Message to English speaking audience from the Author

round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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The Universal Sound Cosmic Codes

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

1.0001 It is very difficult to convey the Energy-Information of such a high degree of truthfulness as Iissiidiology has, due to extremely limited meanings of existing words and notions that you use to express scientific, philosophical, and esoteric Conceptions. However, I have nothing to do but use the generally accepted words and expressions, even if they very externally and distantly reflect the true Essence of what I would like to tell you. This is the reason why I MUST use such dualistic words as “kind” and “evil”, “bad” and “good”, “light” and “dark”, “high” and “low”, and so on. There will be no such Concepts in the more favorable Continuums of our “future” Existence though. When I manipulate existing stereotypes of thinking in a new way and imply a completely different Meaning to them, I try to radically increase and reorient the Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousnesses in order to open absolutely new horizons of Cosmic Perception for you.

1.0002 With the help of specific stereotypic Conceptions about “yourselves” and your limited Perception systems, you have formed the structure of the surrounding World in which you are focused right “now”. However, this World is very far from being as perfect and harmonious as your other Creations. There are inhabitants of hundreds of thousands of other types of subjective Realities {1} that together with the humankind’s Reality structure the dynamics of our Planetary Substance’s Collective Intelligence. Their Perception systems allow perceiving all generally accepted notions, ideas and Conceptions in completely different ways, or rather inadequately. This inconformity may entail quite serious problems when establishing close partnership relations and developing mutual creative understanding with our neighbors in the near “future”: not only with those on our Planet (oceanic and sea civilizations), but also with more developed extraterrestrial civilizations. The first obstacle between them and us will be the huge difference in our and “their” own Conceptions and views about “ourselves” and about the surrounding Cosmos, about possibilities of the joint implementation of newly opened perspectives for humankind. It will be extremely difficult to establish such contacts without universal СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms of the iissiidiological Knowledge.
{1} Please see the explanations in further notes “Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology”.

1.0003 For instance, the current Conceptions of Space-Time dimensional properties are extremely limited and very far from the more truthful Understanding of Nature of such phenomena. In spite of all modern technical achievements and success in “the conquest” of Form-Matter’s inertial dynamics, our scientists have extremely narrowed their Conceptions about the range of existence of the “physical Matter”. In essence, they deal only with “solid-plasmic” and quantum-wave states of all Forms of Self-Consciousnesses. They subjectively interpret these states as “matter”, and limit its existence within perceptible borders of the three-dimensional system of space coordinates. At the same time, they do not take into account the fact that the main feature of “the physical state of Matter” is not your ability to perceive it in a specific way. The different-quality and multidimensional Forms of Self-Consciousnesses, within all surrounding Formo-Systems of Worlds, have practically unlimited possibilities for simultaneous {2} manifestation in the “physical Matter”of their properties that characteristic of their multipolarization {3} Focus dynamics.
{2} {3} Please see the explanations in further notes “Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology”.

1.0004 You should try to understand as soon as possible and as deeply as possible that your surrounding reality is not as hopeless and given as it is. You do not have to experience it “till the end of your days”; on the contrary, it is just your starting point, and if you use it correctly, then quite soon you will have such opportunities and perspectives, which you cannot even imagine now. The main property of your surrounding materiality is one of its numerous functions, which may be conditionally defined as “all-possibility”. It means that Formo-Matter that structures absolutely all Forms of Self-Consciousnesses in this manifestation range (starting from quanta and elementary particles to Galaxies and Universes) is potentially programmed to have any properties you can imagine and describe in detail. Using a specific method (for example, with the help of a deepest Meditation), you can find each of imagined and described property in the information space of your own Self-Consciousness (in ОЛЛАКТ-ДРУОТММ{OLLAKT-DRUOTMM} -systems or ФЛУУ-ЛУУ{FLUU-LUU} -complexes ){4}. Then you can “project” this Information into the outer reality, and begin motivated refocusings into those Worlds Formo-Systems where your subjective Conceptions will be able to have a rezonational manifestation through your Focus Dynamics.
{4} ОЛЛАКТ-ДРУОТММ {OLLAKT-DRUOTMM}-systems and ФЛУУ-ЛУУ {FLUU-LUU}-complexes will be explained in further notes “Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology”.

