Message to English speaking audience from the Author

round 1 "Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

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This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 3

3.0261. In subjective basis of conditional notion about simultaneous existence in the structures of «our» Space-Time Continuum (and also in all the rest) of countless multitude of personalistic «own» and sporadic Worlds, specifically directed for every «human personality,» I put exclusively illusory ability of each of you to put only own self first in those objective processes that actually regulate all the current circumstances of your Life. I underline here the words «subjective» and «conditional,» because objectively there are no such personalistic Worlds purposely formed by Someone or Something for every «person» in multi-dimensional structure of Macrocosmos. However, at the same time they belong not only to our Imagination. This illusory impression about their existence is inevitably formed as a consequence of exhiberation in Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators of Energy-Plasma of the given diapason of some peculiarities of that structure, and also as a result of the presence in Self-Consciousness of every «personality» of universal mechanism of refocusings, which is activated every moment by very specific set of SFUURMM-Forms typical of life creativity and World perception of each of us in subterransive rotational Cycles.

3.0262 Vivid example of stable penetration of Focus Dynamics in «someone else’s» (that is sporadic) personalistic Worlds and stable staying in them of Focus Dynamics of «personality» can be all little children, who do not have yet own principles and outlook on things and have to be guided in their choices, reactions and preferences only by those SFUURMM-Forms which are extensively imposed on them not only by each of surrounding them relative, but also by all the other people. Until the child learns to independently define what is «good» and what is «bad» (no matter, for himself or for his family, friends, society, world in general) he or she will have to constantly stay in a powerful dependence from qualitative state of someone else’s sporadic Worlds, in fact fully relying in his choices, preferences and Interests on someone else’s opinions, views, priorities in values, Notions and relations. His own opinion is almost never taken into account by adults and considered serious, as it is believed to be incompetent and naïve, i.e. is not supported by own empirical Experience..

3.0263 Seeing similar unserious attitude to own opinion child instinctively closes from the outside World and withdraws into himself trying in vain to protect «own» personalistic World from pushy, caddish and disrespectful intrusion in it from the side of adults, whoever they are for him. These fragile attempts most frequently are doomed to fail, because no adult or even teenage does not take seriously little kids. With such attitude we, in fact, have turned all little children into hostages of imperfect views, ignorant notions, selfish attitudes and status-seeking choices.

3.02064 Thus they live for the time being in «someone else’s» Worlds, and if something happens to them («Death,» diseases, traumas, dramatic and extreme situations, accidents) there is not their fault in that, because all these circumstances of their «personal» Life are not the results of their conscious choices, but initially programmed by the conditions of those development scenarios, which were chosen for them by either their parents, elder brothers, sisters, or neighbors or just a teenager in the street. Very often adults forcibly make little children do what they themselves do not want to do. If the child had other Notions about a certain situation and if he had a real opportunity to refuse to make what he «personally» considers wrong, it is possible that he would be able to easily avoid many tragic events in his Life.

3.0265. However, together with that in Life of modern society relationships of many children with their parents and relatives represent a vivid example of how easily adults themselves become constant hostages of selfish and unpredictable, far from the perfection personalistic Worlds of their spoilt and capricious children, who unhesitatingly manipulate them on the slightest of questions or pretexts, where their personal Interests are involved. These relations more resemble not relative relations, but commands of hysterical boss to their subordinates, who just do not have any right to object or have own opinion.

3.0266 Usually such dominant individualism powerfully supported by egocentric SFUURMM-Forms of greediness and resentful temper, envy or jealousy, self-conceit and arrogance results in the most dramatic and tragic outcomes for all the participants of such one-sided relations, because egoism, impulsiveness, no predictability and inexperience of manipulator definitely initiate intensification of refocusings of all «subordinated» into protoformal Directions (usually — immediately into multiple non-lluuvvumic Directions). Exactly that situation I refer to when I mention subjective «staying» of people in compelling circumstances, created by disharmonious SFUURMM-Forms peculiar to Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators of someone else’s sporadic Worlds.

3.0267. Existing difference which is discovered during subterransive psychical reactions of different people on one and the same manifestations of surrounding Life can be explained by the fact that each of us observes events based on «own» Notions, vie which he or she has formed «own» personalistic World. Though these «personal» reactions qualitatively very strongly differ from each other, nevertheless they are incomprehensibly connected between each other by one and the same circumstances and events, closely «interwoven» and «connecting» all people, animal and plants with each other on the Levels of actively realized by them emanations, psychonations and karmonations (Thoughts, Feelings, Desires, Words and Actions). In addition, the more qualitative is Focus Dynamics of «personality», the clearer, deeper and sooner that «personality» will be capable to recognize — in every moment of changing each other events — those (perhaps, completely elusive for others) characteristic signs by which «its own» personalistic World (thoroughly formed by it based on its established life priorities and values) differs from sporadic Worlds of other people.

3.0268 Each of representatives of different kinds and types of animals realizing through all the multiple subjective Notions typical of their Self-Consciousness Form also forms own perception of surrounding reality in the identical way, and relative to signs of different-Qualitativeness of their Focus Dynamics we can also use such terms as «own» and «someone else’s» Worlds. For example, if a person enters a stable and very close psycho-mental contact with its pet, their Focus Dynamics can intertwine on the level of SFUURMM-Forms structuring their personalistic Worlds. Experiencing a very strong attachment, unreasonable (to the demonstration of obvious foolishness) love to an animal, its owner can become just a participant of «a crowd of extras» in personalistic World of that animal and thus go to a state of huge dependency from specific wishes, needs, and even just «innocent» caprices and pranks of the pet, which may result not only in the harm from such upbringing done to other animals, but also in serious traumas, injuries and even fatal outcome done to people, in particular to little children.

