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Brief points of Iissiidiology Outlook claiming to be all nations unified idea

Message to English speaking audience from the Author:

"Dear readers, WITHOUT A SCRUTINY OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE. Any translation of Iissiidiology to other language even if it is made by a very experienced translator-iissiidiologist distorts the meaning of the texts by 60-70%. At the same time, due to the forceful simplification of sentences composite structure, it also deforms powerfully the entire Mechanism of mandatory activation in the cerebral cortex of those neural fields and systems that provide cognitive enhancement. I potentially lay down this Mechanism that is hidden in the peculiarities of text’s formation. During the process of Iissiidiology learning, it also provides a progressive advance and deepening the possibilities of the intuitive perception as well as stabilizes links to the collective Subconscious. Without the presence of these links is quite impossible to achieve the desired state of DEEPEST Meditation. In addition, in every sentence of the original Russian text invisibly and latently the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the AUTHOR futures (with all his inherent depth Understanding of what he writes). This creates additional opportunities for progressive developments and gain the intuitive and unconscious psyche – mental links from the reader to the author. While when studying Iissiidiology in translation, the reader, to a far greater degree, has a remote contact with the Self-Consciousness of the interpreter who does not know the answers many questions that arise during the study." Oris

Introductory notice from the Author of Iissiidiology:

I am publishing these brief points to not convince someone of the credibility of the content, but to give the reader the most general and superficial ideas about the Essence of Knowledge offered for a deeper study. All detailed explanations for every point are available in the Iissiidiology Fundamentals books series (6 volumes , about 4,000 pages in total).

A) Iissiidiological conceptions about the root causes of the manifestation of the Macrocosmoses and their structure

  1. All the reality around us is a result of a qualitative change of Information.
  2. Information (in the form of Energy-Information) periodically appears due to the simultaneous generation of the transfinite number of heterogeneous Impulse-Potentials (I-P) within a United Superuniversal Impulse-Potential (USIP).
  3. Actualization of every such “discharge” is conditioned by the periodic accumulation, inside the internal USIP-Consciousness, of a certain potential of tensorness that is automatically subjected to the adjustment by impulse-potentials in order to harmonize a new experience with the existing one.
  4. Information is a natural product of interaction between all possible combinations of these impulse-potentials originating, in the USIP Consciousness, characteristic for them, configurations of heterogeneous fragments, which in own totality are the qualitative basis of Information.
  5. Adapting the functions of these heterogeneous fragments to our human perception, one can distinguish, in the general amount of Information, twelve different to each other, types with different degrees of compatibility as within the fragments common to them, as among each other.
  6. Some types of Information enter multilateral harmonious interactions easily, while the presence of very specific factors in the environment is required for the formation of balanced relationships between the other types.
  7. We define these types of qualitatively different Information as 12 Pure Cosmic Qualities (PCQs), which interact with each other in different types of Macrocosmoses in different ways and with different intensity.
  8. Because of the high degree of heterogeneity (qualitative incompatibility) between the 12 PCQs, the interconnections between a certain amount of information fragments are not balanced in their primary state; as a result, a certain set of I-Ps (2, 3, 4, 5…) is connected to each tensor fragment and turns it into a carrier of a certain type of potential energy.
  9. The fragment requires this capacity is in order to simultaneously carry out its harmonization with all the fragments of both the tensor part and the harmonized part of Information, which remains unchanged.
  10. Thus, from the tensor fragments of Information, a very unstable and dynamic state has been formed — Energy, owing to which absolutely all form-systems of the Macrocosmoses have been simultaneously formed.
  11. The stabilized part of Information has formed the basis of a so-called “Universal Plasmic Differentiational Radiation” (UPDR), which I conventionally define as “ethereal” One, which conditions all of the information content of an infinite number of so-called noontime continuums (NTCs).
  12. Together, these two potentially inter-balancing each other, parts (tensor and harmonized ones) of the total “volume” of Information are determined by us as Energy-Information (Energy-Plasma).
  13. The energized heterogeneous fragments, which are similar in nature of their inherent tensorness, have been concentrated in certain kinds of energy-potentials (have been focused, become Focuses, Energy carriers) and automatically (according to the principle of synchronization) begun to interact with the heterogeneous fragments of the ethereal part.
