus, you still continue to refocus to your Goal. Originating thereat qualitative svilgs-spherational transformations in your Focus Dynamics, accompanied by short-term refocusings into someone’s sporadic Worlds, — is a result of presence in Configuration of your Self-Consciousness of «gaps» in Synthesis in certain diapasons of Energy-Plasma of more covarllert interconnections between Aspects of some Qualities, without which Synthesis it is simply impossible for you to carry out further refocusings into Levels of higher frequency, structured by those STC groups where your cherished Goal is already realized.

3.0334 At any second, as soon as you actively directs to the choices and actions of the «main character» your principle (not necessarily more qualitative) mental-feeling message reflecting the position of your Self-Consciousness, the situation and roles can immediately change. If in spite of antagonism of potential «main characters» of any of the surrounding you sporadic Worlds, you are able to get your own way and achieve realization of your SFUURMM-Forms, then you will become a «main character» relative to them of your own development scenario, you, and not someone else for you, correct and model situations at own discretion. Moreover, all the rest people whose Self-Consciousnesses went into positive or negative resonance with your Notions or actions, being with their Focus Dynamics in your scenario, can either stay in peculiar to them personalistic Worlds (if what you do serves their Goals as well), or refocus themselves into your «extras» ( if you win, but your arguments do not correspond to their Notions about the possible solution of the given question or a conflict).

3.0335 You are very mistaken when you consider that the fact if your principle non-participation in something not corresponding to your Notions guarantees that you focus in your «own» World. No, you should reinforce that position every following moment by you concrete decisions, reaction, action, preferences, opinions, which confirm (fixate in Self-Consciousness) the domination in your Focus Dynamics of principled position of specifically yours Notions relative to someone or to something. In the opposite case, tacitly conniving and in fact encouraging with your passivity the realization of something you crucially do not agree, you immediately turn from a «main character» into the participant of someone’s «extras.» Remember that silence or inactivity in most cases represents a very active psycho-mental position manifesting in the surrounding Space the spectrum of those vibrational Qualities which in the given moment form f-Configuration of your Self-Consciousness.

3.0336 Cowardly saying nothing when you do not agree with something happening around and not trying to change the situation by declaring your «personal» opinion in public, doing nothing when your own principles are violated and even not trying to prevent someone’s iniquity, crime or aggression, you by that firmly and decidedly generate in Space-Time exact «coordinates» of subsequent focusing of your rotational Cycle, as though asserting yourself that in the given moment of your Life you are capable to manifest only in these realizational Levels of Self-Consciousness. Silence disagreement, when you consider that something goes «the wrong way,» but do not pronounce that in public, by that giving those depliative tendencies opportunity to activate and develop in actions, reactions and words of other «personality» — that is also the most frequent way of your destructive refocusing in the structures of Self-Consciousness. Thus you become the participant of «extras» in the scenario of the given «personality.»

3.0337 Your passive attitude or shy (more often — just cowardly) silence in the situation when you feel that the level of reaction of some of your relatives or friends does not correspond to the notions about the Worlds to which you aspire — is no less active position than the action that provokes the development of low-qualitative tendencies in somebody (but in the first place — in yourself!). If you do not take part in the discussion of some very important spiritual problems, tacitly conniving at somebody’s mistakes, unconscious acts, deeds, seeing from outside that it can go very badly for the person or for someone from his surrounding, lead to some serious consequences, if you connive to somebody’s irresponsibility, complacency, slovenliness, stinginess, jealousy, envy, deceitfulness, doublethink and so on, concealing them and justifying behavior of the other person by saying that it is his Way, then you have chosen principally wrong position.

3.0338 You should not be indifferent to anything, and especially to what does not correspond to your SFUURMM-Forms, and should try to at least state your viewpoint to the surrounding world — in order to even more structure and strengthen its Focus Dynamics by your more qualitative Notions. It means when you do not have possibility to really influence the situation, you should just disagree with that, not betray your principles in order to please someone’s hypocritical approval or your desire to hear flattering words. Otherwise your Goal becomes unprincipled, turning into some game contrived by you only because of your misunderstanding of the fact that your every seemingly «casually» speculated Thought, unconscious emotion, hasty word, fleeting contemptuous glance and even unspoken agreement with someone’s aggressive (silly, vicious, cynical) choices are able to immediately refocus you into the most unfavorable circumstances of your Life, whence it will be uneasy to refocus again into the previous most favorable state.

