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Find out more about the author of Iissiidiology and IIAIDC Idea. Learn about the unique way of the deepest meditation he uses to obtain and decode this Information.

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Each Ayfaar song will inspire you and lead with confidence through the Path of the hearty Love and Light of Knowledge to the understanding of your own Essence.

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How things were formed from the very beginning - how it all has acquired its intricate meaning we are all witnessing now and how it all relates to its single-momenteness, simultaneousness and instantaneousness of our Existence.

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§ Activating of SFUURMM-Forms of Collective Subconscious. This information is generally not available in usual states

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

Activating of SFUURMM-Forms of Collective Subconscious. This information is generally not available in usual states. FLAKS-Creators project the program for the entire multitude Focus Dynamics from all scenarios into “personal” Self-Consciousness..

1.0315 When the influence of the collective unconsciousness almost completely (by 99%) disappears from the Focus Dynamics of NUU-VVU-Forms, the Form-Creators of lower and higher «personalized» Self-Consciousness also become considerably less involved in «a personality’s» life creativity (because they have been sufficiently synthesized on their typical low- and medium-frequency manifestation Levels in the 3-4-dimensional diapason), giving way to more universal SFUURMM-Forms of the collective Subconsciousness of FLAKS-Creators. This is why mainly quantum-type Form-Creators from the highest Levels of the «personalized» Self-Consciousness realize themselves in the 3.75-4.0-dimensional diapason by means of Focus Dynamics of «bioplasmic» analogs of NUU-VVU-Forms (they are devoid of egoism and have sufficiently developed characteristic features of high-intellect Altruism and high-feeling Intellect); the same applies to the FLAKS-Creators of the lower collective Subconsciousness in the 4.0-4.25-dimensional part of this «border» («bioplasmic») manifestation diapason.

1.0316 Information of the lower collective Subconsciousness constitutes the qualitative and subjective basis of everything that has happened to us in our Life — regardless of our awareness of it — and that structures the contents of the temporal ethereal constituent, starting from the late period of intrauterine development (from the seventh week, when the anterior part of the brain is formed), when the embryo’s brain formation just enters the phase characteristic of higher mammals, to all innumerable subjective moments of «dying» of this «personality.» Constantly scanning all sequentially-focaled-by-us focal Configurations and «projecting» them into the individual ODS, FLAKS-Creators of the lower collective Subconsciousness provide coordination and regulation of all functions of the bio-Creators in the organism, and thoroughly preserve not only the gained empirical Experience but also all minutest tints of any our feelings during our whole Life.

1.0317 A greater part of this Information «unpacked» by each of us every moment is inaccessible to the Form-Creators of the «personalized» Self-Consciousness and can be «projected» into our Perception system only with the help of specific altered states (exclusively in a deep Meditation, because during «a retrospective hypnosis» the Information «unpacked» by the hypnologist is not subjectively registered by «the personality’s» Perception system), because it contains all the sequence of characteristic focal Configurations of rotation Shifts that continuously change in the Focus Dynamics; and all this forms the whole «cause-and-effect» energoinformational basis of Existence of every «personality» (a sequential picture of realization of its Thoughts and Feelings, its entire «short-term» and «long-term memory»). The collective Subconsciousness registers everything that consciously or unconsciously enters the sphere of FCA of your Perception system’s Form-Creators, that is, everything you automatically think about or usually feel, hear or say, that which you already do or just going to fulfill somehow.

1.0318 It is possible to say that, in whole, FLAKS-Creators of the collective Subconsciousness «project,» into the Perception system of every «personality,» a very detailed Program of simultaneous multipolarized realizations of countless Focus Dynamics typical of each Stereo-Form of LLUU-VVU. From among a certain set of versions of these potentially possible (for each NUU-VVU-Form) different-qualitative information combinations, each «personalized» Interpretation resonationally «unpacks» (klekses through TEC in its individual ODS) only those SFUURMM-Forms which can be maximally, subjectively realized through its typical Perception system. All development scenarios formed by a multidimensional «intersection» of focal Configurations of innumerable versions of individual rotation Cycles constitute the «current» information basis of such realization of the FLAKS-Creators.

1.0319 At each particular moment of Time, all the smallest specific characteristics of possible psychological states of any «personality» (its Thoughts and Feelings, Desires and Aspirations) are already initially reflected in each of numerous development scenarios that belong to rotation Cycles of the Worlds Form-System where this «personality» is focused. Every instant, within the narrowly-specific focal Configuration of the Form-Creators of its «personalized» Self-Consciousness, the FLAKS-Creators seemingly propose (from the next duvuyllerrt group of scenarios) to resonationally choose among many currently possible different-qualitative versions of its psycho-mental activity. Each version structures just one development scenario among many rotation Cycles that mutually intersect in this multidimensional «point» of the skrruullerrt system. Every time, the Form-Creators of the «personalized» Self-Consciousness can react by their Focus of Close Attention only to a particular scenario among all multipolarization possibilities of the Stereo-Form’s Focus Dynamics, and they become immediately fixed to the scenario’s typical circumstances through certain changes in the temporal ethereal constituent. Every next instant of Life of any «personality» is changed in this way during each its choice.