  14. The need for simultaneous balancing between the Focuses and the ethereal part (the PCQs), as well as between different-qualitative combinations of Focuses has become the cause of the manifestation, inside the USIP Consciousness (Consciousness of the United Superuniversal Impulse-Potential), of a global effect of Space-Time, in which absolutely all versions of conditions of the total annihilation of tensor Focuses have developed in parallel.
  15. Since different conditions of interaction are required for the annihilation of every Focus with all ethereal fragments (i.e. availability of certain combinations of other fragments), a kind of “prolonged” (potentially continuing) effect has been formed between simultaneously activated Focuses; it is conditioned by the observance of the strict sequence in the act of general implementation of all Focuses.
  16. That is, first, some combinations of the fragments should be formed that create the vibration conditions necessary for the annihilation of other types of tensorness (combinations), and these will do for the third types, the third will do for the fourth types and so on to infinity.
  17. It turns out that certain vibration sets of steadily arranged among each other, combinations of tensor fragments (forms of Self-Consciousnesses) are not able to implement, in these local conditions, the complete annihilation with all other fragments of Information (but only with some part of them).
  18. Conglomerating among each other according to the degree of synchronization, patterns of these Focuses elongate to the configurations of more complicated Focuses able to carry out some part of annihilations in the more complex-composed conditions.
  19. Unrealized also in these conditions, some part of the Focuses also vibrationally conglomerates to even more diverse structured patterns and elongates to even more complicated Focuses for the implementation in even more universal manifestation conditions.
  20. By own principle, it resembles Russian matryoshka: sets of less energy-informationally capacious combinations of fragments (Focuses) provide the simultaneous implementation of more capacious energy-informational combinations in the more complicated conditions of Space-Time.
  21. Give that, the most stable interconnections between Self-Consciousnesses Forms of peculiar to them, types of collective Consciousnesses (CC) are produced in each of the levels of local manifestation of heterogeneous Focal combinations; the functions of these interconnections are clearly defined by collective cosmic Intelligences (CCIs) generated by corresponding to them, Focal combinations of the more universal implementation level.
  22. In turn, each type of CCI is a collective Consciousness in relation to the most corresponding to it vibrationally, Focal combination of even more universal level of simultaneous manifestation.
  23. We define this property of Space-Time as slloogrentness (more universal understanding of holographicness): in other manifestation conditions, each pattern of simple Information potentially always has many parallel projections of the more complex options of its expression.
  24. Along with the effect of prolongation of Focus Dynamics, the property of holographicness forms yet two effects in Space-Time — gravity-antigravity and inertia.
  25. Gravity is by no means the “law of gravity”: from more than 60 large objects in our solar system, only the planets and the Moon are subject to the law of gravity.
  26. Gravity is a natural result of the objective presence of qualitative heterogeneity between Focuses structuring every Self-Consciousness Form and forming, in the same resopason of Space-Time, a variety of solution options, which cause the parallel at each point of Space-Time, formation of different types of dimension.
  27. The Focal Dynamics of representatives of each of the collective Consciousnesses of this multidimensional resopason, in pursuit of typical for it (collective Consciousness), interests, automatically form by themselves multidirectional Vectors of vibrational interaction (flows, waves) in Space-Time.
  28. Spontaneously generated between these flows, states of focal tension, tensorness initiate so-called “gravity fields”; one of the effects of influence of these fields on the Self-Consciousnesses Forms is their coercive retention on the planet’s surface or in the sphere of influence of own star, galaxy (another effect of gravity is the illusion of presence of chronological time).
  29. If, among the Focus Dynamics of interacting collective Consciousnesses, the degree of tensorness is minor or there is a forced influence of a specific balancing factor qualitatively compensating tensorness existing between them (i.e. increasing the degree of compatibility), then the gravity potential either decreases or disappears completely.
  30. The effect of inertia stems from the fact that the lower the vibration settings are of the conditions of specific focal interactions, the larger amounts of unstable (fragmented) interconnections should be realized by every focal combination to achieve annihilation, which leads to the increase of the inertia parameters.
  31. Less compatible states between Focuses and ether are characterized by some inertial parameters, more compatible states are characterized by others, even more similar states are characterized by third ones; from the specific interconnections between them, there have been vibrationally formed micro-, mini-, media-, macro-, global and super Levels of simultaneous annihilation of tensorness between all Focuses and ether.
