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Find out more about the author of Iissiidiology and IIAIDC Idea. Learn about the unique way of the deepest meditation he uses to obtain and decode this Information.

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Each Ayfaar song will inspire you and lead with confidence through the Path of the hearty Love and Light of Knowledge to the understanding of your own Essence.

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How things were formed from the very beginning - how it all has acquired its intricate meaning we are all witnessing now and how it all relates to its single-momenteness, simultaneousness and instantaneousness of our Existence.

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§ Only you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. FLAKS-creators do not have a direct influence on us

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

Only you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. FLAKS-creators do not have a direct influence on our choices. Neither scenarios nor NUU-VVU-Forms (our bodies) can not be changed, because everything already originally is.

1.0320 Only you — and no one else! — resonationally attract all your «current» Conceptions from ready sets of SFUURMM-Forms of the collective Subconsciousness, thus you strongly confirm them in your «personalized» Self-Consciousness. You alone are responsible for all spheres of your life creativity, for any circumstance of your Life, for the development of some of your abilities and bents or for their absence, for any misfortune or victory that structure the scenarios of rotation Cycles which you have voluntarily chosen from among a series of possible decisions. Everything in your Life happens in full conformity with chosen-by-you Conceptions of «yourself» and of the outer reality. After being subjectively reflected in your Perception system by means of some Thoughts and Feelings, any SFUURMM-Form is registered in the temporal ethereal constituent (individual ODS) as an individual «file» of energoinformational interconnections typical of a particularly synthesized Experience; and all your reactions to all numerous «Offers» of the FLAKS-Creators of the collective Subconsciousness represent logically systematized derivatives of some of these «files» realized as actual results of preferences chosen by you.

1.0321 Considering functions of the collective Subconsciousness from the point of view of the «personalized» Self-Consciousness’ Form-Creators, the mechanism of its indirect influence over the quality of any «unpackings» carried out by the Form-Creators is not associated with a certain purposeful activity of the FLAKS-Creators. They do not try to control in any way choices of the «personalized» Self-Consciousness’ Form-Creators and to categorically influence anything: everything completely differs from our Conceptions of any hierarchical pattern. Creators of the collective Subconsciousness do not make any assessment and do not impose their subjective views on anybody; they are free from any dualistic division into «bad» or «good,» «profitable» or «unprofitable.» They simply make an absolute statement and register in your temporal ethereal constituent everything that has at least some relation to your individual rotation Cycle, «projecting» and reinforcing all these energoinformational interconnections in the individual ODS of the «personality» focused by you.

1.0322 The collective Subconsciousness just provides all necessary Information for carrying out the «executive» functions imposed on the «personalized» Self-Consciousness’ Form-Creators; these functions completely depend on the quality of the Focus Dynamics resonationally generated by them. It is «personality» — in its moment-by-moment psycho-mental reactions — that individually models and programs the sequence and qualitative «unpacking» of the slloogrent content of its collective Subconsciousness, «projecting» the most resonational «parts» of it onto the perspective picture of its possible «personalized» existence in some particular scenarios. It is you, but not the FLAKS-Creators, who decide whether you «personally» need or need not some Information, whether it is beneficial, interesting, and useful.

1.0323 Remember: any scenario of your possible multipolarized development in Worlds’ Form-Systems and any NUU-VVU-Configuration resonationally «chosen by you» never and under no circumstances can be changed at least slightly, because this is impossible in principle — absolutely everything already «initially» is (that is, always happens to be); nonetheless, you — through the Focus Dynamics of your typical thinking-feeling processes — actively and continuously change the qualitative state of your refocusings in Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure development scenarios in various STC groups. A great number of diversified versions of your infinite «future» are revealed in front of you at each next instant of Existence, and only you yourself, but not certain mysterious «superpowerful forces,» can take an active part to make your «future» the most favorable to you.