3.0269 Such refocusings into Worlds of own pets are demonstrated by «people» who, for example, visit countless beauty salons for cats and dogs, where at an incredible rates their pets are washed with expensive shampoos, get hair done, a perm, a massage, recoloring, an expensive suit made, and then take them in a special and very expensive restaurant for a meal. Some of such owners leave their domestic animals entire multimillion fortune, not even having a thought that for that money they could feed and dress many people in need, build schools or hospitals, or, in the end, shelters for homeless people.

3.0270 These are just a few of existing in our Life vivid examples of not only the influence of «dog’s» and «cat’s» Worlds on human’s, but vise or verse — forced impact of human Notions on realizational abilities of «cat’s» and «dog’s» personalistic Worlds, as we just cannot know, or at least even reliably suggest if these animals actually do want to live in such — comfortable from our viewpoint — conditions? these are not them who voluntarily chose how, where and with whom they live, but these are us who using our human Notions about well-being, forcedly place them in such circumstances, which cannot anyhow be chosen by them, who strive as cherished Life Goals to uniting with own kind and with nature.

3.0271 People who are guided in their choices by Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators of two lower IISSIIDI-Centers (through which realize representatives of cosmic civilizations of ungs and argllaamurs, ssvoouns and inglimilins) and due to that entirely focused only on egoistic-materialistic perception of the surrounding reality, naturally for them consider all the Life circumstances too one-sided and categorical, based only on their own limited perception of each concrete situation, and therefore either do not think about such «issues» (about «own» and «someone else’s» Worlds), or just not capable to sense these evident for others difference. As a result of the existence of such subjective and often absolutely opposite by their essence views on the same events, Life circumstances of such people are often followed by many cases of misunderstanding and confusion, conflicts and divisiveness, troubles and misfortune, which in all their inevitability and predeterminacy compose for each of them main educational-empirical and spiritually-educational basis, due to which they constantly improve.

3.0272 As it was already mentioned, main Life goals and concrete Notions about ways to achieve them differ in much or less degree among various people and sometimes take dually opposite positions relative to the goals and tasks of other people, which, regardless of the degree of their qualitativeness, urgency and usefulness for all the rest society, also remain not less important and valuable for them, than your own — for you. Therefore you in your Life constantly confront with attempts of the direct «interfering» or even rough aggressive «intrusion» in «your» personalistic World of powerful SFUURMM-Forms from sporadic Worlds of all the multitude of other people, not only surrounding you, but actively involved in creative dynamic of your subterransive development scenario (were you, undoubtedly, play the main and decisive role) as a certain necessary — only for you! — «meaningful content» (speaking in a «movie language» as a background, extras, side characters).

3.0273 Manifested together with you in your subterransive scenario, they all «perform» the most diverse «secondary roles»: by their subjective Conceptions, activity and choices, and also objective skills and abilities they create (through the activity of chakram persons of certain Levels of IISSIIDI-Centers) a necessary background for your creative realization — as a «main character» in your scenario. However, you should not forget that you also, as «somebody else’s» for you «personalities,» in the same way, willingly or unwillingly, resonationally involve or roughly intrude by your personalistic Focus Dynamics personalistic Worlds of other people (sporadic relative to you), but now already not as a «main character,» but as a performer of a «secondary role» or a participant of various «extras.»

3.0274 In other words, subjectively appear not to leave with your Focus Dynamics your «own» scenario (and in reality constantly refocusing into different scenarios of your rotational Cycle that more correspond to your choices), you become participant of someone else’s sporadic Worlds. Exceptions are those cases where you in any situations and circumstances continue to persistently and tendentiously hold on to (not necessarily — defend) your principled positions (views, believes, priorities) on every arising for you question.

3.0275 In circumstances of your focusing in sporadic Worlds, you inevitable face an urgent question: WHO ARE YOU? In every moment of your existence you represent either self-conscious Form-Creator, who purposefully and consciously creates «own» variant of subjective Reality by thoroughly reasoned regulating in Focus Dynamics of peculiar to you SFUURMM-Forms, Thoughts, Feelings, Desires and Aspirations, realizing through your, renitively and specifically perceived by you, choices and actions; either you (in more degree through primitive SVUULL-VVU-conglomerates) express someone else’s chaotic, instinctive, impulsive realizations, who only by its own discretion, without consideration of your opinion and interests, activates Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness through egoistic SFUURMM-Forms of karmic Channels of two lower IISSIIDI-Centers.

3.0276.Let us assume that you set a very high Goal. In order to achieve it, you should bring your SFUURMM-Forms in full qualitative correspondence with f-Configurations of NUU-VVU-Stereo-Types which structure those Worlds’ Form-systems, groups of STCs and development scenarios, where your Goal is already achieved. For the promptest realization of that task, you need to learn as renitively and persistently as possible to fixate with your Focus Dynamics in much more concrete SFUURMM-Forms of the «picture» that describes all the details of not only your «personal,» but also surrounding your circumstances, accompanying the final realization of your Goal. If someone tries to correct your Focus Dynamics by SFUURMM-Forms and Interests extrinsic to you, you should find forces and abilities inside to be able to go own way, even in most difficult and critical situations, and continue to refocus in the chosen by you Direction of life creativity.