  32. We define them as resopasons (micro-Levels) and diapasons (mini-Levels) of dimension; the medium Levels are composed of the countless number of different-qualitative mini-Levels; the macro-Levels consist of the transfinite set of heterogeneous medium Levels etc., from which the infinite number of diverse Macrocosmoses has been formed, while the latter are structured with equally diverse universes and continuums.
  33. Together, all these realizational Levels of dimension have formed unique in own configurations, form-systems — Plasmic Forces Diapasons in each type of Macrocosmoses.
  34. In parallel with this, on the basis of simultaneous and powerful Focus Dynamics creating the effect of Space-Time, a specific state of Information has showed itself — a Subjective Super-Self-Consciousness of informational Entity (SSS-Entity) simultaneously experiencing itself in all manifestation conditions of different-type Macrocosmoses.
  35. The functioning of its Self-Consciousness through the simultaneous multi-level and different-qualitative interactions between attributes of all the 12-qualitative Entities is the main Mechanism by which form-systems of all types of Macrocosmoses, actually, manifest themselves interacting and interpenetrating each other.
  36. Briefly the Essence of this Mechanism is that, due to their different-qualitative heterogeneity, Focuses of each of the 12 Entities of Qualities, joining parallel vibrational interconnections with each other, have formed countless options of possible Directions or Branches of development (ways of compensation and annihilation of Focal combinations).
  37. The main ones are the 12 Evolutional Branches and 12 Involutional Branches, within each of which the countless multitude of fundamentally similar, but realizationally different Directions is formed.
  38. Each of these 24 Branches is structured with inherent only in it, interconnections between Focuses of different Entities of the Qualities due to the participation of certain categories of impulse-potentials in this form-making process.
  39. There are double-impulse, triple-impulse and multi-impulse combinations of heterogeneous tensor states of Information.
  40. For example, I call our type of Macrocosmos as “synthetic” one because, due to the narrow specificity of the influence of the two types of Impulse-Potentials (evolutional and involutional) on this part of Information, the dominant impact on its formation has been made by vibrationally most compatible interconnections between Focuses of one of the Evolutional Branches — Synthesizing One and Focuses of one of the Involutional Branches — Resoscontional One.
  41. In the annihilation processes, Focuses of the Synthesizing Branch have ensured the presence of the necessary Energy-Potential, and Focuses of the Resoscontional Branch have provided their resonational interconnections with the ethereal (harmonized) part of Information.
  42. Within the conditional group of Macrocosmoses of this type, a large variety of synthetic Macrocosmoses has been formed also in parallel by various kinds of other combinations of Impulse-Potentials (evolutional with involutional, different kinds of evolutional with evolutional, different kinds of involutional with involutional).
  43. With the help of this universal Mechanism of simultaneous formation (with the help of all Impulse-Potentials) and operation of different-type Macrocosmoses (with the help of Focus Dynamics of the SSS-Entity’s Self-Consciousness), the absolute annihilation of the entire volume of tensor fragments and full harmonization of Information take place inside the Consciousness of the United Superuniversal Impulse-Potential (USIP-Consciousness).
  44. Once this happens, this version of the transformed Information becomes the basis for another renovation of the creative state of the USIP-Consciousness.
  45. The accumulation of new tensors leads to an internal emission of new Impulse-Potentials and a new version is formed of newly unbalanced Information; then the whole process is repeated in a different order and interpretation.
  46. At that, all the previous versions of Macrocosmoses do not disappear, but remain as “Memory” and “Experience” of the USIP-Consciousness; they self-initiate in those form-systems which are subject to at least some qualitative changes during the implementation of a new version.
  47. Receiving from the realizational Energy Potential of the new version the particular fluctuational effects related to the annihilation, in it, of some focal-ethereal combinations and to the emergence of others, similar Focuses of the previous versions are also indirectly initiated thus reflecting their potential energy link with qualitative changes carried out with the same them (or rather, with their projections) in the conditions of a new version of the Information balancing.
  48. This is how the continuous renovation of Memory and Experience in the USIP-Consciousness occurs.
  49. The frequency of formation of such versions at our current subjective conceptions can be perceived as decillions (1033) conventional earth years; but even this comparison is inherently incorrect because of the uncertainty of the parameters of Space-Time at different Levels of dimension.
  50. The presence of fluctuation influences (along with the so-called “Factor of potential discrepancy” with the qualitative content of the new version) on the Focuses of all previous versions provides the fact of eternal Existence of all Self-Consciousnesses Forms (including us) even after the completion of the process of simultaneous “instantaneous” harmonization of Information.
