Message to English speaking audience from the Author

round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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§ - What the future may bring us. Extraterrestrial, terrestrial and oceanic civilization

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Immortality is accessible to everyone. Volume 15 about the “WORLDS OF THE FUTURE”. By reading this, you will have an opportunity to understand what the future may bring us in various fields of our life. There are different scenarios of our future. You will be exploring some of them in a view of Iissiidiology. It is not a “future” with extremely developed science and technology but where people have selfish “dead hearts”.

We encourage scenarios of the "future" where "mental and sensitive", "brain" and "heart", "empiric" and "intuition", "knowledge" and "meditation", "science, technology" and "extrasensory perception of all people",  Intellect and Altruism are in the most harmonious balance.  We present the future where the great worldwide network of International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers become a reality!

We are receiving many messages from different people saying that the evolution of Consciousness with high-tech help and methods that are described here is not a “natural way” of development. Although we agree with this statement in principle, we would like to clarify some ideas about this matter. We agree that every one of us has the POTENTIAL spiritual abilities to refocus in the future we want ourselves. However, not ALL people have such abilities today in reality. What should they do? We do not want to go to the future for “enlighten spiritual (or technological) elite”. We encourage scenarios where everyone has equal opportunities to be happy.  As we keep human principles like Intellect as well as Altruism AT THE SAME TIME, we suggest on the first stage to help other people who want this brightest future but are still unable to “grow naturally” by some reason. With such a motivation, it is wise to use the science and technology to help others. Is not it?

Please note that you read about the NEAREST future in these articles. Further, all people using the technological benefits will believe in themselves thanks to tech. They discover their NATURAL HUMAN abilities and most of high-tech achievements will simply become useless.

Extraterrestrial, terrestrial and oceanic civilization

15.17790 Increasingly intensively refocusing into the higher-frequency energy-information Flows of our Planetary Entity’s Collective Intelligence while rapidly elevating the degree of our thinking and feeling quality, we thus constantly change and improve not only the Self-Consciousnesses Forms Configurations of the Life surrounding us, but also the qualitative manifestation of our «own» NUU-VVU-Forms. At every moment of our Life, our previously focused NUU-VVU-Forms, during Our multipolarizational refocusings, are replaced by new NUU-VVU-Configurations which, by their VLOOOMOOT parameters, increasingly exceed our previous abilities for more qualitative and creative implementations.

15.17791 The higher the quality of your biological body becomes (i.e. when the degree of universalization of all cells and the operation frequency of each individual physical organ), the less the NUU-VVU-Configurations of your focused Self-Consciousnesses Forms will slloogrently structure the low-quality manifestation diapasons of «current» 3-4-dimensional Continuum groups which you subjectively perceive as the «surrounding World.» Hence, you will gradually refocus into slloogrent dynamics of lesser «dense-plasma» Worlds’ Form-systems while unwittingly increasing your own implementation capacity, and the life expectancy of your biological bodies will become considerably extended. Eventually, at a certain point of your ever-continuing «post-mortem» refocusings, when the quality of the general Focus Dynamics (CAF) of your Self-Consciousness’s Form-Creators exceeds certain biological parameters of NNAASSMM, you will consciously perceive yourself as the Self-Consciousnesses Forms of 4-5-dimensional Continuum groups where technical or genetic engineering life prolongation will obviate forever.

15.17792 However, keep in mind that, if your Focus Dynamics — at any «points» of your subjective resonational manifestation — steadily begins immersing into any type of selfish realization, then a reorientation of your individual refocusings will occur into Worlds where targeted virtual Form simulation capacity will consecutively decrease with the decrease of these Worlds’ quality. Finally you will again refocus into the Worlds of those rotational Cycles where such technology and genetic opportunities for continuous transformation of focused by you Forms, as well as your other universal abilities are completely absent.

15.17793 In the next few years the Life itself — more rigidly and uncompromisingly — will commence to establish, for every one of you, certain quality borders of currently manifested choices which will determine the bias of the next phase of your subsequent refocusings: either you become highly altruistic and intellectual and begin gradually realize yourselves as a creatively active part of Self-Consciousnesses Forms of New favorable Worlds with more harmonious interrelations in the «human» society, or you increasingly begin to self-dismiss from this development Direction and continue usual manifestation and realization in the inferior-quality Continuum groups with extremely limited possibilities for high-frequency creative implementations which imply absence of the biological self-reconstruction abilities.

