How "graviton” emerges from electromagnetic field? Part 9

This is Oris’ discussion recorded in 2011 with our friend, Ph.D. in molecular Physics.

Iissiidiology tries to turn all Collective Consciousness of Science completely over now in order to let scientists look at surrounding world more deeply and finally revise the old and “fundamental” physical laws. The laws about Gravity Force for example. What we imply by “graviton,” is just only reflection in this World of Form of a certain plural interaction. It’s not a single particle at all. “The string theory” does not explain gravity origin. Iissiidiology virtually discloses now where the gravity appears from. It does this by means of the details, that the gravity is generated by each observer. If modern scientists like Steven Hawking and his cohort can join both ends meet of the current scientific and iissiidiological conceptions about gravity then the great discoveries will come.