  51. It should be especially noted that the so-called “simultaneity” (holochronness) reflects only one of the universal properties of Space-Time when an object examined by us exists in parallel in many own different-qualitative interpretations in all regimes of own space-time manifestation both in own subjective (for the Observer) past and in own subjective future.
  52. All the infinite number of objects of the Macrocosmos forms a total open vibrational form-system, inside which, depending on the degree of synchronization (resonationness, the presence of cause-and-effect relationships), all the constituent elements of some of the options for each of the objects continually interact with the same elements of the other options, mutually influencing each other.
  53. In this way, changes in the previous versions of this form-system actively influence the states of the future options, and vice versa; that is, the Past creates the Future, the Future creates the Past; the result of their interactions is the subjective Present.
  54. Compatible by own vibrations, Self-Consciousnesses Forms actively interacting with each other form, in a space-time continuum (STC), special open-loop vibrational enclaves or Worlds’ form-systems — the specific regimes of joint discrete manifestation of the Focus Dynamics of Forms of a variety of different types of collective Consciousnesses.
  55. Existing in parallel, different Worlds’ form-systems and their inhabitants are conditionally separated from each other not by distance and chronological settings, but by the Space-Time dimension Levels, in which the narrow-specific features of their vibrational formation are reflected.
  56. These features include the degree of qualitative compatibility of Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousnesses Forms, which, by own subjective conceptions and interests, structure their surrounding reality, that is, determine the type of Space-Time dimension.
  57. Since the degrees of vibrational compatibility of different collective Consciousnesses, jointly constituting each of the Worlds’ form-systems, are also different in their parameters, then similar in realizational content (on the individual qualitative states), groups of Worlds interpenetrate each other.
  58. At the points of the greatest vibrational resonance, regardless of chronological time, original “black holes” or hyperspace tunnels are formed in Space-Time; once in them, one can instantly find himself in a completely different group of Worlds’ form-systems — both in the past and in the future in relation to the individual parameters of this form-system.
  59. We define this property of Space-Time as diffuzgentness, which, along with the holographicness, causes the nonclosure of all form-systems ranging from Self-Consciousnesses Forms of bosons and fermions to Self-Consciousnesses Forms of universes and galaxies.
  60. Also one should also deeply understand that Consciousness is inherent in every object of the Macrocosmos and is realized through its peculiar system of subjective perception as Self-Consciousness (individual conceptions of an object about itself and the reality surrounding it).
  61. In our type of collective reality, absolutely all objects have an individual type of Self-Consciousness (in fact, it is always collective because any form is based on the interaction of many other types of self-consciousnesses forms) — from bosons, fermions, atoms and molecules to the forms structured by them: states of matter, creatures, planets, stars, as well as clusters, galaxies and metagalaxies generated by their interconnections.
  62. Consciousness can be thought of as an interested subjective Observer placed in the given form and, by own inherent interest (combination of Focuses), individually actualizing the reality around him through the moment-by-moment implementation of own choices, change of qualitativeness and displacement of own Focus Dynamics.
  63. This displacement is being gradually implemented within the nearest vibrational opportunities of Space-Time in the direction of its increasingly greater significance to the Observer.
  64. In this case, each level of interest has its own form of observation with its characteristic realizational features — a system of subjective perception.
  65. This serves as the basis for the formation, in each worlds’ form-system, of the countless forms of parallel realization by ourselves of certain nuances and conceptions inherent in our interest.
  66. We define such a property of Focus Dynamics as multipolarity.
  67. Consistently improving the quality of own interest and consistently changing many forms to the forms more relevant to own interests, each individual (as Observer) also expands the opportunities of perception systems inherent in them (forms) to the increasingly higher degrees of order.
  68. Along with this also the regularity gets increased which is the degree of organization of his surrounding reality (space-time continuum — STC).
  69. Exponentially (rapidly) self-developing, a man gets the opportunity of the increasingly active and conscious involvement in the activity of collective consciousnesses of all the variety of forms of Humankind, which has conquered not only own and other stellar systems but also many galaxies in different STC regimes.
  70. The form of such expansion of Self-Consciousness can be roughly compared to some generic analog of a neuronal network, which joins the neural network of each of the people, by the instant communication capabilities, in a single quasiscale and heterogeneous form-system of consciousness (the totality of the transfinite set of conscious systems) where each form caries out a function specific to it.