3.0277 It is extremely difficult to carry that out because very often the conditions of your «personal» Life (work, finance, place of residence, faith and so on) fully and in most degree do not depend on your own expectations and preferences, but serve somebody or strictly regulated by someone/something (authorities, work collective, business partners, state, religion, moral laws, rights and so on). However, the most difficult and dangerous is that you very often are mistaken when falling under someone else’s strong destructive or just manipulative influence, keep thinking that you still continue moving to the set Goal. No, at insufficient fidelity to principles, resolution, determination, Aspiration to the Goal and Responsibility towards yourself, your Way to the goal will be filled with all possible interferences and obstacles — someone else’s Interests and Conceptions, opinions and views, criteria and Wishes, which do not coincide with your «personal» ones.

3.0278 However, very often your impatience, uncontrollable urge to achieve the desired as soon as possible in spite of full absence of psycho-spiritual mechanisms and resources necessary for that, do not help, but powerfully restrain you from advancing to the Goal, as they focus you not on real achievements, but on ephemeral, illusory and far-fetched expectations skillfully fabricated by you Images of yourself. If you are very strongly fascinated by unreal, imaginary perspectives, but not real possibilities, and believe that the desired will manifest in your life in some «miracle» way, without much effort, usually — in the most inopportune moment of imagined by you, Life — all your dreams and plans for a favorable «future» may fall apart as a house of cards under enduring power of objective circumstances — necessary conditions for the realization in «your» scenario of «someone else’s» (sporadic) Worlds. Therefore in the beginning of determination and thoroughly planning your Way to your goal you need to uncompromisingly, dispassionately and without the slightest exaggeration (this is the case when it is better to underestimate something in you, than fabulate something that does not exist, as you will not be able to practically use it) analyze and really estimate all your qualities, possibilities and perspectives.

3.0279 Very often f-Configurations of NUU-VVU-Forms which you use to carry out your subterransive refocusing process in their quality are yet very far from the ideal, which are necessary for prompter achieving too high Goals for the scenarios of the given groups of STCs. Therefore, you should first thoroughly think, model and try to achieve many intermediate goals, go through some less qualitative svilgs-spherational realizations, in order to consequently focus in specifically those NUU-VVU-Forms whose f-Configurations have more and more initially insufficient to you Qualities Aspects of the synthesized Levels necessary for achieving the main Goal.

3.0280 Particularly that regards the deliverance from your Focus Dynamics of all multiple SFUURMM-Forms provoking active manifestation of aggressive, negative or rough sexual reactions, which is completely incompatible with your fulfilling highly spiritual tasks and obtaining stable extrasensory abilities, which will impose on you an increased «personal» Responsibility for every synthesized Though, Feeling, Word and Action. Thus, using at own discretion (i.e. the way particularly you consider exactable!) one day «secondary characters» another day «participants of everyday extras» (at work, in a family, in a street, in transport and so on), you either move to the set Goal as the main Creator of «own» personalistic World, or — completely imperceptibly and unexpectedly for yourself — involve yourself into someone else’s sporadic World and immediately turn into one of the participants of its «extras.»

3.0281 All the Worlds of your conscious manifestation ALREADY EXIST, they all — in absolute fullness of your possible subjective Notions about own existence and supposed nature of your purpose on the Earth — already initially exist in skrruullerrt system of Macrocosmos. In each Worlds’ Form-system you play a certain role, possess some skills, are placed in certain life circumstances: you either somehow solve all your problems and live happily, creatively-fruitfully or give up and fall flowing into deep depressive states. Therefore initially you should clearly and hierarchically set priorities of consistent achieving your main Life Goals, then select the most urgent and top-priority, concretize them in general details, combine in a certain priority ranking and consequences of achieving, gradually more and more understanding and realizing through that psycho-mental process WHO you are in your «present» and WHO you should represent in the most favorable variants of your «future» — first the «nearest» and then the more «distant» one.

3.0282 Occasionally comparing these Notions, you can better realize on what stage of the Way to your main Goal your are located in every moment of your «present.» This is the main condition for refocusings into those from already existing variants of «your» personalistic Worlds, where the given Goal has been already achieved. Every moment our Life makes us face various manifestations of life creativity of other people. Depending on the qualitativeness of our own Notions, we interpret that creativity by such words as «evil,» «rage,» «hatred,» «envy,» «indifference,» «love,» «kindness,» «understanding,» «patience,» «sympathy» and many others. However, are these people such as we interpret them in our subjective understanding?

3.0283 Of course not! their relationship with us — that is only what specifically in the given moment and in the given concrete circumstances each of them is able to generate and «project» into the surrounding his or her World through own psycho emotional system, through the Level of Self-Consciousness temporary activated in focused by him or her NUU-VVU-Form. It is not important by means of exactly what kind of Notions each of the rest people perceives them, — that is their creativity that is manifestation of their «personal» understanding of «own self,» that is their own Lives which they are free to manage at their own discretion.

3.0284 To keep the state of presence in own personalistic World, it is very important to always understand if each of your reaction to any realization of their life creativity (relative to you «personally» or to someone else) corresponds achieving your main Life Goal of that personal Interpretation to which NUU-VVU-Configuration you are consciously and persistently try to bring closer Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness. If your «current» reactions do not correspond to your Notions about those variants of «yourself» in «future» who have already reached the set Goal, in that case you, thereby, completely imperceptibly for yourself, through unnoticed by you reactions and realizations, have already unconsciously refocused into «someone else’s» sporadic World and now perform in someone else’s scenario subsidiary, secondary role. It means that it is already not you, but someone else controls and coordinates your refocusing process, and you from the «main character» in «own» World where you play a decisive role in choosing means of achieving the set Goal, have turned into a «participant of extras,» for who someone else’s scenario can unfold in a completely unpredictable way.

