Wandering Of The SoulWandering of the soul cover

The books of Oris in the most detailed and detailed way reveal before us a complete picture of all the transformations of the human Soul, which it undergoes not only in the first moments of Death, but also at various levels of the Subtle World, up to the complex and mysterious process of its next incarnation on the Physical Plane of the Earth for continuation its development. The knowledge of what awaits a person after the transition of his Soul to other Worlds is of interest not only for an individual person, but also socially, which at this stage of the Earth's development is extremely important.
Oris's books are full of such invigorating confidence in the inexhaustible powers of man, they give so many inspirations and reveal so many opportunities for the awakening of spiritual Consciousness that their importance for humanity is simply difficult to overestimate. They provide detailed information about the Life of a person in invisible Worlds, and this Knowledge can be rightfully considered an antidote that kills the fear of Death in people.

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