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About meditation on cell functional activity

In this video Oris describes his own process of meditation, how it occurs, what parts of the brain are used in the unpacking of the information received. How the information is checked and kept. In addition, he recommends all to begin meditating ourselves not being afraid of this process.

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About nature of auric (morphogenetic) radiance

The nature of auric radiations is complex. Many of these radiations are not electromagnetic, and their structure has not been studied yet. Their manifestation is provided by a variety of other alternative energies which are inherent in the Noo Time (Beyond Time) Continuums. Any object has its own aura. The constant interaction between the auras of all the forms takes place. Having changed our own state, we can change the outer reality because aura is an imprint of our psycho- mental internal states. Auric radiation can be investigated. In the near future the devices for tracking the human internal state will appear.

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