3.0285 In addition, if you further continue to display even more lack of principles, cowardice, inconstancy and lack of character, you can turn into «stump double,» i.e. a dubbing actor of a real «main character» instead of whom you will constantly perform all the dangerous «tricks,» in other words you will become a kind of «scapegoat.» Such situations and circumstances (accidents, disease, crime committed without premeditation, imprisonment, dismissal from prestigious job and so on) may arise, when you through uncontrolled by you reactions take responsibility for those life Lessons which that «personality» should have been carrying out, into whose sporadic World you refocused — through your subjective relation to something or someone, through some concrete reactions (Thoughts, Emotions and Actions).

3.0286 Life Lessons are consequences of your actions which already do not correspond to your former life goals and tasks, your incipient Notions and your, already in a sufficient degree having been released in some previous temptations and implemented Interests, spiritual Essence, which you have subconsciously determined for yourself as the highest priority Value. Because the fact of the presence in Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness of stable spiritual Aspiration does not mean at all that in your Life there already cannot manifest all possible difficulties and obstacles, generated by high tensorness (qualitative difference) between your old regular Interests and new ones, which you yet do not understand in details. On the contrary, the number of complex and unpredictable situations in your Life, demanding from you completely other approach and qualitatively different decisions, increases like an avalanche, which makes you repeatedly think about the correctness of your new preferences.

3.0287. Because when the tensorness increases between what you have already succeeded to reach, renitively understand and profoundly learn, and that new yet unexperienced, which attracts you with its mystery and expectation of certain discoveries, in your Focus Dynamics there immediately increases engagement of SFUURMM-Forms with qualitatively new for your Form-Creators interconnections, which forms an intense dissonance between general FD of focused by you group of STCs and your own FD, which is actively busy in the search of those new evident signs absent in the given group of Continuums (or in the presently focused by you development Direction). However, you have decided to find them by all means and cognize. That is when in your Life certain circumstances appear which you interpret as Lessons (difficult choices, unexpected decisions, radical change of views, tastes, priorities, accompanied by — due to the lack of necessary Experience — all possible collisions, catastrophes, «personal» dramas, breaking-up old relations and building new ones). In such unstable physical states, it is very easy to lose important orienting points to the set Goal, start hesitating in its correctness, value, and begin searching something else, interchangeably engaging into the «ocean» of surrounding you sporadic Worlds.

3.0288 As a matter of fact, even if you have not done anything yet, but only think about something or someone far from your best Notions about «future yourself,» you immediately automatically change the earlier chosen by you Vector of qualitative orientation of subterransive refocusings, «having reprojected» your Focus Dynamics from the group of favorable scenarios (where you are the «main character») into the other — in outward appearance almost the same, but qualitatively completely different! — group of less favorable or entirely dramatic for you scenarios, where your role is to be an obedient «participant of extras,» where nothing depends on you (until you will show corresponding to your Goal principality, outstanding persistence and determination). However, as soon as you establish new priorities and decisively convince yourself that your new Life Goal is much more important and desired than previous, you immediately from someone else’s sporadic World refocus into «your own» personalistic World. The same effect begins when you being disappointed in your new acquirements and progress, return to your previous Goal.

3.0289 If you by some psychical qualities quite strongly resonate with many SFUURMM-Forms peculiar to the «main character,» having got into his scenario, you — through many similar UU-VVU-conglomerates — set between Form-Creators of your Self-Consciousnesses Forms quite a huge number of covarllert energoinformational interconnections, which makes your Destinies very similar in many ways. Then you, as an active participant of «extra» of someone else’s scenario, facing some negative events meant for particular reactions of the «main character,» react in the similar way or even faster than he. Now you, not him (or both of you) become killer, robber, rapper or scum making Life of many people miserable.

3.0290 Very often on a prisoners' dock we can find not real culprits of a crime but those who got into someone else’s sporadic Mir, having neither strength nor willpower, nor elementary reason to resist the powerful influence of someone else’s SFUURMM-Forms. In fact, you get into situations analogous to those in which «main characters» in the «neighboring» duvuyllerrt scenarios inevitably get themselves. Conviction of guiltless, forceful «imprisonment» in psycho ward or «getting hooked « in usage of illegal drugs, auto accidents and other types of crashes done not by your fault, getting tickets for the planes, trains and motor ships, which later crash, and many-many other things without which you do well in more favorable scenarios, all that I call unconscious «stunt.»

3.0291 No one can know what destiny and life span is meant for your various «personal» Interpretations in any of sporadic scenarios, as all they represent only Interests and specific conditions for the development of their «main characters.» For example, in order for the «main character» to learn something or get some subjective Experience (skills, views, psycho-mental states), it becomes possible for you either to die in aero-, auto-, railroad- catastrophe, or to sink due to someone else’s falsehood or carelessness, or to «die» due to someone’s greediness or irresponsibility, or to become a victim of «an accident» occurring due to someone’s slovenliness, levity, or ambitions of the «main character» and so on. In other words, in every sporadic World all your «Deaths» serve only necessary informational «material» for purposeful psycho-mental influence on the «main characters,» possibilities to exert effective influence in the necessary moment on creative processes in someone’s Self-Consciousness.