15.17794 In any case, gradually, various versions of this simultaneous multipolarization process will become the customary rule for your daily Life that automatically leads to a change in qualitative state of the quantum structure of your biological bodies’ DNA Form-Creators. Then, you naturally transform from the participants of inertial dynamics of «current» Continuum groups to the participants of World’s Form-systems of the other Continuums groups. Once again — in any case, the qualitative states and the individual characteristics of Self-Consciousness biological organisms of the focused by You Forms change continuously becoming either more sophisticated and versatile (but unsuited for the manifestation in the disharmonious Continuums, and then «post-mortem» refocusings are carried out in the Direction of the greater resonation extent), or more rough and disease-susceptible (in discord with more advanced Continuums, in which case «post-mortem» refocusings facilitate the Self-Consciousness to immerse into various protoformal Directions).

15.17795 Once we are able consistently to focus in NUU-VVU-Configurations profoundly synthesized by Aspects of the two lluuvvumic Dominants with the high-qualitative Aspects of ALL-Unity, not only the «quantum geometry» quality will increase of the Space-Time we inertially synthesize (due to our SFUURMM-Forms and Aspiration quality improvement), but also the properties of Temporal Entities utilized by our Self-Consciousness and structuring the «future» groups of more favorable Continuums will do. Since we will be able consciously to process much larger volumes of high-frequency Energy-Information per unit of time, the implementation pace of our choices will disproportionately grow allowing the Space-Time as if to «shrink» and «concentrate» (will not inertially thicken, but rather «unfold» even more and become more «pliable» for psycho-mental manipulation!), to become more energy-capacious enabling people to achieve their Objectives much faster than this happens «now.» In our Perception systems, Time will acquire an entirely different mode of subjective reflection. Because of this, our entire existential creativity will also become qualitatively different — more «internal,» consciously-unified, relying not on individually-egoistic, but on highly spiritual, noble, and Universally-scaled Objectives.

15.17796   To this end, the first task serving as a powerful stimulus for the scientific and technical base development, as well as the consolidation of intellectual resources from all countries will be a profound study and development of mineral resources of the Moon. Such «human» activity indicating a relatively high development level will inevitably entail the establishment of close contacts and various creative relationships with other sentient races and cosmic civilizations existing within the same dimensional diapason as «people,» and whose representatives constantly remain on the Moon for thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of years with their own established technical production bases, as well as research and development centers located under its surface.

15.17797 Unfortunately, now the «humankind» with its aggressive-crazy doctrine of «predatory space wars» is militantly opposed to any extraterrestrial display and therefore not ready for such bilateral contacts. So, these contacts are absent up to now. Or rather, such contacts remain for hundreds of thousands of years (and never ceased!), however, the complete insolvency of political officials, as well as hopeless ignorance of religious and scientific leaders do not allow profound Knowledge transmitted to people via telepathic and intuitive way to be taken seriously, not to mention utilizing them for the development benefit of the entire «humankind.»

15.17798 Although, people living in more favorable versions of our «future» devoid of animalistic fear of the unknown and lead only by «presumption of innocence» in relation to any possible contact with extraterrestrial or planetary (oceanic) Forms of Collective Intelligences will be ready to enter into a mutually beneficial relations with any intelligent civilizations in a peaceful way, without aggression, sense of superiority, and a desire to enslave. In exchange for the opportunity of developing of some of still unknown to us mineral depositories (containing diamonds, precious and rare metals), we will be able to get access not only to their fully developed bases and fields, but also to the essential scientific and technical Information regarding the brand-new energy sources.

15.17799 This will become a powerful stimulus for the impetuous improvement and development of terrestrial technologies in all areas — from exploration of near and far space to meeting everyday industrial, social, and household needs. These «Lunar» civilizations (who are actually representatives of alien types of Collective Intelligence arrived from various Stellar systems of the current vibration diapason of the Universe and who are very diverse in terms of their representation Forms) will help people profoundly to cognize the deepest peculiarities of various biochemical, biological, genetic, and micro-field quantum processes thereby practically confirming the Energy-Information depicted by IISSIIDIOLOGY.

15.17800 Simultaneously with this, it will become possible to establish friendly contacts with other terrestrial races, which inhabit the depths of oceans and seas, along with creation of unique intelligent communities in some way similar to ours and in the other way exceptionally individual. Technologies allowing the production of an exorbitant amount of inexpensive raw materials, chemicals, industrial and food resources from the marine environment will flourish. Overall, it will be a variety of chemical compounds, materials for the light and processing industries, as well as food enriched with trace elements allowing the creation of harmonious and balanced nutrition. As for the products of animal origin (various types of red meat), with exception to fish, shellfish, and plankton, they will soon cease to play an important role for us.