  71. In the conditions of forced activation, through the ethereal state, of the Universal Plasmic Differentiational Radiation (UPDR), fragments of the 12 Pure Cosmic Qualities (PCQs) are converted to patterns (informational combinations of fragments, vibration packages) of Self-Consciousnesses of the 12 different-qualitative Entities performing their inherent form-making role in every type of Macrocosmos.
  72. In this way, in our type of form-systems, they provide the realizational (annihilating) manifestation of all Focuses of Self-Consciousnesses through the process of Synthesis of the fragments of some Entities with the fragments of other Entities in order to obtain related, intermediate Self-Consciousnesses Forms.
  73. Based on the combination of all attributes of the 12 PCQs, a transfinite multitude of forms for the simultaneous realization of SSS-Consciousness is formed in every resopason and diapason of space-time continuum (STC); this increases the annihilating abilities for different Focuses.
  74. For example, perception systems providing the realization of Focuses through the Self-Consciousnesses Forms of people result from the need of the dominant Synthesis, under these STC’s conditions, of all attributes of the two PCQs one of which we subjectively interpret as “high Sensuousness” and the other we subjectively interpret as “high Intelligence”.
  75. The purpose of this Scheme is to synthesize Self-Consciousnesses Forms, which would allow to implement, through people, more versatile combinations of attributes of both PCQs, which can be defined as “highly feeling Intelligence” and “Highly Intellectual Altruism” (in other words, “Highly Intellectual Sensuality”).
  76. In turn, the presence of such signs in human Consciousness allows the dominant attachment to them of attributes of another PCQ defined as “universal Unity”.
  77. The process of successive harmonization, in human Self-Consciousness, of focal interconnections between these three PCQs requires availability of much more universal mechanisms of Synthesis in his perception system.
  78. This means that automatically that man will evolve into increasingly more advanced Self-Consciousnesses Forms having more extensive capabilities and realizational opportunities.
  79. After reaching the required parameters of Synthesis among these three PCQs, the conditions are created in human Self-Consciousness for the dominant involvement, in this process, of attributes of one more PCQ reflecting the principles of “universal Wholeness” of all manifested Self-Consciousnesses Forms.
  80. It also allows a person to increase significantly the capabilities of own perception system, and hence the quality, scale of his life’s creative work.
  81. Such dominant additions of attributes of the other Pure Cosmic Qualities, as well as all possible combinations between them to the human Synthesis Scheme allow all the Humankind to evolve persistently into the increasingly more universal form-systems of Macrocosmos and to form increasingly more advanced types of human cosmic civilizations.
  82. Taking into account the universal — all-pervading, holographic and plastic — properties of Space-Time and the subjective nature of our perception of concurrently already existing models of the “past” and “future”, the fact becomes possible that some of alien civilizations of the high level of development are actually the evolutionary versions of “current” us.
  83. At the same time, we can be one of the versions of the inertial results of their creative work focused on the purposeful correction of themselves to improve their genome.
  84. After all, under the condition of simultaneity, we are separated from them not by years and parsecs but by the qualitative parameters of dimension of space-time continuum; we have not obtained the power over these parameters yet, and they have learnt already to master freely their “past” and “future”.

B) The evolutionary background of the emergence of modern humans

  1. The diversity of types and kinds of collective Consciousnesses of Humanities, representing one of the branches in the simultaneous process of global development of the synthetic humanoid cosmic Race, forms a countless number of human and humanoid cosmic civilizations in a variety of Space-Time regimes.
  2. They all exist and develop in different ways in parallel on different planets of our galaxy, and Earth is only one of the cradles of the birth of only one type of Humanity — Terrians, that is, the earthlings, the people of Earth.
  3. Many Pleiadian, Siriusian, Andromedian civilizations and some civilizations of other star systems belong to the collective cosmic Intelligence of Humanity, among which there are civilizations incomparably more advanced than ours, and of the same development level of collective Consciousness.
  4. Some of these civilizations are the direct initiators and executors of the interplanetary Program for the creation, correction and development of the human genome in the conditions of planet Earth.