1.0005 We will talk about it in details later. Now I would like to point out the fact that in some favorable variants of the nearest “future” for “the people of Earth” the greatest obstacle for comprehensive understanding and effective communication between us and highly-developed representatives of terrestrial and extraterrestrial civilizations may appear. It may be a complete incompatibility between present human stereotypes in thinking and behavior and the high-frequency Conceptions of “other” civilizations. I am talking about interpersonal and social relations, psychological and behavioral reactions as well as morphological notions that convey the meaning of things, natural phenomena, knowledge and Experience. This is why the universal Iissiidiological Conceptions will make it considerably easier for you to establish mutual contacts and understanding with other Brothers of Cosmic Intelligence. The Conceptions reflect, in a multiadapted way, “the Universal Sound Classification” generally accepted by highly developed cosmic civilizations of this Galactic Sector. Therefore, they will be able to perceive the Sound Cosmic Codes (АИИЙВВФФ{AIIYVVFF} -Codes) in accordance with the quality of vibrations of those universal Form-images included in the Codes that reflect the true meaning understandable for every cosmic civilization.

1.0006 The universality of АИИЙВВФФ{AIIYVVFF} -Codes used in Iissiidiology is that their sound combinations exactly correspond to certain synthetic states of Self-Consciousnesses Forms. The codes are adapted to specific features of various physiological systems of sound reproduction of inhabitants in each “physical” (within the 3-4-dimensional range) type of subjective Realities. The Codes represent the most exact method to convey a latent, “internal” Meaning of phenomena, processes, and relations, which are widely used by many highly-developed cosmic Communities in nonverbal way (without using sounds and words). They do it strictly in accordance with their interquality Synthesis Scheme by means of Formo-images, which are specifically structured by “emanations” of Thoughts and by “psychonations” of Feelings.

1.0007 Through its unique combination of various sounds, each АИИЙВВФФ{AIIYVVFF} -Code reflects a truer qualitative state of Energy-Plasma, as compared with that in the Continuums group currently perceived by you. For many other highly-developed civilizations that slloogrently{5} structure many types of Collective Intelligences in the Universe, the codes also define the meaning of individual particularities characteristic of universal Conceptions “about themselves” and “about the surrounding World”. In case of communicating with civilizations that have specific particularities in their physiological systems of sound reproduction (for example, sea and oceanic civilizations on our Planet), the Information exchange can be cone with the help of special systems of telepathic decoding.
{5} slloogrently, sloogrent - Please see the explanations in further notes “Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology”.

1.0008 For unknown reason this variant of Iissiidiology Knowledge has been manifested on the Planet through a Russian-speaking person. There are no original duplicates of the same Information in any other commonly used language. Due to this fact and in order to avoid a subjective falsification of the energy-information Meaning that is objectively included in the Configuration of each АИИЙВВФФ{AIIYVVFF} -Code and adaptively decoded by me, any Iissiidiological symbols should be written in other languages only in original form, that is, transcribing Russian letters to convey the Code’s sound! Otherwise, during a Meditation on any of the Sound Cosmic Codes (I will describe the Meditation methods in detail in one of the next books of “Iissiidiology Fundamentals”) it will be rezonationally attracted a completely different informational Meaning to the information space of your Self-Consciousness Form. This attracted Information will be structured by different СФУУРММ{SFUURMM} -Forms (subjective Conceptions). I have tried many times to meditate on many АИИЙВВФФ{AIIYVVFF} -Codes, tuning to the vibrations of English, German and Spanish transcriptions, but I failed to get anything useful from such Meditations. The Information that was “unpacked” in my Focus Dynamics had nothing to do with the Meaning included in the original Cosmic Code! Since this circumstance is very important for the formation of your subjective Understanding of Iissiidiology Conceptions, I ask all of you to have a very responsible approach to it and exclude such deformation of АИИЙВВФФ{AIIYVVFF} -Codes.

