Iissiidiology Fundamentals. Volume 1

Interaction of Information and Energy. The Primary Cause for the origination of Creative Activity. Self-Consciousness Focus. The Macrocosmos in whole.

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"Fundamentals Volume 1" is an introduction to a 20 Volume series entitled "The Good News". Volume 1 consists of "Iissiidiology Fundamentals”, “Commentaries to Fundamentals”, and Song lyrics by the author of the series, Oris. These lyrics are highly spiritual in essence, written to the tunes of popular melodies.

From the very beginning, the author pinpoints the reader’s attention upon fundamental notions of Iissiidiology starting from basic axiomatic Conceptions. The book contains the newest interpretation of the formation of the outer reality based on the Self-Consciousness’ Focus Dynamics as the main functional mechanism of the Macrocosmos’ Creative Activity. A detailed comparison of the author’s hypotheses with existing scientific conceptions allows us to draw parallels with the current worldviews about nature, space, time, energy and to find the ways for their radical transformation and potential development.

In this volume, the author introduces the conceptual foundation necessary for an adequate understanding of all other Iissiidiology books of this series: Hierarchy of Self-Consciousness Levels, dimensional differentiation of manifestation Forms, classification of elementary (and other) particles as structural components of the Universal Plasmic-Differentiation Emission, information theory of the formation of Energy in the Macrocosmos. These are: Universal Cosmic Laws and their Principles, Diapasons of Plasmic Forces, Evolutional and Involutional Branches of development, and many other topics. The first volume of Fundamentals is the required minimum for any reader who wants to thoroughly study iissiidiologic conceptions.

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