Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology. § The Principle of Multipolarization

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

1.0192 The Principle of Multipolarization (or simultaneous activity of the Multiple-Vector Potential) of the Focus Dynamics is simultaneous «stratification,» differentiation of any part of the slloogrent Focus Dynamics into many different-qualitative Vectors (for example, Focuses of Close Attention, Focuses of Integral Motivational Impulse, and so on) for a possible realization of Self-Consciousnesses Forms in all possible development scenarios. Multipolarization is the essential part of universal properties of slloogrentness associated with the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure absolutely all manifestation Types and Levels in Energy-Plasma.

1.0193 These properties are reflected through the ability of Form-Creators of each Self-Consciousness Form to be simultaneously («individually,» in a motivated way) focused (subjectively and narrowly-specifically perceive «themselves») in all different-qualitative «parts» of their own slloogrent focal Configurations (realizational Forms manifested, in particular, in the 3-4-dimensional diapason as «personalized» Interpretations), and to subjectively perceive themselves in each case only in their typical manifestation modes (dimension) — from the least synthesized Forms (the lowest-quality ones for this Synthesis Scheme) to the most developed Forms (the most synthesized ones in this birvulyarity type).

1.0194 Owing to the Principle of slloogrent Multipolarization of the Focus Dynamics (in addition to many other properties), the different-qualitative space-time structures of Energy-Plasma (of the Macrocosmos) are the basis for a simultaneous formation of an infinite set of types and kinds of subjective Worlds’ Form-Systems, subjective Realities, Continuums, Conversums, and Universums structured by their unique focal Configurations of Self-Consciousnesses Forms. The Principle of Multipolarization forms the basis not only of the simultaneous diversity of the Form-Creators’ Focus Dynamics in all Self-Consciousness Types and Forms (that is, of Energy-Plasma or IYISS-SSS) but also of information interactions between heterogeneous fragments of Information (SSS) that simultaneously form all types of focal Configurations in Energy-Plasma through the Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators (by the way, the word «Plasma» in the term «Energy-Plasma» means the State of Information activated by the irrkoglictive and eglleroliftive Impulses). Particular manifestations of multipolarization in the Focus Dynamics of any Self-Consciousness Form are determined only by the state of absolute resonation of the Dynamics with the focal Configuration of Energy-Plasma, which fully determines an individual «point» of subjective manifestation in Space and in Time.