1.0009 With the help of a deep Meditation on these Sound Cosmic Codes, anyone of you whose Self-Consciousness is accordingly prepared for the perception of nonphysical Forms of Intelligence on the intuitive level, will have a real opportunity to independently delve deeply into the slloogrent {5} dynamics of absolutely other Configurations. These are the Levels of Collective Cosmic Existence where the Cosmic Codes play a much more important and active, energy-information role than in our type of subjective Reality. Those who will succeed in the Meditation on АИИЙВВФФ-Codes will be able to convince themselves by their own intuitive Experience that, in fact, the Codes incomparably better reflect the Essence of your surrounding reality than any of your “present” subjective Conceptions.
{5} slloogrently, sloogrent - Please see the explanations in further notes “Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology”.

1.0010 The Vibration Matrix of each of Sound Cosmic Code is a certain part of the slloogrent Meaning of the energy-information Essence. When you correctly reproduce it using your organs of speech, the Matrix, through the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness, instantly transforms the qualitative dynamics of Formo-structures of your surrounding Space-Time into the states with frequencies that correspond to the Matrices of both “the Mental Code-analyzer” and “the Plasmic Code-emitter”. It calls “mental” because it reflects our subjective Conceptions of anything that are adapted to the people’s Synthesis Scheme, and it calls “plasmic” because it reflects the universal Meaning, regardless of the Synthesis Scheme of a Self-Consciousness Form that perceives the “Code-emitter”. These states equally characterize the different-quality Self-Consciousness Forms manifested in their own types of subjective Realities through Collective Consciousnesses of their own cosmic civilizations. The codes are used to manifest the specific dynamics of universal iissiidiologic Conceptions in Space-Time. The sound combinations that are difficult to pronounce by people’s organs of speech will be easily decoded into familiar Formo-images in Perception systems of other cosmic civilizations’ representatives. It becomes possible due to identity of the quantum-wave Nature of all Self-Consciousness Forms within 3-4-dimensional Realities.

1.0011 In addition, I should also mention that each Self-Consciousness Form (СВОО-УУ{SVOO-UU} -Creature), as well as each type of Collective Cosmic Intelligence (ТОО-УУ{TOO-UU} -Creature) have their own individual АИИЙВВФФ{AIIYVVFF} -Codes. We are talking about all Forms of manifestation of our surrounding reality, starting with Galaxies, Stars, Planets and all other cosmic objects, living creatures and so-called inanimate objects (people, animals, plants, microorganisms, minerals, metals, nonmetals and their synthetic derivatives, gases and elementary particles), and finishing with everything else that is beyond our Perception system. It could be sub nuclear, super universal and other types of Fields-Consciousnesses, and also all other Forms about the existence of Which we have no idea and know nothing. All this infinite diversity of narrowly specific manifestations of the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness Forms in Formo-structures of the Universe have own АИИЙВВФФ{AIIYVVFF} -Codes that can be decoded by decoders of corresponding types of Collective Intelligences. Knowledge of such Sound Cosmic Codes makes possible a fruitful communication between representatives of completely different (they have different Synthesis Schemes) highly-developed cosmic civilizations that have achieved approximately the same development levels in their refocusing.

1.0012 You know that the ray of light can be expand into an infinite set of discrete range of colors and tints by special diffraction devices. The same way the energy-information Flow of each Sound Cosmic Code can be differentiated into many types in each specific condition of its manifestation. In each dimensional band, each Cosmic Code has individual Forms of specific expression of its unique Energy-Information. Representatives of various civilizations within the same band understand it in the same way in spite of the difference in interpretations of their Perception systems. Therefore, only the factor of the Universal Cosmic Codes introduction to the Humankind’s Collective Consciousness makes Iissiidiology Knowledge very valuable and important for the further development of modern humankind.