  5. They are all very different both externally and in own structure. They all share one very important fact: they are involved in a single and endless cosmic Process of consistent inter-qualitative Synthesis of the signs of the two basic Pure Cosmic Qualities (PCQs) — Highly Intellectual Sensuality (that is, Highly Intellectual Altruism — HIA) with Highly Sensual Intellect (HSI) — with all possible variations of the remaining 10 PCQs in conditions of this synthetic type of Macrocosmos (Synthesizing Evolutional Branch + Resoscontional Involutional Branch).
  6. In the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of each of the members of Human civilizations, the presence of this underlying Factor (Sensuality + Intellect) creates a narrow-specific Dominant of his strategic, most effective, beneficial and promising for him, development Direction to increasingly universal Self-Consciousnesses Forms.
  7. The fact is that, because each individual has opportunities to choose for himself a Self-Consciousness Form, which is able to satisfy his interests to the highest extent, his Focus Dynamics is always very powerfully destructively (in terms of evolution) influenced by the collective Consciousnesses of all kinds of animals (and even highly organized plants!) surrounding him.
  8. For the implementation of the “human Genome” interplanetary Program, first, the genomes of chimpanzee and gorilla were used as a biogenetic framework, and only later high vibrational sequences inherent in the genomes of Pleiadians, Siriusians and Andromedians were inserted to the DNAs of the obtained genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  9. Insertions in the DNA of the obtained hybrid individuals had been made both separately by every civilization (3 large groups of GMOs were formed with different geno- and phenotypes) and jointly, with different variations (also 3 groups were formed, one of which gradually degraded into modern orangutans, and the other degraded into modern Yeti).
  10. Nevertheless the experiment proved successful, and more than two million years ago, four groups of GMO — progenitors of the present humanity — were settled in different places of the planet and gave rise to four subspecies of Homo rudolfensis; many variations of Homo erectus, and then Homo sapiens — the person reasonable appeared from them later in parallel through intraspecific crossing.
  11. The Cro-magnons and Neanderthals are just some of the many side branches of the subsequent great-humankind.
  12. Thus, the paleo- and archicortex, as well as most of the lobes of the cortex including the orbitofrontal and medial parts of the prefrontal cortex had been inherited by us from animals while both lateral parts and the ventromedial part of the prefrontal cortex started to develop and modify fully on the basis of alien inclusions in our DNA.
  13. Although, during intraspecific crossing, stretches of DNA embedded by different civilizations undergone some relocation and displacement, but still many people, who have sufficiently activated the high vibrational genes and areas of the prefrontal cortex guided by them, feel an intuitive, associative connection with some peculiarities of extraterrestrial life of some of these civilizations.
  14. But the mentioned above evolutionary danger of rapid degradation of not only individuals, but whole countries, nations and entire human civilizations is that, with the weak development of the high vibrational genes controlling functions of the lateral and medial zones of the prefrontal cortex, a man is almost no different in his instinctive interests and psycho-mental reactions than predatory animals.
  15. If the individual fails to perform or weakly provides peculiar to the human species, function of Synthesis of the two above-mentioned Dominants (Highly Intellectual Altruism with Highly Sensual Intellect), his Self-Consciousness — mainly through the expression in the genomes of the paleocortex and archicortex — is powerfully and constantly influenced from the side of the rough vibrational genes initiating development Programs of collective Consciousnesses of different animals.
  16. Because of the lack or active destruction of neurons providing the formation of high vibrational synapses and neuronal circuits corresponding to them, the Focus Dynamics of the individual switches to the realization of some other, inhuman Synthesis Scheme (one of the Dominants is replaced by another), and his Self-Consciousness begins to degrade gradually to the state of animal instincts.

C) The energy-informational Structure of Man; his role and place in Macrocosmos

  1. The human body and the system of subjective perception providing its operation are an integral part of the general and holistic vibrational construction of Macrocosmoses.
  2. In turn, the integrity of our body is provided by not only multiple forms of cellular, molecular, atomic, boson-fermion and other types of Self-Consciousness, but also by Self-Consciousnesses Forms belonging to the intangible parts of reality (in the concepts of physics they could be described as extra-longwave and extra-shortwave parts).
  3. Not only they jointly produce an invisible and in no way physically perceived by us, part of our biological organism, but, just like us, they are conscious creatures in their inherent types of dimensions.
  4. We conditionally define them as lower and higher analogs of our physical bodies (LAPB and HAPB; or lutal body and chrystal body), whose energy-informational structures provide, with realizational Energy and necessary Information, absolutely all Self-Consciousnesses Forms of our body — from bosons and fermions to molecules.
