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How people’s population in natural way is regulated in different scenarios

Many people are concerned about the following issues. There are many today still live to survive themselves at the expense of others. Such states as hate, anger, rage, envy, jealousy, greed etc. are absolutely normal for them constantly. At the same time there are people understanding that these manifestations have nothing to do with real Human qualities like Positivism and Responsibility, Mercy and Compassion, Acceptance and Understanding, Openness and Tolerance, Oneness and Altruism. Is it fair that they live together? How all these groups of people can co-exist in the nearest future? To understand the answer in this video completely it is necessary to know such conceptions that are described in details by iissiidiology as Many World existence, Qualitative States of Self-Consciousness Levels, Rezonational Principle, Principal of Immortality and others. In this video and corresponding enclosed quote, Oris explains that all depends on the quality (frequency) of vibration of our individual perceptions about the surrounding world and ourselves. Depending on personal behavioral reactions to a particular event or type of creativity, any forms of self-consciousness become aware of themselves exactly in the life’s scenario that they would have "earned”. It is simply impossible to cheat so-called law of rezonation! Please watch this video and read this article if you want to know how the process is carried out by natural way according to Laws of Macrocosm

Humanitarian Freedom as one of the main Qualities of future human

“Humanitarian freedom” state of Self-Consciousness arises when we have the active 3rd-4th levels of ОРЛААКТОР {ORLAAKTOR} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology- Manipura(Sanskrit)) and 4th  АИГЛЛИЛЛИАА {AIGLLILLIAA} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology- Anahata (Sanskrit))  , while there are no activity and reactions on lower levels of АРГЛЛААМУНИ {ARGLLAAMUNI} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology Muladhara (Sanskrit) - ИНГЛИМИЛИССА {INGLIMILISSA} (Cosmic code. Iissiidiology - Swadhishtana (Sanskrit)). Please watch more videos. In addition the signs of selfishness are absent. The degree of Altruism at the state of Humanitarian Freedom is unconditional Understanding on something and absolute unconditional burst. The Intelligence is coming from the Collective Subconscious. Now the main difficulties to reach this state are protoformic interests of personal benefits.

All-Unity as one of the main Qualities of Future Human

All-Unity as one of the main Qualities of Future Human.  We can synthesize aspects of All-Unity, only when SFUURMM-Forms of ego- levels will not be able to structure our Focus Dynamics. Our choices should be actually stabilized in Altruism and Intellect. Until the moment, this Quality is not All-Unity at all.  It could be just herd instinct, collectivism and some community. When we talk about All-Unity, we cannot be separated from each other by any reason. It is something without which our life becomes meaningless.

Immunitantniy Responsibility as one of the main Qualities of Future Human

Imunitantnaya Responsibility is an increased sense of personal responsibility for not only your own future but also the full and internal awareness that the future of other people is in your hands. This is a state of Self-Consciousness, when we anticipate the consequences and reactions that may cause our words, thoughts and actions toward others.