15.17801 During this period of active fusion of terrestrial and oceanic civilizations, fairly simple surgeries of implanting, to all interested in it, of farmed synthetic «branchial-like» structures will be conducted. They will be located behind the ear, in three rows of thin longitudinal sections: the first one stretching 4 cm down from the middle of the ear, the second one will be just below the first, 7 cm in length, and the third one — the smallest of the three — will be only 2 centimeters long. This will be followed by conversion of the participant’s body cells by the preprogrammed nanorobots in such a fashion that the amount of oxygen sufficient to carry out normal, continuous 10-15 hour under water activity would be generated directly from the water. Shortly thereafter, even greater results will be achieved with the help of activation of certain genes in specific chromosomes sites of these who wishes to devote themselves to the study and development of oceanic depths; the same genes are responsible for the oxygen supply function of whales’ and dolphins’ organisms. There will be millions of such people!

15.17802 Over the vast depths of unruffled ocean surfaces, gigantic stationary research centers with domed transparent coatings of high-strength polymer-ceramics will be constructed. In them, thousands of specialists in various fields of science and industry will be able to live and work for extended periods. There also will be installations aimed for mineral mining and ground vegetation processing. It is much more expedient than transporting raw materials to land for recycling. Thousands of floating city-modules will slowly run on the surface of the seas and oceans where those who wish to learn the wealth of the Earth’s water resources will be able to live comfortably and productively. Each of these cities with a population of tens of thousands of people will have their own specialization and course. These floating cities will be completely immune to any storms, tsunamis, or tornadoes because the segmented domed pressurization system of all surface parts and the presence of a powerful submarine foundation will make these city modules completely resistant to even the most harsh and powerful naval environments.

15.17803 All this will be necessary not only in terms of feasibility of creation of the most comfortable conditions for those humans whose creative interests have shifted in the direction of the amphibian mode of existence, but also for establishing of closer scientific and technological cooperation with ocean races of which only three are actually «anthropomorphic.» Upper half of their body closely resembles «human» organism structure because they also have a head, shoulders, and torso; however, there are various differences in the structure of their other bodily organs, such as front limbs, eyes, ears, skin, hair, and several systems, in particular, the genitals.

15.17804 The differences existing between the representatives of aquatic civilizations and us are the result of both targeted and natural genetic mutations occurred in biological organisms due to the prolonged existence in different habitats. Because their DNA is now very different from the «human» DNA, reproduction of the joint offspring (in a natural fashion) will not be possible. At the same time, the number of diverse gill-breathing «Ichthyanders,» whose genomes will become the embodiment of all the best and useful which is typical for us and for them, will multiply exorbitantly manifest both on land and in the water with the help of the latest advances in genetic engineering.

15.17805 Representatives of other races do not quite represent anything which many of you now able to imagine, and their outer appearance differs tremendously from the «human.» The entire variety of their Forms can be roughly compared to known to us whales, dolphins, and giant octopuses. Among them, there are four races which are more interlinked among themselves, with an obvious bias in the kind of creativity that we would subjectively interpret as various degrees of rationality. Each of these races prefers to dwell in the depths of warm seas and oceans apart from the rest; therefore the relationship among them (and the people) is strictly regulated. It should be noted that, over time, these deep-sea races will be adversely affected and quantitatively reduced because of powerful earthquakes which will occur in areas of their habitat. In more advanced Continuums, only those of them will survive whose Configurations will be potentially ready to the close consolidation with other developed civilizations.

15.17806 Reorientation of Self-Consciousnesses of certain number of «people» in the direction of ocean life creative work will not occur at once — at the beginning, it will be quite diplomatic and ambiguous process which will include emergence of various tensions and mistrust between the people and these ocean races. «Anthropomorphic» civilizations living under the Arctic and Antarctic icecap are essentially interrelated with one another by means of mutual biological environment and unified systems of survival — in fact, it is a very long-time alliance of highly civilized beings which has been based a few hundred thousand years «ago» by races existed on Earth in the «antediluvian» period. Some of them came out in different locations across the newly formed continents and had their own way to adapt to the new conditions while the bulk continued to evolve and improve in the inaccessible depths of the oceans.

15.17807 Since their existential interests have never intersected, contacts between the surface and underwater civilizations over time ceased completely and were able to resume only when people’s Self-Consciousness had reached the level of development required to establish a mutual creative understanding because «svilgs-spheration» Synthesis sub-schemes (of the same two Dominant Qualities!) between us and them are different. However, a significant difference in the Conceptions will not prevent the establishing of a unified creative consortium between an improved «humankind» of Earth and three oceanic «humanoid» civilizations in a more distant «future.»