3.0339 Demureness and false bashfulness are synonyms of irresponsibility devolving to criminal connivance. Such a person does not understand to what results his silence can lead, and not only relative to the one whose deed he conceals, but, first of all, for himself. It can be compared with the situation when you, looking at the globe, exactly know your geographical location. No matter how the globe spins, you can anytime indicate a point on it. In other words, you should react in a certain way, coordinated by your conscious choices, relative to something happening around you or at an inaccessible distance from you, you always should tell exactly where you are, in which of countless multitude of possible variations of your advanced «present» you perceive and experience yourself. Only thus you can stabilize your Focus Dynamics in those levels of life creativity which in the highest degree correspond to your Goals and life Tasks.

3.0340 Subjective and conditional division of Focus Dynamics of surrounding you reality into «own» and «someone else’s» (sporadic) personalistic Worlds — all that is only one of a vivid and important way of your comparing interpretation of qualitativeness of your «current» refocusing process according to spectrums of Multipolarization of Vectors of various protoformal development Directions. In any life situation the most important is not what you say and do, but what you think, feel and experience and what is the degree of your own immersiveness to everything you say. Because you can say everything you like, everything that people say and want to hear from you. It is possible that is will be said by someone from his own false, double-faced and selfish World, cautiously disguised as more perfect. So you, having believed to someone, also will start doing the same, unconsciously multiplying deception, sowing the seeds of enmity and anger, antipathy and chaos, envy and distrust.

3.0341 Thus multiplies and amplifies every deception build on beautiful words and appeals, but which has completely opposite, selfish, materialistic and sometimes carefully hidden very aggressive and misanthropic goals. Qualitativeness of your subterransive refocusings in Focus Dynamics of the surrounding you World is determined by only your «personal» inner states. In that subjective process only what specifically you «personally» felt thereat is important: either it was just a warning with an objective to disapprove or it was a sincere attempt from your side to make the World of other person better. In that case, even if you did a mistake telling the other person that he is in a disgraceful state, your sincere inner impulse will be natural and real, but not false. Even though your Notions are farfetched by you, however, eventually, for the stable focusings in «your» personalistic World important only what you firmly believe in, and to what you aspire!

3.0342 Someone from you often tells others right, good words, however, sometimes it is done not with a goal to help somebody to overcome some of own weaknesses, but to show once again to the rest people own excellence in more detailed understanding of something, though exact repetition of someone’s clever thoughts and quotations does not imply presence of wisdom in the person who has learned them and repeat. Often even a virtuous deed is committed by you only in order to dulcify own ultra-sensitive status seeking: something like, «Look, I can do this way, I am capable of that as well; you think that I am bad, but I am good, I am already not the way as you thought about me yesterday; you would not have been able to act so altruistically.»

3.0343 Yes, it is quite possible that under that demonstration there is hidden a sincere wish of the «person» itself to change for the better, prove to own self and other people that he is better than appears to be from the sidelines, however, the drive stimulus of that action is almost fully based on status-seeking thoughts and selfish desires. Others cannot help but share their opinion and views only because, they just cannot keep them to themselves if they see that something in the surrounding them World happens not the way they imagine.

3.0344 Yes, very often, due to various subterransive unrealized desires, such people can say too subjective words and opinions, make mistakes, be categorical, maximally strict, but nevertheless — that is vividly expressed position of Form-Creators of their «own» Worlds, who know for sure, what exactly they want and imagine very well how to achieve that. If they could be equipped with high-qualitative Knowledge given a chance to cognize themselves in yet undersynthesized Levels of own Self-Consciousness, in order to shift the spheres of their Interest from status-seeking, selfish Levels of activity of Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators of two low IISSIIDI-Centers into altruistic and high-intellectual Spheres of Creativity of aossoons and kroydls of the next pair of Centers, then we would already focused in much more qualitative and harmonious Worlds than these.

3.0345 The higher is the activity of Form-Creators of ampliative Levels of Self-Consciousness in Focus Dynamics, the bigger and more apparent is the degree of that necessity in the assertion of own principled viewpoints in all the Directions of its life creativity. Yes, for many others who prefer to let everything around peacefully go its usual, known and predictable way, such people are very inconvenient and therefore they represent powerful accelerators for their negative reactions. Each person who has taken more qualitative and principled position relative to any Life manifestations, becomes an outcast, someone very inconvenient, unpleasant and irritating for those who look on the same realizations in a different way. These people immediately put a hundred of labels on him, each corresponding to own level of understanding.