  5. Similar to our physical body structured with cellular Self-Consciousnesses Forms, LAPB and HAPB Self-Consciousnesses are conglomerated with Self-Consciousnesses Forms radically different from our ideas about forms and manipulate with completely different Energy potentials than the cells do.
  6. Examples of such Self-Consciousnesses Forms could be states similar to the photon and quark-gluon plasma, Bose condensate, quantum liquids, string-net liquids and networks, copolymers and other, unnatural for us, states, which, in our macrocosm, are relatively stably manifested only in a special thermodynamic regimes, while they function in a natural way in terms of more universally united form-systems of mega-microworlds.
  7. In fact, all these three our bodies and focusing in them, Levels of individual Self-Consciousness are so closely linked between each other energy-informationally that they are simply not able to manifest apart individually in their inherent types of reality because each of these three parts of a single whole performs certain functions in the perception systems of the two other bodies.
  8. Structurally, each of these bodies (LAPB and HAPB) as the Self-Consciousness Form of our nuclear genome is not tied to the structure of only one physical body in one world but interacts simultaneously with the countless personal interpretations concurrently living in different scenarios.
  9. Functionally, all the three bodies are combined among each other via a plasmic Self-Consciousness Form of a giant multidimensional holographic macro-structure, which is represented in our body in the form of the DNA molecule of the nuclear genome.
  10. The informational connection between them is carried out through special ethereal constructions of noo-time continuum (NTC), within which all the Information is concentrated and stored about all events simultaneously occurring in all manifestation levels of Macrocosmos.
  11. The transmission and primary processing of all the Information necessary to provide our continuous life activity and psycho-mental creativity are fulfilled through a broad holistic system of factor and energy-informational “channels” synchronously unifying the perception systems of the genetic Self-Consciousnesses Forms with the Information they need in every moment of our life.
  12. These “channels” must be understood not formally but functionally since their composition can be conventionally compared only to the known to us, states of boson-fermion plasma and Bose-Einstein condensate, which decode the general ethereal state of Information to discrete electromagnetic Fields-Consciousnesses at the border level between noo-time continuum (NTC) and space-time continuum (STC).
  13. Through these states, needed Information from the ethereal structures of NTC is synchronously involved (copied) simultaneously to decoders of the perception systems of genetic Self-Consciousnesses Forms and to the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousnesses Forms of the microtubules of every cell of our body.
  14. Information obtained in this way serves as the basis for the formation of particular proteins in each cell — neurotransmitters and hormones that are used by various parts of the cortex and subcortex for the current manipulation of our psycho-mental states and behavior.
  15. Each of these communication “channels” is strictly multipolarized, that is, its communication system has vibration parameters inherent only in it and is able to interact only with the NTC information, which matches these parameters exactly.
  16. On own vibration characteristics, all “channels” are combined in certain “cellular centers of the current subjective Information unpacking” (CCIU) located in all parts of the cerebral cortex and in some centers of the limbic system.
  17. According to the degree of functional reflection of the unpacked information, CCIU are presented in the collective cosmic Intelligence of the Humanity as 12 Iissiidi Centers joined by pairs; each of the Centers is reflected in its characteristic Space-Time regime through the simultaneous activity of seven different-qualitative Self-Consciousness Levels conditioned by the presence of 12 realizational (karmic) “channels” (KC) for each Center: the 1st Level is the 1, 2, 3rd KCs; the 2nd Level is the 4, 5, 6th KCs; the 3rd Level is the 7, 8th KCs; the 4th Level is the 9th KC; the 5th Level is the 10th KC; the 6th Level is the 11th KC; the 7th Level is the 12th
  18. Together with the system of subcenter compensators, form-structures of the first pair of the Centers (Argllaamuni and Inglimilissa) represent, in our Self-Consciousness, the low-vibrational part of the holistic Mechanism of the global deep Synthesis of the signs of the two Dominants — “high Sensuality” and “high Intellect” in the range from 0.0 to 36.0th STC dimension.
  19. The Centers interact among themselves both in pairs and level-by-level; meaning, they interact most actively level-by-level within themselves and start to interact with the nearest adjacent pair with the development (Synthesis) of the Self-Consciousness Levels.
  20. In every regime of parallel manifestation of all versions of collective Consciousness of Humanity, in a particular dimension diapason, one pair of Iissiidi-Centers is involved, which forms, in each particular regime, cosmic human civilizations differing strongly by the levels of development.
