What is starseed name? About sound cosmic codes

You will learn that the Sound Code is a reflection in our type of reality of some qualities from higher dimensions. The starseeds names are like a fairway that is positioned on the edge of our dimension diapason, and which we could aspire to. In this video, you also are able to listen to about the very interesting process Oris uses when identifying a person’s starseed name.

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Why the author considers Iissiidiology to be the most authentic and universal Knowledge

What gives the confidence that it is the most correct one to Oris? In meditation, he observes those worlds in which the larger part of humanity master Iisssiidiology. He compares these worlds with current reality. The fact that this knowledge contributes to faster and more effective development of people in direction of exactly human tendencies , and not some kind of animal ones is the most convincing argument for him. You will also learn from this video how scientists currently connected with Iissidiology of different fields (such as physics, math, medicine) are finding for themselves the proofs of Iissiidiology reliability, truthfulness and logic.