3.0346 However, you should go through all that and preserve in Life the most valuable for you, bring yourself and all the rest who is present in «your own,» more qualitative, than theirs, World, to that highest Goal you set for yourself. It is important not to come off that position, no matter how others, who do not agree with you, draw you, push you and tempt with all possible benefits and privileges. Accomplishing any work you should very delicately sense what you do right and what is not, where can appear evident benefit for the rest, and where — a hidden harm. It is necessary to constantly and uncompromisingly control the process of taking and realization of your decisions constantly asking yourself: «Where in that choice is Me — the One who is already in the Center of my cherished Goal? Who am I in the given situation?»

3.0347 In «your» personalistic World there exists no one except yourself, all the rest one way or another focus in «your» Worlds only to give you real opportunities to actively approve yourself in the most diverse Directions of life creativity, to let you someday, experiencing various physical states to a greater or lesser extent, be able to sense, monitor and understand qualitative difference between various variations of «yourself.» So that you, finally, once and for all understand: in simultaneous Existence of Universe there is not only «you,» but also all the eternal multitude of various and different-qualitative Interpretations of Yourself. These — depliative and ampliative variants of exhiberation of FD of your eternal «personality» (Form-Types) are united by a single, most high-spiritual, high-altruistic and high-intellect Goal, Which is not possible to reach at any cost, and only by means of constant refocusing into more and more qualitative states of your slloogrent Self-Consciousness. All the rest is secondary, minor, «the thousand and one small worries of life.»

3.0348. Quality and specificity of the Goal play a determining role in the effectiveness of your refocusings. The lower is qualitative Level of the set Goal, the more customary and convenient becomes your comfortable existence in «someone else’s» — sporadic — Worlds, because it is taking a weight of «personal» responsibility off you for decisions taken by someone (instead of you!). Such goals are quite easy to achieve, they are easily changed into other mercantile goals, meaning that they serve a credible mechanism of «switching» your Focus Dynamics from the most favorable circumstances of «your» personalistic World into doubtful opportunities and situations of «someone else’s» sporadic Worlds.

3.0349 High Goal, structured by the multitude of various positive Motivations, logically and intuitively (because you, admiring It, are yet very poorly imagine yourself all Its specifics) convincing you in the rightness of your Choice, is not connected with current priorities of values, which you are ready to abandon for it, and thereby represents a powerful stabilizing factor for the process of your refocusings within more universal SFUURMM-Forms of «own» personalistic World. Depending on how firm your life philosophy is and how renitively is motivated your confidence in the importance of your Goal, of your Notions about more qualitative «yourselves,» so will reveal your inner stability, your firmness relative to the outer influences and someone else’s reactions.

3.0350 If your will be stable in the Determination to reach your own Goal as soon as possible, then your «personal» position relative to anything will always be of critical importance. Understanding of the necessity of constant protection and demonstration of that position will be also the most important for you. However, you do not have to loudly prove or express through some actions own psycho-mental state, — it often happens that you can keep or express deeper own principled position in some circumstances through calmness and self-restraint, and not through wanton speech or some active actions. The process of refocusings into corresponding development scenarios is carried out only through qualitativeness of your own subterransive states.

3.0351 In these question there is one more crucial point. Often, when you are somewhere alone and there is no one with you, no one influences you and you do not need to «pretend being someone» in front of anyone, you should not delude yourself that being alone makes you free from the possibility to refocus into someone else’s sporadic Worlds. Surrounding your World, which informational space is always flooded with someone’s Thoughts and Feelings, SFUURMM-Forms of someone’s Desires and Interests, never stays inert, passive or apathetic relative to you. The reason of that is the Principle of Resonation, Which provides all the countless variety and eternal permanency of Focus Dynamics of any Self-Consciousnesses Forms focused by you. You Perception system is just not capable to visually monitor and adequately fixate the entire Focus Dynamics of surrounding you reality.

3.0352 If you, being alone, surrender to your depliative Interests, weaknesses and flaw, do not follow your principles and consider that you can let yourself come down to low-qualitative realizations, only that alone indicates the fixation of your Focus Dynamics not in «your own» personalistic Worlds, but in someone else’s sporadic Worlds. It can take place under the powerful and quite stable influence on your Focus Dynamics of unconscious «projections» of SVUULL-VVU-conglomerates of «personalities,» actively engaged in analogous realization. Active sources of generation of such SFUURMM-Forms can be either your neighbors, either heroes of the film you are watching, or of authors and performers of a song, music, clip you are listening, or, eventually, «yourself» — i.e. some of parallel congenial or particular «personal» Interpretations of your LLUU-VVU-Form manifested either in one scenario with you (as other Form-Types of your Stereo-Form), or in homologic (similar by certain signs) scenarios.

