Why Iissiidiology is written using extremely difficult for understanding language?

In this video Oris explains why it is necessary to introduce many new terms while writing Iissiidiology. The complexity of the texts is a result of complexity of information. This is the only way to explain the things that practically cannot be explained as nobody on Earth has detailed conceptions about it yet. In addition, many common conceptions (in science, for example) have one meaning, while Iissiidiology implies completely different one in order to pass the information more truthfully. It is done not just make it more difficult to read. The author helps us to more significantly realize and intuitively understand all the processes and relationships discribed in Iissiidiology. Oris explains that in our future, we are able to perceive and process much more information. Learning Iissiidiology is already helping to transform the activity of the brain and contributes to refocusing in our more favorable future.