1.0013 In the nearest favorable variants of our “future”, millions of people will know their individual Cosmic Codes. They are called Tone Names because they can set a very powerful evolutional tone or an eglleroliftive{6} Impulse in the refocusing dynamics of personal Self-Consciousness. Meditating on the Names, people will get all necessary Information about Themselves and will be able to consciously choose their main and most effective directions of their life creativity. Many people only in those Continuum groups will discover Tone Names where the Iissiidiology Knowledge will be spread at such a great pace and so widely that it will become very popular in internet and will be studied at schools, gymnasiums, and colleges of all developed countries on our planet. This dissemination will be preceded by many scientific discoveries that directly or indirectly confirm the main iissiidiological Conceptions.
{6} eglleroliftive - Please see the explanations in further notes “Axiomatic Conceptions of Iissiidiology”.

1.0014 How will these Names appear in our Continuums? There are several ways to do that. For example, by technical means, when I worked, one continuous text file was automatically “inserted” in my computer in a flash, and then this text was also automatically divided by “a jumping” cursor into more than 150,000 Tone Names adapted to our Perception systems. The individual methods of Names appearance are in cases when a person experiences a deep conscious Meditation to know their Sound Cosmic Code that reflects much higher-quality Self-Consciousness States. For the time being, I identify each existing Name with a particular “personality” from the list I have ,when a strong rezonational state (automatic matching) between the person’s Configuration and vibrations of the Tone Name appears in my Perception system. You will be able to read about this process in detail in one of the next volumes of “Iissiidiology Fundamentals”.

1.0015 I have been observing for several years many of those who had become aware of their “Starseed’s Names”. I would like to mention that, when person knows his/her Tone Name and has a deep and conscious adaptation to it, the quality of his/her individual life creativity may greatly change for the better. The knowledge of their Tone “Starseed Name” may strongly activate positive tendencies and processes in their character, habits and bents, radically changing the person’s Destiny (the individual rotation Cycle of development). However, everything depends on how much the “personality” identifies themselves with their Tone Name’s vibrations. These vibrations intensify, establish and direct energy-information interrelations between Formo-Creators of their Self-Consciousness to ФЛАКС {FLAKS} -Creators of much higher-quality “parts” of the slloogrent Configuration of their ЛЛУУ-ВВУ{LLUU-VVU} -Form.

1.0016 You should understand well that all the stereotypic (generally accepted) definitions that I have to subjectively choose and use to interpret the true Meaning of each Sound Cosmic Code exist only in the Focus Dynamics of your Collective Consciousness. Other cosmic civilizations that also use the “sound-mental” and “sound-sensuous” means for their rezonational communication do it in a different way. They display each Cosmic Code using completely different symbols and means to convey the same Meaning. (It looks approximately like rather when you call the same notions by using different sounds in different countries on Earth).

1.0017 For example, the words that, in different languages, reflect such fundamental (to you only!) definitions as: physical, astral, mental, causal, Buddhic, and many others no way reflect the Essence of iissiidiological Knowledge about these qualitative states and phenomena. These words will be completely incomprehensible for Self-Consciousnesses Forms from other Collective Intelligence types. Nevertheless, if you use Cosmic Codes that reflect the general Meaning included in these subjective definitions (for example: НУУ {NUU} , СВУУЛЛМИИ-И {SVUULLMII-I} , УОЛДМИИ-И {UOLDMII-I} , ААСМИИ-И {AASMII-I} , ГЛООГСМИИ-НАА {GLOOGSMII-NAA} ), the representatives of many cosmic civilizations will be able to understand what you mean.

