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Extraterrestrial origin of the humankind. How did we arrive from Stars and will we get back home?

Extraterrestrial origin of the humankind. How did we arrive from Stars and will we get back home? In this video Oris explains this allegory, which we personalize with the Stars and why it allows us to initiate Higher Feelings and Emotions. The fact that these us, who have gotten from “there” to “here” – are these of the FUTURE US, who we aspire to become. These are states of mind, which we are trying to acquire again. Also Oris explains that all the people on Earth perform their individual missions. However, the common mission is to learn and understand the meaning of our existence and to arrive at the idea of unity between all people, the determinant unity, which is impossible to break away.

How can technocratic, rationalist way of human development be corrected?

At the end of the 18th century, people began to revel in intellect. This has led to the fact that currently the intellect has become the cornerstone of any matter. It is even not intellect but rationalism. People have lost cordiality and warmth. A huge part of humanity is inclined towards implanting itself into artificially created interface, believing that this will increase their lives, their period of existence. But at the same time people do not think about where will this lead to. People have lost cordiality and warmth. Therefore, there is only one way to restore humanity to the normal development. This Path is Intellectual-Altruistic development toward real human qualities.

How the study of Iissiidiology helps to develop intuition inherent in future Human

In this video Oris points out that in the favorable scenarios of our future, the main basis of our abilities is intuition. Therefore, by reading and studying Iissiidiology we are able to establish new neural links in the brain. It activates our neural system exactly in relation to the resonance with us “in the future”, where all these neural connections are already active. In this future, we also find ways to rejuvenate the body without any harm, without any risk so the age does not matter anymore.

How the cultivation of Intellect and Altruism helps us to be present in favourable circumstances

On what factors does the usefulness of living circumstances depend on? How to avoid unpleasant situations in life and eliminate stress? In this video Oris answers to these questions. He explains that the basis of human type of development is the synthesis of the two main qualities - intellect and altruism. For example, compassion, mutual help, empathy without intelligence elements could harm others in their evolutionary growth. Altruism can be different, and without in-depth knowledge and experience, it is difficult to distinguish the real Altruism from the selfish one. Oris also explains in detail why at the initial stages of spiritual growth we should force ourselves to perform altruistic acts and what system of remuneration for such actions exists in our brain.