3.0292 If you stay in that time in «your» personalistic World, show in the necessary moment a little more persistence, determination or commitment to principles relative to the things not corresponding to your Goals and to more qualitative Notions about yourself — all the circumstances leading in someone else’s scenario to your «wreck» or natural «death,» at once will qualitatively change in your Focus Dynamics and finish not so tragically and, possibly, even quite favorably.

3.0293 You can be a «main character» in «own» personalistic World, only when you take an active principled position corresponding to your Goals and Tasks, in other words when you consciously act in everything strictly in accordance with your own principles and Notions, always control your Thoughts, Feelings and Desires, and uncompromising relative to everything that is out of the estimated by your signs set of your main Goal, thoroughly filtering out from your Focus Dynamics SFUURMM-Forms which by their qualitativeness already cannot be typical of you in your favorable «future.» If in «your own» personalistic World you are an absolute master of the situation, in «someone else’s» sporadic Mir, you only an unconscious participant of circumstances, where you will not know for sure the role prepared «personally» for you and how exactly you are supposed to be used. In every sporadic Mir, into where you, willingly or unwillingly, periodically refocus, there is own «main character,» for whom a specially formed scenario with your unconscious participation is performed.

3.0294. However, not only the degree of your principality, but also the qualitativeness of your subterransive reactions in general are fully determine those circumstances which are organized around you in sporadic Worlds. The more you will try to correct your Focus Dynamics according to Notions and Configuration of Self-Consciousness of «personality,» in which personalistic World you refocus, the more your Destiny will be formed on the basis of the development of its Destiny, the quality of which will absolutely and fully will be determined not by some outside attributes and «scene decorations» of Life, but by the quality of its choices and actions, manifested through certain specific Thoughts, Feelings, Desires, Aspirations and Actions.

3.0295 Let us assume that you are planning to make a decision on something very important for the process of your further improvement or are carrying out your current plans, but here rings a phone and someone once again radically interferes in your decisions, plans and actions. Although you do not know, what exactly might happen in the next moment, you approximately might imagine in what spectrum of development you have the closest perspectives in the planned project. Therefore, of course, it is necessary, reacting in a corresponding way to multiple calls (and also requests, orders and negative circumstances, to various aggressive information coming from newspapers, television, radio, internet), always stay in the sphere of activity of only your own Notions about the way everything should be organized around you and with you — from the point of view of creating the best perspectives and supporting conditions for the fastest realization of your cherished Goal.

3.0296 If after your conversation you will contemplate and choose more intellectual-altruistic position having reasonably motivated unforeseen Information as a possible part of your current Program of self-development on the Way to achieving your Goal that will not initiate your refocusings into sporadic World of those who has just by the phone (or in any other way) requested something from you or asked you a favor, which might negatively influence the realization of your current plans. Your reaction to every unexpected «intrusion» in your plans of someone or something should NOT be categorically negative only because just a second ago it was not included in the list of activities planned by you. Because in that case, aspiring to reach highly spiritual Goals you may refuse to help a blind or a disabled, a child or parents only because you have planned a meditation or reading a useful literature for that time, or something else, which does not include your distraction for fulfilling someone’s request (you should also take into consideration its qualitativeness).

3.0297 Sincere and scrupulous fulfilling of someone’s request may be much more useful for your spiritual growth, than what you have planned, and it will be able to get you much faster to a desired Goal, — you only need to notice each of these possibilities, not fixated too much on yourself, your own profit (even though, in your opinion, more «spiritual» than what you have been proposed), learn to positively motivate for yourself — as potential possibilities for your growth — many unpleasant and poorly timed requests, unexpected visits and unpredictable actions of other people. As soon as you find similar motivation and gladly accept unexpected circumstance as inevitable, but yet potentially useful and spiritually beneficial for you, you will again refocus into «your own» personalistic World.

3.0298 I would also like to note that people who constantly talk on the phone and are practically never free from phone conversations, or whose watching television too much and for too long, listening successively all the news, thereby heavily and for a long fill their Focus Dynamics with different-Qualitative content of these informational flows, — in fact, all these people most part of their life focus in «someone else’s» sporadic Worlds. They completely do not realize that their «own» actual World just does not exist. «their» World, their behavior, their «future» always depend on someone and are corrected by someone: someone’s calls, orders, opinions, rules, relations, laws and so on.

3.0299 Those who were not able to enter the Path of more conscious life creativity become in a huge degree depended on various circumstances, emergences, accidents and other events, which happen in particular to them because they are yet have not been able to renitively comprehend their Path and have never seriously thought about the genuine meaning of their existence, about main Goals and Tasks of their Life. They only chaotically refocus from sporadic World of one «personality» to sporadic Worlds of many other «personalities,» changing during the day a huge number of «someone else’s» Worlds, which get them not much closer to their own Goal, and, mostly, take them away from it.