1.0018 The objective Essence of any vibrational Sound Cosmic Code becomes extremely deformed and distorted in subjective interpretations initiated by the Focus Dynamics of Formo-Creators from low-quality Levels of your Self-Consciousness. They are now typical for the creativity of most people, because your Conceptions of anything are based only on the Experience obtained with the help of your own very limited Perception system or in accordance with readings of devices, which are designed by our scientists. This means that your subjective Conceptions of the meaning of some Cosmic Codes belong only to this type of reality, while inhabitants from other Realities express ИИЙЙ-ССС-УУ {IIYY-SSS-UU} using completely different vibrational Codes. (Beside sound АИИЙВВФФ {AIIYVVFF} -Codes, there are “АИЙС-ССС {AIYS-SSS} -Codes” and “ИЙИСС-ССС {IIYISS-SSS} -Codes” that reflect more correctly the qualitative states of Energy-Plasma. You interpret their roughest manifestations as “light”, “photons”and “elementary particles”).

1.0019 This is why all terms, which you subjectively use to describe “the Qualitative Content” (ИИЙЙ-ССС-УУ {IIYISS-SSS-UU} ) of your focused Worlds Formo-Systems and types of Realities, may be meaningless for Self-Consciousness Forms from other types of Realities. The subjective interpretation and understanding of the Essence of these Cosmic Codes by higher-quality Perception systems are more oriented toward a truer content of the things that have to be manifested as various “fractal” and geometric forms (“rings”, “spheres”, “cylinders”, “cones”, “pyramids”, “spirals”, “dots”, and so on) in your surrounding reality[[1]].
[1] When the word “reality” is written in small letters it means the environment, everything we observe around us.

1.0020 I would like to caution you against a mistake of understanding literally the words I must use such as “ring”, “spiral”, “point”, “sphere”, and “wave”. The generally accepted meaning of these words reflects only your stereotypic thinking that is the certain geometric projections depicted by your Imagination. Everything that is implied by these terms in Iissiidiology has nothing in common with the meaning you include into these words. I am not even talking about such notions as “Flow”, “Ray”, “Channel”, “Sector” used in Iissiidiology in the cosmic meanings (for example, “the Galactic Sector of Qualities”), because the multidimensional Energy-Information that structures them doesn’t belong to the inertial manifestation dynamics of Self-Consciousness Forms within 3-4-dimensional Levels of Space-Time. All Sound Cosmic Codes subjectively interpreted by you using a very limited number of features have billions of times, as much features in higher-quality dimensional systems, and these features are inaccessible to your Perception systems yet. The main features include qualitative characteristics of dimensional structures of Star-level and other Galactic-level Entities, as well as a specific directivity of Synthesis processes of the Pure Cosmic Qualities[1]. Each Entity is narrowly-specifically involved by every Levels of Its manifestation in each of Pure Cosmic Qualities through Configurations of Self-Consciousness Forms typical only for these dimensional Levels.

1.0021 Our scientists rank the Star Entities among one Galaxy based only on visual observations in the optical or radio range. (For example ООИЙССМИИ-ЛЛМИ {OOIYSSMII-LLMI} is the Milky Way Galaxy). However, in reality these Star Entities very rarely belong to the same “Galactic Sector” or even to the same “Flow” of the Pure Cosmic Qualities in higher dimensional rezopazons of this subjective reality type (and also in any rezopazons of Realities of other synthetic types). Because they are involved in completely different qualitative structures of the multidimensional and multilateral Cosmic Creativity of the Higher Collegial Intelligence of the Universe (АЙФААР{AYFAAR} ). I try to demonstrate by this example that all your Conceptions about spatial parameters of physical Self-Consciousness Forms of any cosmic objects in no way reflect the real Essence of These Cosmic Entities in other conditions of Their simultaneous Existence which are beyond our perception.

1.0022 Our scientists use instruments to visually observe and combine into constellations and galaxies only “solid-plasmic” Forms of the Cosmic Entities. The Entitles are “projected” by means of Light Flows with certain Configurations and characteristics onto a rezonationally corresponding part of Space-Time that structures duvujllerrt groups of the Continuums in which Self-Consciousness Forms of the observers are also simultaneously manifested. The whole picture of the surrounding reality looks in a completely different way for other “personal” Interpretations of “the same” observers in other observation conditions of “the same” objects. By a deep Meditation on the Sound Cosmic Codes of these objects, you will be able to get a completely unlimited amount of Information about their individual properties and energy-information interrelations in this range of manifestation with other Cosmic Entities.

