Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology. § The Principle of “Spheroidicity”

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

1.0210 The Principle of «Spheroidicity» is the property of any type of energoinformational interactions to happen inertially, simultaneously propagating from the source that generates them in all possible Directions of synthetic interconnections that create them. A hypothetical VEC-Observer*, whose Focus Dynamics are not limited by the space-time mode of manifestation of the observed object, perceives these interactions as an imagined «sphere» whose surface is infinitely far from a certain nominal «center.» Moreover, in each instance of such subjective observation, every Focus of observation activated in the Focus Dynamics of the VEC-Observer will always represent such «a center» that structures an even more synthesized type of «spheroidicity.»
* The iissiidiological notions of the variable ethereal constituent (VEC, the Experience of rotation Cycles of absolutely all Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure a given type of Collective Cosmic Intelligence) and the temporal ethereal component (TEC, the subjective Experience that has been archived in the individual ODS of «a personality’s» Self-Consciousness for its whole rotation Cycle) characterize the information content of various structures in the Macrocosmos, whether it be recollections from life of «the personality» (TEC substructures) or the Collective Memory of all civilizations composed of LLUU-VVU-Form-Types in various dimensional diapasons of manifestation (specific VEC diapasons). You will find more explanations of these terms throughout all the books of IISSIIDIOLOGY Fundamentals. The notion of a VEC-Observer is very subjective and was introduced for a comparative description of the inertial introduction and activation, within the Focus Dynamics of a CCI, of the SFUURMM-Forms whose participation, in synthetic processes, with Form-Creators of this CCI cannot be distinctly perceived and traced through less developed Perception systems of the Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure the Intelligence.

1.0211 Depending on specific characteristics of these interactions in each Direction, interactions with the source that generates them can become infinitely intensified in some individual birvulârtnost types, while in other Directions they can become minimized. The «spheroidal» propagation of Energy and Information is manifested as a result of a natural urge of each Element of Creative Activity in Energy-Plasma (a synthetic state of Form-Creators and Info-Creators) to achieve a steady balance with all other Elements, which leads to minimization of a tensor state in each notionally local «point» of simultaneous manifestation of all focal Configurations. In a first approximation, fields of all natural objects (including Planets, Stars, Quasars) are «spheroidal,» but when considered more closely, they are “spheroidal”-and-birvulârt.