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Cosmic codes are given in Iissiidiology to allow anyone to get information in meditation

It is obvious that it is impossible for Oris to describe everything he is aware of due to the lack of existing terms and words today. When he returns from deep meditation, he describes only the part that is suitable for adaptation with known conceptions. Therefore, 99% of all information beyond the description currently. However, there are Universal Cosmic codes and people who will approach IISSIIDIOLOGY more deeply, will be able to use them in meditations to receive information themselves without any intermediaries.

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Why the author considers Iissiidiology to be the most authentic and universal Knowledge

What gives the confidence that it is the most correct one to Oris? In meditation, he observes those worlds in which the larger part of humanity master Iisssiidiology. He compares these worlds with current reality. The fact that this knowledge contributes to faster and more effective development of people in direction of exactly human tendencies , and not some kind of animal ones is the most convincing argument for him. You will also learn from this video how scientists currently connected with Iissidiology of different fields (such as physics, math, medicine) are finding for themselves the proofs of Iissiidiology reliability, truthfulness and logic.

Studying the Iissiidiology information allows to think on the deeper Levels of Self-Consciousness

Question:  “Why do you want to confuse us? What is your purpose?”

Oris: “My objective is to have you torment yourself, try to hit an idea about what I say to you and start to think on some other Levels, higher, deeper Levels. Thus, you will set more or less on those Energy-Plasma Levels, on those Mental Levels, to which I will lower as much as possible my completely full-fledged Thoughts trying to formulate the Knowledge, which you’ve come here for”.