1.0023 For example, only four Star Entities have the properties of synthetic gejliturgentnost (energy-information interdependence) within the eight-star constellation of “Ursa Major”: ИИЛССФЛУУ-СС-УЛСС{IILSSFLUU-SS-ULSS} – “DUBHE”, ВАССПРР-СС{VASSPRR-SS} – “ALCOR”, СТРААФРР{STRAAFRR} – “ALIOTH” and ТРООДДРР{TROODDRR} – “MERAK”. They are closely interrelated with each other both on different-type and higher Levels of dimension within the common range for seventeen Star Logoses of the “АССВААТ” {ASSVAAT} system. (“АССВААТ” {ASSVAAT} is the Higher Collegial Cosmic Intelligence of the Galactic Sector within the 12-26-dimensional diapason. Star Logoses are the Higher manifestation Forms of the Collective Cosmic Intelligences of the Galactic Sector within the 12-26-dimensional band in this diapason). Three of the other four “Stars” visible to us (СКООБРТР{SKOOBRTR} – “MIZAR”, ОЛЛТООРСС{OLLTOORSS} – “PHECDA” and МААВВУППЛА {MAAVVUPPLA}

– “BENETNASH”) belong to a completely different order of Cosmic Entities. These Entitles are involved in the Creative Flow of ТЛААРБСС-ТТЛ{TLAARBSS-TTL} (the MONOMIGRATING Involutional Branch ). and the fourth one (СЛААБССТ{SLAABSST} – “MEGREZ”) closely interacts through buddhic levels of the Collective Intelligences of such Star Entities as ААВФЛЛААКСС{AAVFLLAAKSS} – “LALANDE 21185” and АИЙЛЛФФ-ИЛЛ{AIYLLFF-ILL} – “ALDEBARAN”) with another twelve-star system – “ГРУУККЛСС”{GRUUKKLSS} . Most of the visible “Stars” of “ГРУУККЛСС” {GRUUKKLSS} (КОРТМООЛЛФЛ{KORTMOOLLFL} – “ACRUX”, ПСУЙУРТР{PSUYURTR} – “ALPHA CENTAURI”, ДУУБУЛЛУСС{DUUBULLUSS} – “LACAILLE 726-8”, ССМИИЙМВС{SSMIIYMVS} – “AGENA”, ЛАППААККАРТ{LAPPAAKKART} – “RIGEL”, ММУУММПАРРММ {MMUUMMPARRMM} – “ACHERNAR”, РРАВАЛЛАРХ{RRAVALLARH} – “SPICA” and ФВАУФФТУЛЛФ{FVAUFFTULLF} – “EPSILON ERIDANI”) are situated in the opposite hemisphere in our subjective reality type.

My comments Dearest friends. Please do not scare of so many Cosmic Codes in this quote. That is just an example how far the modern astronomy from more truthful perceptions. Besides when some of our scientists are able to meditate on these Cosmic Codes in the future they will discover new laws.

1.0024 As you see, long physical distances that “separate” the Physical Globes (manifestation Forms of Collective Intelligences) of Cosmic Entities in no way influence the state of Creative Activity (possibilities for a joint interquality Synthesis) between them. Their joint Activity has no relation to the “constellation” system we “cooked up”, it doesn’t exist in any other cosmic civilization! The observable “galaxies”, “nebulas” and “constellations” are just a very nominal reflection of imperceptible-to-us (not detected by our devices designed for observation), much more real or simply qualitatively-different systems of the energy-information Interaction between multidimensional and slloogrent Forms of Collective Cosmic Entities. But since I don’t have any other means to convey a truer state of our surrounding reality to you, which in no way corresponds to our stereotypes, I will have to use your common terminology in my further explanations, gradually replacing the current meanings with more universal Conceptions of the completely New (to the current humankind) iissiidiological Knowledge.