3.0353 Being alone, you should with particular attention watch your Thoughts and Feelings, uncompromisingly being aware of «who I am now.» If you start blaming someone, you should catch yourself in that: «Why do I criticize?» You should try to follow up in yourself a possible Motivation of someone’s action: «Yes that person did wrong, but why he were not able to take other, more qualitative decision, what had prevented him from that or what did not he know? It is possible that if I had suggested him something earlier, he would not have behaved that way now and that situation would not have happened!»

3.0354 When you understand and realize if not your own fault, than at least «personal» involvement in the fact of someone’s action, your disapproval will either disappear, or will significantly weaken, and instead of that there can come more renitive realization that any connivance from your side or inopportune concealment of something important for yourself can lead to very serious consequences: someone’s mistakes, quarrels, offences, failures, troubles and even tragedies. A remark said on time or well-timed interference can turn out to be much more valuable and gracious relative to other «personality» than tirades of words said afterwards when it is already very difficult to change the other person’s mind and try to direct to more truthful way of creative self-improvement.

3.0355 The quality of your creative, spiritual realizations when doing any kind of work whatever usual or routine it may seem, also lets you either stay reliably focused on the process of achieving your Goal (then you will continue to fixate in «own» personalistic World) or facilitates distraction of your attention from the content of your principled Notions and temporal activation of some from yet undersynthesized by you Interests engaging you in sfuurmmformal Dynamics of sporadic Worlds.

3.0356. At any rate, all, surrounding you sporadic Worlds are not only «someone else’s,» but they are also «your» Worlds! they become also «yours» in the moment, when your Focus Dynamics is «projected» into them. The case is that there is a very essential peculiarity in this continuous refocusing process: everything that you call «someone else’s» personalistic Worlds are — in the same time, but from various viewpoints — also different-Qualitative reflections of Focus Dynamics of «your» personalistic World. Since you one way or another appear in someone’s Focus Dynamics, influencing them in this or that way, any of these sporadic Worlds also represents a scenario «written» in a particular way as though «personally» for you, but only less qualitative, than many from those that might have happened in the given situation, if you would purposefully have corrected it absolutely corresponding to your own Notions about more qualitative «yourselves.»

3.0357 These sporadic Worlds are for you «personally» various reflections (through someone’s subjective Notions about your «personality») of those variations of your former choices, many of which you would like to cross off from your Way of living. They are as the Damocles' sword, hanging above every of your «current» choices, ready anytime to cross and destroy all your «current» achievements and successes. If you somewhere have done something wrong or have said something wrong, than somebody’s adverse Notions about you, being somewhere outspoken and made public, will immediately mercilessly come crashing down on you through public judgments, most often bringing you into aggression or despair, offence or depression, hatred or deep rueful feelings for previous misconduct and mistakes. It can distract you for a long from Notions about the necessity to reach your Goal, and so to refocus into those multifarious, but always depending from something or someone, «extra’s» states. In «someone else’s» scenarios you are in a bigger degree controlled by the actions of other people and in less degree can carry out what exactly you want.

3.0358 Actively modeled and differently realized by us conflict situations are consequences of tensorness and undersynthesizedness in lluuvvumic birvulyarity type of f-Configurations of Form-Creators of the first pair of IISSIIDI-Centers, and also status-seeking SFUURMM-Forms of the lowest Level of the second pair of Centers. As a rule, all the conflict circumstances are determined by an active influence on your Focus Dynamics of primitive SVUULL-VVU- and selfish LUUD-VVU-conglomerates, generating in «personal» Self-Consciousness tendencies to separation, discretion, destruction and selfishness. In our «future,» much more ampliative than «present» NUULL-VVU-Form-Types deprived of obtrusive influence of SVUULL-VVU-conglomerates, the state presently perceived by us a conflict, in fact, is absent, since people try to put in the bases of every choice first of all lluuvvumic signs of high-feeling Intellect and high-Intellect Altruism, which Synthesis generates in FD of «personality» ampliative SFUURMM-Forms of immunitant (i.e. not determined by anything compulsive) Responsibility.

