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There will be no end of the World. Part 1. About interactions with other civilizations

Imunitantnaya Responsibility is an increased sense of personal responsibility for not only your own future but also the full and internal awareness that the future of other people is in your hands. This is a state of Self-Consciousness, when we anticipate the consequences and reactions that may cause our words, thoughts and actions toward others.

There will be no end of the World. Part 2. About changes in humankind Collective Intelligence

In this video Oris explains how the collective consciousness of humanity will be changed in different possible scenarios of the future. Balanced state occurs when the difference between Configurations of one part of the society and another part of the society will differ just slightly. These states of counteraction virtually represent the beginning of mitosis, the beginning of cell separation, the beginning of separation of some part of this Continuums’ group on two parts. One part of resulting Continuums is chosen by spiritually directed people, another part is chosen by less directed, unready people, who enter their scenarios. Everyone will enter the scenarios he (she) wish and deserve. Please watch it to know more about this process which is based on Cosmic Laws of Rezonation.

There will be no end of the World. Part 3. About katatonicheskiy states

Katatonicheskiy state - the deepest meditative state that allows to perceive oneself into different Forms in different scenarios of past, present, and future. The term is used by Oris not in the meaning of psychiatry.On those Levels of Self-Consciousness where we are aware of ourselves as “Worlds”, we “projected ourselves through katatonicheskiy states. We are in these states there to gain the experience if we have lack of one. We come away from katatonicheskiy states from time to time and continue to practice our research trends, creative projects, relationships.