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Find out more about the author of Iissiidiology and IIAIDC Idea. Learn about the unique way of the deepest meditation he uses to obtain and decode this Information.

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Each Ayfaar song will inspire you and lead with confidence through the Path of the hearty Love and Light of Knowledge to the understanding of your own Essence.

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How things were formed from the very beginning - how it all has acquired its intricate meaning we are all witnessing now and how it all relates to its single-momenteness, simultaneousness and instantaneousness of our Existence.

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The differences between the IIAIDC and other self-cognition and self-development projects

IIAIDCs differs from other centers by the presence in the program of the intellectual and sensual component which is inherent in human synthesis scheme. Studying IISSIIDIOLOGY helps participants in the development of intuitive thinking and it enhances the ability of meditation practice. Based on this knowledge the interest to cognition of different science increases. Positivism promotes the development of Altruistic relations. The ultimate goal is to connect Intelligence, altruism and unity, in order to come to understanding that we are all One.