3.0300 Though it is very difficult to sense and detect in time the beginning of your regular involvement in someone else’s scenario and realize that you are not already a «main character» in your Life, but until you learn to do it, you will have to constantly be affected by the results of someone else’s — more powerful than yours — willpower, actively influencing most of your decisions, your current plans and qualitativeness of SFUURMM-Forms forming Focus Dynamics of your Self-Consciousness. Good if that influence will come from the «personalities» more harmonious and spiritually developed than yourself, however, more often it is just the other way around: you have to almost regularly adjust your choices to «personal» interests or someone else’s more primitive SFUURMM-Forms, only because your more qualitative decisions or remarks can offend, enrage, disappoint, bother someone or disarray, make someone jealous, want to revenge, criticize, argue, show contempt and so on. Very often, demonstrating your principled position, which is considered by a wider public to be critical and inappropriate, you lose friends, like-minded people and associates in some life area, and, as a rule, acquire many secret enemies, cunning detractors, for who your honesty and principality becomes just «a kick in their throat.»

3.0301. Therefore, more often you prefer not to tell people the truth about their shortcomings, mistakes, but usually keep silence in the presence of cads, impudent fellows, douchebags and scoundrels, in full obedience and slavishly obeying feeble-minded and egoistic orders of different authorities, bosses, the powerful and strongest, who are pleased to manage your Destiny at own discretion and ride roughshod over you on all the levels of bureaucratic hierarchy… It is possible to infinitely count miserable and ugly results of your everyday toad-eating, but that will not get each of you closer to a real opportunity — already from that second! — to start creating «your own» personalistic World only with the help of your own, more qualitative and perfect views, spiritual values and material priorities. Not having done it now, you will continue to stay further in your Life an unconscious prisoners and hostages of someone else’s scenarios, plans, interests and Life, where something completely different from your expectations and aspirations is «written» for you, where you are surrounded by not those «people» and circumstances that should get your closer to the realization of your plans.

3.0302 How to understand, recognize and according to what criteria differ «own» Worlds from «someone else’s,» how to correctly react to many compelling and unforeseen circumstances, which every moment invade your Life uninvited via unexpected phone calls, a stroke of catchwords and phrases mercilessly stealing your peace, spiritual balance and serene pleasance? Because it is not possible to get away from that, to hide or cover under a made-up mask of indifference and unconcern trying to avoid slightest disharmonious contacts, emotional arguments, important decisions and radical actions.

3.0303 There is no special wisdom here: you only need to maintain ground and not to stand down to everything that is disharmonious relative to your ideal Notion about Who You are in your favorable «future,» well-thought-out and formed by you on the basis of the most intellectual and altruistic SFUURMM-Forms and affectative Aspirations, confidently and firmly directing the process of your refocusings into the direction of the fastest achieving the Goals at hand. It means that you should learn to react to every change of circumstances (phone calls, someone’s orders, directives, laws and rules, someone’s remarks or actions, persuasions and threats, towards different events and so on and so forth) in such a way so that not to anyhow contradict your own principled life position.

3.0304 Your Reaction to any event in your Life determines if the frequency of vibrations of your Thoughts, Emotions, Desires and Actions in your reaction to the given event gets into that, acceptable for you, spectrum of relationships that you have a right to use if you want to as effectively as possible continue to refocus towards the cherished Goal. In that process it is not possible to do without persistent cultivation in your Self-Consciousness of a pressing need to make only intellect-altruistic choices. It means that you should learn to refer to each of your choice relatively uncompromised and biased: does it include simultaneously signs of high-feeling Intellect (or at least reasonableness) and characteristic signs of high-intellect Altruism (or at least unselfishness)? If you are not able to find similar signs, it is better to delay making that choice, wait out, think it over, and if you continue being completely honest, soon the variant corresponding to that conditions will be sure to appear. You will spend a little more time and psychical efforts, but win in the effectiveness of more qualitative refocusing.

3.0305 Let me draw your attention to the following: there is a huge difference between the states of being forced to act altruistically (for example, under a powerful pressure of unforeseen circumstances or because it is benefiting you in the given situation) and actually being Altruistic, because the state of getting at least some «personal» benefit from an altruistic action (except moral and spiritual satisfaction) is not possible by definition. The same regards the signs of high-feeling Intellect, which are often very conveniently replaced by dogmatic intellectualizing, selfish deliberativeness and rationality, profitability, deception, mercenariness and survival.

3.0306 Here is only one criteria: mental component of the given sign should be deprived of any «personal» benefit and status seeking (selfish) interest in possible results of the choice made by you. It is clear that the prevailing majority of you are not able to make such choices, but without relentless pursuit to that, you will never be able to become a Human. That Principle of choices can be established in your Self-Consciousness only if you constantly — from hour to hour, from day to day and from year to year — will be able to live and create under the guidance of SFUURMM-Forms of lluuvvumic Direction, which orient you to achieving the state of Creative Cosmic Potentiality — high Intellect and absolute Altruism, constantly inspiring you to exert Kindness and unconditional Love to Everything Being, to spiritual Unity with Everything.

3.0307 Throughout the ages people had to be satisfied with the Life that mostly did not correspond neither to their principled positions, nor to their Desires, necessities, Aspirations, constantly exerting cowardice and faint heartedness, experiencing strong dependence from high-handedness of imperfect laws and corrupted leadership, someone’s flaws, caprice and biased selfish opinions. Does that mean that all those people forcedly focused themselves only in someone’s sporadic Worlds? It is not so, because in order to realize in «own» and not «someone else’s» World, you need reactions corresponding to your «personal» life position, reflecting your SFUURMM-Forms, your notions about relationships in the society.