3.0359 What we watch in films about «star wars» and «evil alien civilizations» attacking Earth, cannot be anyhow realized in practice of interconnections between highly-developed cosmic civilizations. Collective Consciousnesses of absolutely all cosmic civilizations which like us yet have not reached certain development Levels providing their renitive Understanding of Universal Essence of Cosmic Laws, remain lockout (realizationally enclosed) in their own planetary systems and do not have any possibility to enter the stage of extensive interconnections in the cosmic society, until depliative Levels of Self-Consciousnesses of focused by them Forms will not be in sufficient degree synthesized in order not to harm the process of development of other civilizations.

3.0360. Not only Amplification of Self-Consciousness of an individual, but also Amplification of Collective Consciousness of an entire civilization (population) suggests a continuous and successive increasing of the number of covarllert interconnections both between different-Qualitative Form-Creators of Focus Dynamics and between separate «personalities,» groups of people, nations and states, which provides gradual harmonization, balance and raising these interconnections (and relations) onto more and more qualitative Level.

3.0361 Therefore «present» human society still faces many global challenges and spiritual «enlightenments» to accumulate that necessary Experience and also intellectual-altruistic potential, which will let the majority of earthlings not only to understand and accept new the iissiidiological Knowledge, but also to exceed the bounds of ung-ssvooun spectrum of realizations, which does not let contemporary people even in the most primitive form to join the highest Idea of intellectual-altruistic Devotion to Macrocosmos. Between the members of «future» human society, where these Levels of Self-Consciousness are already reached and activated on a global basis (thanks largely to SFUURMM-Forms of Iissiidiology), there are no such disharmonious states which at least somehow could remind modern conflicts (with aggression, violence, destruction, killings). Ability to Understanding, patience and tolerance, Responsibility and Proactiveness, intellectual-altruistic relationships and people’s mass aspiration to creative cooperation in different Spheres of Creativity and development Directions are the most central and prevailing values and accumulations in favorable variants of our «future.»

3.0362 The more highly-developed interconnections are between people, the more is smoothed over the conditional-subjective division of all possible circumstances of the surrounding them reality into «own» and «someone else’s» Worlds in their Focus Dynamics. In other words, the more the process of two-invaderental inter-Qualitative Synthesis is completed in Self-Consciousness of a Form, the less is the activation degree in Focus Dynamics of need in egoistic choices. Only the state of egoism provokes conflict situations!

3.0363 Behaving in a way you consider to be most necessary not only for yourself, but also for others, you start referring to your choices and actions very responsible, carefully choosing from all the provided possibilities only those variants, which would not only violate your own principles, but would not impinge upon anyone’s rights. If you are wise and lluuvvumic-wise in your decisions, than your actions, your choices, words and actions will take into consideration not only your «personal» needs and your «current» Interests, but also a huge number of already quite harmoniously formed states of surrounding World, which you just will not violate understanding their significance and top-priority for achieving your own Goal.

3.0364. Therefore in any relationships you will always definitely try to find exactly those variants of your next actions and your probable words out of the multitude of all possible that are less capable of triggering disharmonious states not only among those with who you directly communicate, but also among all the surrounding you people. It is possible only by means of constant integration and covarllertization of used by you interconnection by a huge number of different-Qualitative signs, peculiar to Form-Creators of various PCQs and various Levels. When high nutation Notions of ampliative Levels of Self-Consciousness are already quite well balanced and stabilized in your Focus Dynamics, then various manifestations of temperamental Creative Activity of low nutation SVUULL-VVU-conglomerates are much easier and faster comply with the requirements of more qualitative Experience.

3.0365 In fact, constantly focusing in your choices on the Notions of those whom you, in spite of everything, consider much more qualitative and developed, you in such a way «merge» through your Focus Dynamics with those f-Configurations of own LLUU-VVU-Form which already have identical Experience, formed by means of consistent «projecting» on each other a countless multitude of your «future Deaths» — through mistakes and failures, sufferings and deprivations, losses and gains, dramas and tragedies, happiness and success — not experiencing all that in reality but only watching and following in your Life principles peculiar to more qualitative «personality,» imitating it in the most important and the best. Each of you should eventually decide for yourself very essential question: «What is more important for me — to focus in «own» personalistic, but less qualitative Worlds, with the domination of egoistic principles (which will take very much time and psychic efforts), or spend the same efforts on the «imitation» of something better, already reached by someone, and on more effective intuitive formation of identical Experience?»

3.0366 If you actually, and not only in word, aspire to high Goals, you just cannot stay silent watching things that contradict your understanding and Notions. For example, when you see a child who is running for a ball that has flown in the direction of a traffic area, you will not start tacitly consider if he will be lucky or not, but will try to save him from possible danger and that powerful impulse will originate in you in a natural way. The same Naturalness and aspiration to correct some relationships in accordance to own, as you consider, more qualitative Notions should be present in all your everyday realizations.