5.17808  This partial creative fusion between humans, oceanic civilizations, and races will occur due to the dramatic increase of sea level and the absorption, by the water, of the greater part of the land area (entire countries, islands, cities, towns and villages, forests and farmlands, material and technical values and resource-industrial capacities will be submerged) which will force the rest of the «people» to pay serious attention to the possibility of exploration of the water open spaces. Such large-scale projects imply a very close collaboration with the developed sea and ocean civilizations for the purpose of the joined research and genetic experiments.

15.17809 In some of the development scenarios, the most important condition to become a part of such community would be the compliance, by all the participants, with a mandatory aggression gene deactivation procedure within the DNA. Such procedure will be aimed at partial suppression of certain genes responsible for the enhancement of the inferior-frequency SFUURMM-Forms «unpackings» in the individual Self-Consciousness. It is impossible to eliminate their functional activity in the genome entirely to the moment because they are also involved in the proper functioning of the immune system as well as in many other biological processes. Under normal conditions, the same adrenaline allows us to exist in a physical body and perform various physical activities. However, when the Synthesis of the low-frequency Levels of the first two Centers will be completed, the process of deactivation of any aggressive manifestations (that is destructive SFUURMM-Forms) will occur naturally for the people.

15.17810 As I have mentioned, all these processes will begin to commence at Earth within the next two decades and will accelerate in the next Continuum’s groups disclosing the synthetic (creative) opportunities of the lluuvvumic Direction even more. However, following the general reduction of the Collective Consciousness quality, these events will increasingly move away to various «time loops» and acquire gradually more destructive manifestation forms. This means that, in lesser-qualitative scenarios, nothing of what I am currently talking about here will ever occur; or it will occur in various development scenarios only in hundreds or even thousands of years — it all depends on the protoformal type of your individual refocusings and their quality.

QUESTION: Will other cosmic civilizations and races that you mentioned elaborate Aspects of the other Pure Cosmic Qualities?

15.17811 Collective Consciousnesses’ Forms of the Arctic and Antarctic oceanic civilizations self-develop according to the same Synthesis scheme, as our currently focused NUU-VVU-Form-Types, i.e. with dominance of ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom and ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence khvasslon Form-Creators in the Self-Consciousness’s Focus Dynamics, but through different svilgs-spheration sub-schemes which determine the inertial order of energy-information interaction between all participants of the background Synthesis! The third, Atlantic civilization is engaged in the Synthesis of ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence and ALL-Abundance-ALL-Fullness Qualities’ Aspects (the last One is one of the six, objectively compatible energoinformational «analogs» of the ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom Quality).

15.17812 Yes, the primary SFUURMM-Forms synthesized by our and their Self-Consciousnesses Forms differ in varying degrees within the more-qualitative diapason of our «future» joint manifestation, but, nevertheless, we communicate with and understand each other comfortably enough because, at this point, we have already deeply worked medium- and high-frequency Aspects of our mutually common (for the Arctic and Antarctic civilizations) Quality — ALL-Unity, while the two Dominants of the Atlantic civilization have also sufficiently synthesized Aspects of the third Quality — ALL-Integrity which is objectively compatible energoinformational «analog» of the ALL-Unity Quality. Meanwhile, as far as I could figure out, among four other oceanic civilizations — three of them synthesize Aspects of ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom and ALL-Knowledge-ALL-Informedness Qualities while the remaining one synthesizes Aspects of the ALL-Love-ALL-Wisdom and ALL-Essentiality-ALL-Permeability Qualities.

15.17813 As you can see, Aspects of one of the two Dominants peculiar to us are also synthesized within the functional manifestation schemes of their Self-Consciousnesses Forms. In addition, the mutually synthesized Aspects of the third Dominants are similarly objectively compatible with one another (meaning, they can be comprehensible to us). Provided for availability, in your and their Perception systems, of SFUURMM-Forms reflecting the specific properties of the same Qualities’ Aspects, you will be able to find a common ground in communication with them. Your «current» discrete logic belligerent and limited by the ignorant egocentrism prevents you from entering into bilateral and productive contact with more advanced civilizations because you still would not be able to understand them through the primitive archaic Conceptions of your «current» Self-Consciousnesses Forms. Once you completely change them over to universal Conceptions inherent to IISSIIDIOLOGY, you will be able quickly to change the «current» Continuums’ groups onto much more advanced ones. And then, everything that in our Reality represents reflection of the higher-frequencies of the ALL-Unity Quality’s Aspects will give you an opportunity to establish a reasonable dialogue with those Self-Consciousnesses Forms who either has developed the Aspects of this Quality very well, or also are evolutionally aspired to this yet synthesizing Aspects of some other Pure Qualities.