Cosmic codes meditator's comments

Sound Cosmic Codes (АИИЙВВФФ{AIIYVVFF} : experience by Matt Fryer (University of Connecticut student)

"It feels that when I listen to this I am connecting to something deep within myself. It is obvious to me that my higher or subconscious mind is affected by this sound in a profound way. I perceive a vortex spinning around my entire head and think "Fractal"

I start to witness my self conscious splintering apart, or rather, for the first time I can see it is composed of combinations of these sound codes.I witness this visually as the vortex that surrounds my head becoming a spinning golden disk. In the disk there are different sectors that are all intricately connected. I know each connection point is a form of a sound code. It is like neurons in the brain. Perhaps I am witnessing my brain function holographically.

The intense feeling that I am about to embark on a vast cosmic journey comes over me. Waves of love start to embrace me. This tone speaks to my heart. The holographic nature of reality starts becoming infused within my mind.

This is much better than studying for my math test!

It is quite obvious to me that I will have the ability to understand my own personal sound codes. By reaching into the depths of my own self conscious, I can learn and understand the sound codes that compose my individual soul. This is liberation of my conscious mind. The human mind is conditioned at birth by nature of the state of our world today. This is the beginning of the true human potential. By understanding my own deeper sound codes, I inherently begin to change the nature of my conscious mind. It is clear to me that the true potential of a human is to create their own mind. These sound codes empower me to do so. Personally, I choose to accelerate my mind. It is my dream to be able to go to inter-dimensional libraries and read all the books there. It is my dream to be a great friend to all the people I know and empower all those who are trampled underfoot in this world. These sound codes allow me to tap into my hearts wisdom. From there I can directly use sound codes to boost my understanding of my own intuition. Thereby, being able to 'intend' to receive sound codes that will grant anything I wish, I will go for greater intelligence at first. Once received these codes can be assimilated into my conscious mind. Exactly how to do this will come to me by my hearts wisdom. It is then a choice of which sound codes I want to assimilate next. But oh, I just received the codes for greater intelligence. I understand somehow that the entire way I think is about to profoundly change. It is like the conscious mind can only create the beginning of a cascade which occurs deeper in the psyche. I only need to keep meditating on this sound code and the others and it will rapidly unfold into my conscious awareness. Using the hearts wisdom with the minds intellect any obstacle can be overcome. With our hearts' wisdom and our minds' intellect we are going to change the world. It is the embodiment of the simplest and eternal truth: Love conquers all."

Eric Anger (Colorado):

"Many of these seem intuitive, as in I close my eyes as I listen to the sound and a visualization of the concept appears very quickly. Perhaps we have been receiving this information unconsciously for some time now?"

Oris answers:

"Each Sound Cosmic Code (SCC) is a concentrated expression (wave reflection) of slloogrentnoy (mutually projected) Essence (depth of information about something) of certain combination of No Time Continuum (NTC) Form- Images (timeless part of all Continuums).
Each code seems to be "packed" in an infinite number of other - non-wave – Analogues that are also jointly involved in the formation of this Essence.
During this "projection" in our brain through the pineal gland, (while you concentrate psycho-mentally on the SCC) some part of the configuration of your Self-Consciousness (the state of the cerebral cortex, particularly the prefrontal lobes) resonates to a greater or lesser extent on some part of this slloogrentnoy Essence. If such an interest is absent, there is no reaction at all. These are your real possibilities in obtaining information related to a particular SCC. Someone depending on quality of their brain is more responsive to some codes, someone - on the other ones, while the rest do not feel anything at all."

 Barb L Fox

"I'm beginning to get it, by reading the words it goes into your brain and creates New neural networks of understand. Thus you are learning from just reading the sentences even if hotcakes little sence."



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