3.0308 It is not a secret that poor-spirited and double-faced attitudes as well as, on the contrary, caddish, cynical and unprincipled positions are main guide to action for many people, contributing the fast achieving of their self-interested and immoral goals, survival at all costs, status seeking realizations, obtaining power over others, fame and wealth. They do not recognize other criteria of life values, do not know them and categorically, aggressively cross any attempts to convince them otherwise. Their main mottos: «Man is a wolf to a man,» «An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.» Therefore they are absolutely determined that for achieving their goal they need to necessarily deceive someone, bribe, «steamroll» over somebody, frighten, «move aside,» and if it does not work — to cripple, sacrifice, morally destroy or physically liquidate, exterminate at any cost. They carry out all that excitedly and with enthusiasm, fully convinced in their rightness, because such choices quite correspond to their principles and life goals.

3.0309 Therefore executing someone’s kill order or pleasing someone, praising or discrediting someone, continuously making abhorrent deed, they do not necessarily refocus themselves into someone else’s sporadic Worlds, because their reactions and decisions do not contradict to their own Notions about Life. Because the most important distinguishing sign of your focusing in «own» World is that your choices are quite agree with your principles, with which help you achieve the set goal. What kind of goal is it by its Essence — it is not important, because it determines only that protoformal Direction of your refocusings into those groups of STCs, where similar goals have a real opportunity to be reached. Such subjective notions as «good» and «evil,» moral and ethical laws do not really apply here and do not anyhow affect the process of focusing of every «personality» either in its personalistic World, or in any from the multitude of sporadic Worlds, when due to unfavorable coincidence the «personality» has to do things that do not agree with its principles.

3.0310 Very many «people» who exercise various spiritual practices and preach «kind» and humane teachings, due to the presence in their Self-Consciousness of powerful restricting «bounds» and patterns that do not let them accept the Knowledge of such high intuitive Level as IISSIIDIOLOGY, do not even suspect that they are simultaneously both Creators and main masters of «own» Worlds of their existence, because they do not possess that Information and constantly continue to make strategic mistakes in every their choice as well as in their life creativity. If you in your choices orientate on a particular person, even a very nice one, but at the same time very limited in something, orthodox, fanatically devoted to some old (or completely archaic) spiritually-religious conceptions, who even in theory does not accept that in the World there can exist more authentic Knowledge, than the teaching he worships, you can easily become a gullible participant of «extras» in his scenario, naively relying upon him always making more right choices.

3.0311 Correcting someone’s SFUURMM-Forms according to your own Notions, you thereby participate in the process of potential increasing qualitativeness in someone’s personalistic World, demonstrating on your most qualitative choices availability of more effective possibilities for achieving some concrete goals. It is not important if you use in that «own» or « someone else’s» SFUURMM-Forms, because only the achieved result will be decisive: if it is more harmonious and in more degree corresponds to your Goals that is the state I mean by the phrase «stay in your own World.»

3.0312 Therefore you should stop protecting your Perception from a different viewpoint somehow not corresponding with your own, being afraid of getting beyond the boundaries of positional self-control over the circumstances of your Life! Thus you only show your narrow-mindedness, spiritual nonage, ignorance and bias. You should learn to separate the «wheat» from the «chaff» and do not be afraid to use in your life creativity someone else’s «wheat» for own — spiritual and intellectual — self-improvement.

3.0313 Sporadic Worlds of a huge number of people may lead to the same Goals as yours, though ways of realizations and choices of these «people» might greatly differ from yours. Do not go to extremes and do not thereby cultivate in yourself a fear of falling for someone’s bait that will only indicate your narrow-mindedness, good-for-nothing anxiety and low quality of represented by you Goals and Tasks of intellectually-spiritual development. You should try to find everywhere and in everything rational grain of Truth, one way or another in tune with your Worldview, and only in the situations of facing attitudes principally diametrical to your own, find in yourself strength and arguments to convince opponents that you are right in a reasoned manner.

3.0314 Imagine that some of you practicing one of scientific, philosophic or religious conception would meet me and only because I describe absolutely unimaginable for you things, would not interact with me, being afraid to get under the influence of incomprehensible by you Notions of my personalistic World. You would be guided not by the hunger of new self-cognition, not by the sincere aspiration to self-improvement, which is not possible without constant progress, but only by the fear to lose support in your faith, teaching or discipline, question your usual dogmas and conventional Conceptions, without which you are not able to anyhow think about «yourself.» Yes, if you avoid communication with me, you will not refocus into my more perfect (from my subjective, lluuvvumic viewpoint) personalistic World, but therefore you would lose the possibility to improve «your own» more primitive and limited World with more qualitative SFUURMM-Forms.

3.0315 If you gain Experience from people who aspire to the same Goal as you and who have — at more qualitative, than you do, Levels of Knowledge — highly developed Will, Purposefulness, Confidence and Responsibility, it makes sense, analyzing their choices, to take a close look at their decisions and in a corresponding way correct «own» personalistic World by more qualitative decisions. Focusing on them you, in fact, configure your own Focus Dynamics to advancing in the same development Direction. In other words, you take for yourself as an example all the best from the other spiritually and intellectually more developed «personality,» who, in your opinion, in the given situation would behave more correct than you do, and act exactly the way it would do. Making such «compilations» you gradually improve the quality of your SFUURMM-Forms, which means developing focused by you NUU-VVU-Configurations that structure more harmonious groups of STCs, where in your development scenarios there is already a considerable change in your life Goals, Tasks and ways of achieving them.