15.17814 The presence of the Creative Activity of the same Conceptions in the Self-Consciousness structure will allow you to utilize the same Levels of Energy-Plasma because any SFUURMM-Form also has a direct relation to the dynamics of some of the Pure Cosmic Qualities. Your current Conception of what is an «associative thinking» is not quite accurate. For example, the fabric can be woven from silk yarn or flax although it will not be as fine. Yet it can be made of wire or a straw; however, in this case it cannot be used for the same purposes as when it is made out of silk although, according to the principle of mechanical creation, both items belong to the SFUURMM-Form of «linen.»

15.17815 It is the same with the various of self-conscious elements structuring various Levels of Energy-Plasma («emanations,» «psychonations,» and «karmonations»). Of all the infinity of Configurations they can form, your Self-Consciousnesses’ Form-Creators will have access only to those ones for own creative application which you can consciously manipulate with in your mind (meaning, only within the limits of certain SFUURMM-Forms range available in your individual ODS). Your other Forms belonging to other civilizations utilize the same exact «emanations» and «psychonations,» but only reflecting Aspects of other Pure Cosmic Qualities; hence, if you do not have commonly synthesized Qualities, you simply will not be able to utilize SFUURMM-Forms peculiar to them.

15.17816 Therefore many civilizations did not, and do not enter any contact with you because the mutual communication platform of associative intellectual and sensuous understanding (without words) is still missing. However, provided for technological advances invented by our scientists very soon with the help of certain «alien» technology, these communication barriers and obstacles will be easily subdued. Specific sound replicators transforming the generated Thoughts into associated form-images adapted to the specifics of your Self-Consciousness will be created allowing flawless communication. This principle of dialogue will be built upon the «field» decoding all entire intellectual-sensuous potential inherent to people and correlation of «foreign» SFUURMM-Forms with own subjective views.

15.17817 And vice versa, something you will imagine during communication with someone will be converted to the SFUURMM-Forms corresponding to the specifics of their Self-Consciousnesses and will become accessible to their understanding. Initially, «theta-correctors» will be utilized which will be able to translate your words into Thoughts and back directly; however that method will soon prove to be complicated and uncomfortable because of a substantial language barrier still present. Then, special Thought-reading sensors located in the temporal part of the head will be used. At that, spoken sounds and words will remain unclear to you; however, the meaning of the conveyed transmission will be absolutely clear to you. In turn, various «holographic modulators,» pocket «transtoiners,» and wrist «mentimers» will quickly emerge significantly facilitating a mutual understanding between different-qualitative Self-Consciousnesses Forms. In general, all the nuances of inter-civilizational dialogue will be reviewed and improved, and all this will take much less time than it may seem.

15.17818 Slightly longer will be the introduction of a variety of technological innovations, however, even that will become such a tremendous technical leap of which the scientists, futurologists, economists, sociologists, or politicians do not even know today. Nobody knows about these prospects because, due to the inertia of your thinking, you can only assume something will happen soon, yet not be able to imagine how it all will be. In fact, it will occur so swiftly and unexpectedly that many of you looking back in their nearest «past» will be very surprised by an unimaginable variety of changes in their Life. It is difficult to imagine what a new stage of your eternal Existence you now enter, although you subjectively believe that nothing is happening around you and that everything represents a «business as usual» doctrine, when, in fact, your Life accelerates wildly by the minute!

15.17819 But I strongly advise you not to guess or estimate as to who among «people» has more merit to manifest in higher-qualitative Worlds, and who, in your subjective opinion, should unambiguously to refocus to the more corresponding Continuums and «to stop, finally, preventing others to live normally and to develop spiritually»! By constantly remaining in this critically judgmental attitude towards the destructive (only in your Perception!) influences of circumstances of the outside World, you will automatically condemn yourself to manifest around low-quality «individuals» of more adverse scenarios. Only highly altruistic spiritual and moral commitment to help every «human being» — be it a homeless, a drifter, a thug, an extremist, a corrupt official, or a card sharpie — will provide you the opportunity more steadily to focus in a higher-qualitative individual Worlds. After all, no one of you actually never know as to who might be next to you. Nor do you know the Path he or she follows, or Experience he or she might gathered at the given moment, or what kind of background svilgs-spheration they currently implement in order to begin experiencing in substantially higher-qualitative creative manifestations after passing through a series of necessary «post-mortem» refocusings.


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