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The New knowledge for the New idea

With the continuation of the social crisis it is clear that there is a complete failure to launch any good social and economic arrangements. Let’s call this crisis "a crisis of ideas" than just an economic or financial one. The fact is that in absolutely all spheres of modern society today, there is a lack of fresh, positive and global ideas: in politics, economics, arts and culture, spirituality, religion, literature, entertainment or in academic and fundamental sciences. However there are people around the world who can make decisions that benefit all of humanity, these people are usually more progressed and developed within society. They are the ones who have ideas and who are capable to inspire others on a global scale.

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What is Iissiidiology

Iissiidiology postulates the intuitive cognition method, where distinctive feature characteristic is considered the researcher’s positive intellectual and altruistic state of Self-Consciousness, ultimately defining the quality of intuitive perception of the surrounding reality in correlation to the researcher’s own psycho-mental conditions cognition opportunity. In its depiction of surrounding reality concepts, coupled with the comprehensive narration of the human nature, Iissiidiology aims to establish a holistic, science-oriented worldview, integrating within itself a knowledge of the social, human and natural sciences. Iissiidiology’s conceptions and theories will most likely be a subject to the necessary degree of criticism and scientific data verification compliance in regards to its criteria of verifiability, falsifiability and the Occam's principle.

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Author’s Foreword. About Iissiidiology

Before starting a detailed description of fundamentals of the entirely new (to you) Knowledge called “Iissiidiology”, I would like to answer the question that will inevitably appear in the mind of everyone who will be interested in this Information: “In what way all this, very detailed and unreally correlated, information was obtained, that so logically and naturally depicts the unimaginable and inexpressible (in our Perception) picture of absolute Existence of All that Which we define in Its endless totality as “the Macrocosmos”? It is impossible to truthfully answer this question, because I would have to explain to you such things that can instill only doubt and surprise in anyone’s mind, and my statements would seem more like delirious fantasies.

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