3.0316. «Borrowing» someone’s more perfect SFUURMM-Forms, soon you adjust to them so well that start considering them your own and forget who you used to be. Thus, constantly transforming your, less satisfying you, Notions into Notions more corresponding to your worldview, you consistently improve your «own» personalistic World. You cannot — totally and permanently — focus only in someone else’s scenario, because you constantly correct your choices, and if you make a mistake you always have a chance to change situation by behaving the way you consider right.

3.03017 However, if someone’s choices in principle do not contradict yours and you agree with them, you make your choices from «own» personalistic World, while the other person makes them in «own» personalistic World, and nobody depends on anyone in that. Accepting from someone something that you consider appropriate, you do not refocus in someone else’s scenarios. If you see in a person something good that you do not have yet, it does not mean that you have become dependent from it, — you have just copied into «own» personalistic World those SFUURMM-Forms which attracted you in someone’s sporadic Mir, because they renitively correspond to your Goal.

3.0318 Yes, it is possible that in other situations that person from whom you have taken example might not be able to act as you do, but, on the plus side, his SFUURMM-Form about the possibility itself of making such choices has already become yours. You constantly take knowledge and information from books, films, internet, Mass Media in the forms of writers’, scriptwriters’, producers’, journalists’, blogers’ SFUURMM-Forms — of many concrete «personalities» who have represented their Notions in the form of Thoughts, Words, have put their Feelings, their vision of possible development of relationships. They might not act the way they wish to, but that does not make Notions stated by them less valuable for you, who has decided to improve your Focus Dynamics with their help to achieve your Goal.

3.0319 But, unfortunately, due to undersynthesizedness of Levels of your lower IISSIIDI-Centers and lack of experience necessary in the given Existence Levels, you have to periodically «shift» your Focus of Close Attention to the Levels with SFUURMM-Forms incompatible with your Goals. You understand that these Levels of your thinking and feeling do not correspond to that highly spiritual Image and Ideal in Which you aspire to realize. You should find and assimilate convincing SFUURMM-Form of positive Motivation that will reason you into the necessity to consciously go through that temporary, intermediate stage of svilgs-spherational transformational change in your Focus Dynamics in order to then, after Synthesis of lacking Experience, return to the Goal again.

3.0320 Imagine that we go along the road and suddenly there appears a swampland. We have tried to go one side around the swamp, but it is impossible to pass there, tries to go to the other side — but it is even worse there: a cliff, a precipice, a rapid river. All that is left to do is either try to go straight through the swamp or refuse from the possibility to go further. Therefore, we start crossing the swamp, but not in order to dip into it and spend the whole life in the mud, smell, among decaying rottenness and horrible stench. Having weighed all the variants we admit that it is not possible to achieve the Goal without going through that swamp — there is no other road, and it means that we will have to go through it if we actually want to reach our Goal. We scramble through thicket and mud warmed by the Thought on how thoroughly we will wash, clear and tidy ourselves after walking out of the swamp to continue going further to the set Goal along the clean road. We consciously pass through objective circumstances not for these circumstances (sex, status seeking, negative reactions), but for achieving much higher Goals.

3.0321 It is necessary to renitively understand that, because we should firmly keep exactly that saving and sobering Though in our Self-Consciousness in every moment of lowering Focus of Close Attention into depliative realizational Levels, as if encouraging ourselves: «Yes, I agree that is against my principles, my views, my Notions about Who I should become, but I have to do it, because in the opposite case in the structure of my Self-Consciousness there will not go Synthesis of Energy-Information of necessary quality, which means that my Configuration will not be able to connect into singe whole with That more perfect Form, to Which I aspire.» You just should fill that qualitative «gap» with deep and diverse Experience of self-cognition in certain situations.

3.0322 When you fall to low qualitative reactions, to some inner aggression, blame or rough sexuality, you should notice that as soon as possible and try to go through, experience these moments in such a conscious way so that to be able to transmute them, in other words to refocus from those states into more qualitative form your «personal» Interpretations. of course, the process of similar emotional experience considerably accelerates (or compresses to several seconds), if you stay in more ampliative states, because your Focus Dynamics is structured by SFUURMM-Forms which already contain subjective Experience from such emotions, and therefore you do not experience any interest in their realization.

3.0323 The Mechanism of tuning in and refocusing into ampliative psychical states is ensured by only high nutation Motivations, based on the deeper Understanding of cause-effect interconnections forming absolutely all circumstances of your Life. If such — convincing for you! — Motivations are missing or are yet unavailable for Form-Creators of your FD, in a destructive situation you need to try to «rely» at least on the deep Belief that «everything happening to you and around you already exists and exists for the greater good» (even if in that moment you cannot observe any slightest signs of that greater good). Trust this universal Motivation, and then you will be able to promptly overcome an inner crisis.

3.0324 The faster you are able to dispassionately estimate the current situation, having noticed and detected yourself in a negative state, the sooner you realize yourself being angry, outraged, criticizing, extremely excited and sincerely wish to «sacrifice» to your higher Goal all your demanding realization status seeking (arrogance, critical philosophy, impatience, antagonism), the higher will be the degree of transmutation of Configurations of these SVUULL-VVU-conglomerates into already peculiar for you ampliative Experience and transformation of your Focus Dynamics into SFUURMM-Forms of higher Levels of your Self-Consciousness. The quicker a destructive realization will pass, and there appear awareness that you are not interested in that any longer. You already will not react so sharply and sensitively to former unfavorable situations. Even if you allow a negative reaction, you should clearly understand that it is caused by the temporal imperfection of your «current» NUU-VVU-Configuration that you know that and take all the measures in order not to repeat previous mistakes.


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