3.0367 If you naturally start feeling shame for something you are still able to change or prevent, you should undertake everything you can so that afterwards you will not feel ashamed neither for yourself nor for the others. Your principled position on any case should always be active, nobody will force you, you just will consider yourself obliged to at least try to correct someone’s mistake. You should learn to activate your position in the surrounding World, influencing unfavorable situations in such a way so that people who has initiated them refocused into «your» personalistic World, where only corresponding positive reactions and altruistic actions are possible.

3.0368 Each of us, willingly or unwillingly, is a specific mentor for surrounding him people — a teacher and a guide, whose Life and choices evoke in others either a desire to imitate or serve a vivid example of how one should not be. However, you should not understand the words «teacher» and «guide» in these contexts literally and one-sidedly, from the position of indulgence to all your selfish unrealized desires, under the canopy that you supposedly do that only to teach somebody a good «lesson.»

3.0369 Such «mentorship» is, first of all, extremely irresponsible relative to yourselves, because this way you — slowly and insensibly — push yourself into pointed corners of own unrealized desires and weaknesses (arrogance, haughtiness, status-seeking, envy, jealousy and similar), with which you are simply not capable to cope, and therefore realize them through veiled negativism and devious duplicity of your «false lessons» meant for another person. A truthful Teacher is the one who without disapproval and with deep understanding will remind a person about the possibility of making more qualitative decisions, on time and delicately will suggest more qualitative variant and effectively, not just in words, will help somebody to shatter illusions of egoism, and get rid of everything that prevents the other person reach his high Goal quicker.

3.0370 In your scenarios there can appear such events as crisis that you did not start or a war that you did not begin and take part in, or a murder, violence, banditism, mendacious and corrupted politics and many other things which do not correspond to your SFUURMM-Forms. Your principled position should be based on clear understanding of main Reasons of origination of similar situations in the World, which renitively open in the iissiidiological Knowledge. Therefore, in order not to cultivate that dynamic by own demonstrations of utter negativism, antagonism and aggression, you need to use corresponding, more authentic informational bases, and do not follow those who benefit from panic, agiotage, outbreak of public opinion. Only thus, you can continue to actively refocus into those groups of STCs where similar insinuations just do not have any possibility to manifest.

3.0371 If some global negative or dramatic situation happened not by your hand, without your participation and you do not have any possibility to correct something by you decisive impact, then you should, first, settle your mind and start referring to it with deep philosophical understanding. Your task in any life circumstances should always resolve into not sinking into own emotions of irritability, disapproval, offence and similar negative states. You should try to find in your Experience any convincing for your positive Motivation in order not to unconsciously be involved into a destructive process and, not failing your principles, keep in your Focus Dynamics mental-feeling (intellectual-altruistic) balance. Same regards the specificity of your «personal» subjective perception of all possible cataclysms and disasters, where everything around you collapses and happens what you would not like to have in «your» personalistic World.

3.0372 In difficult and problematic situations you should just simply, confidently and calmly stick up to your rightness (if you are sure in it), your principled position (if you consider it more qualitative and harmonious than others) and, not imposing it, inform on anyone concerned. If nevertheless, in spite of all your efforts, there will be taken other decision, then you will not refocus into «someone else’s» Mir, but, being sure in your rightness, keep staying in «your» personalistic World, where happened such, although unwanted by you, events. You should learn to react even to the most dramatic and tragic consequences of someone’s irresponsible decisions and silly choices with deep Understanding of real Reasons of happening to you and without disapproval, in other words as yet incomprehensible for you given thing that have happened in your Life for your advantage — to gain some Experience extremely necessary at this precise point in time.

3.0373 The biggest obstacle to mastering these positive states are your yet very persistent and stable primitive Notions about «Death» as about imminence and inevitability of certain «ending» of your «personal» Existence. The entire illusion of your subjective perception of the events in surrounding Life or facts of someone’s «Death» rests on the domination in your Focus Dynamics of many low nutation factors (for example, SVUULL-VVU-activity, sfuurmmformal ignorance and primitively), objectively constraining cognitive and realizational possibilities of your subjective Perception system. Therefore out of all simultaneous «kaleidoscope» of the multitude of events materializing around, you yet are capable to choose and proceed only one-single variant, out of which energoinformational content you make your subjective conclusions about what «exist» and what «do not.»



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