Humanitarian Freedom as one of the main Qualities of future human

“Humanitarian freedom” state of Self-Consciousness arises when we have the active 3rd-4th levels of ОРЛААКТОР {ORLAAKTOR} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology- Manipura(Sanskrit)) and 4th  АИГЛЛИЛЛИАА {AIGLLILLIAA} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology- Anahata (Sanskrit))  , while there are no activity and reactions on lower levels of АРГЛЛААМУНИ {ARGLLAAMUNI} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology Muladhara (Sanskrit) - ИНГЛИМИЛИССА {INGLIMILISSA} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology - Swadhishtana (Sanskrit)). Please watch more videos. In addition the signs of selfishness are absent. The degree of Altruism at the state of Humanitarian Freedom is unconditional Understanding on something and absolute unconditional burst. The Intelligence is coming from the Collective Subconscious. Now the main difficulties to reach this state are protoformic interests of personal benefits.