  21. And there is an effect of “curatorship” of more qualitative civilizations over civilizations manifested in more primitive diapasons: one jointly synthesized pair of the Iissiidi Centers (starting from the second pair) not only provides own development (under the “curatorship” of the third pair), but also helps civilizations of the previous (first) pair to overcome stages of development they have already completed.
  22. The collective cosmic Intelligence of Humanity needs all these 12 Iissiidi-Centers in order to have instant communication relationships through the “channels” structuring them at the level of Fields-Consciousnesses not only within own form-structures, but with collective cosmic Intelligences (CCIs) of the countless multitude of other, non-human civilizations existing simultaneously in different dimension diapasons.
  23. This is the most important condition for the implementation of own Synthesis Scheme in each of the manifestation diapasons of Self-Consciousnesses Forms of qualitatively compatible CCIs.
  24. All the joint functioning of the perception systems of the lower analog of physical body (LAPB), physical body and partially the higher analog of physical body (HAPB) within the vibrational density of Space-Time in the diapason from 0,0 to 4,0th dimension is provided by form-structures of the first pair of the Centers.
  25. The four lower Levels provide us the connection with the destructive categories of different-qualitative Fields-Consciousnesses of the least developed civilizations, both human and inhuman.
  26. It is necessary for the more profound resonational Synthesis of the signs of our two Dominants in our Self-Consciousness (highly intellectual Sensuality and highly sensual Intelligence) on the background of parallel catalyzing interactions with the signs of the remaining ten Pure Cosmic Qualities (PCQs).
  27. With the continued deeper elaboration of the Fields-Consciousnesses of each of these four Levels, the activity of their “channels” in our Focus Dynamics is significantly reduced, allowing Fields-Consciousnesses of the next Levels to take more active part in our life creative work and to form constructive and positive psycho-mental states in our perception system.
  28. The activity of Fields-Consciousnesses of each of the seven Levels of Self-Consciousness is provided by morphological features of the brain structure, and vice versa, each type of psycho-mental experience, forming own characteristic synaptic circuits, contributes to the development of certain areas and centers of the brain.
  29. Moreover, taking into account the complexity of our organism, any of these relationships — the brain ⮀ the Levels of Self-Consciousnesses — always shows in a complex and only complex way but not level-by-level and in a localized manner.
  30. This is done so because, Fields-Consciousnesses of at once several Levels can try to self-realize through the Focus Dynamics of our personalized Self-Consciousness; given that, these Fields-Consciousnesses simultaneously initiate areas of the cortex and subcortex supplying them.
  31. Each time unique combinations of synaptic circuits are produced and gradually organized into original neuronal networks, which can be conditionally divided, according to the degree of vibration, into four basic types: primitive, destructive, constructive and promising.
  32. Networks of the first two types are formed by the realizational activity of the Fields of the first four Levels of Self-Consciousness (collective Unconscious); constructive types are formed by the 5th and 6th Levels (personalized Self-Consciousness); promising types are formed by the 7th Level (collective Subconsciousness).
  33. The formation of neuronal networks of the first two types is provided by almost all centers of the limbic system (paleo – and archicortex), the temporal, occipital and parietal lobes of the cortex, as well as orbital, frontal and dorsomedial parts of the prefrontal lobe of cortex.
  34. In the formation and stabilization of the constructive type of neuronal networks, the already mentioned structures of the brain are accompanied by an increased activity of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex with its infralimbic system and the lower part of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex with its independence from the amygdaline complex.
  35. The promising type of neuronal network is consistently active only in a minority of people so far who regularly practice meditation, fully control own psycho-mental states and behavior with positive, constructive motivations and have a pronounced optimism.
  36. They have many centers of aggression and stress in the limbic system weakly activated, and for some centers, the functionality has moved to the other part (for example, the role of the middle hypothalamus, anterior cingulate gyrus has increased; the work of the pituitary-hypothalamus system is changing, in particular toward the increased production of endorphins and enkephalins; similarly, the nucleus accumbens and the substantia nigra increase the emission of the dopamine hormone in blood).
  37. All this is favored by the active involvement, in the Focus Dynamics of personalized Self-Consciousness, of the upper regions of the ventromedial, as well as dorso- and ventrolateral prefrontal cortices projecting Fields Consciousnesses from collective Subconsciousness to the pineal gland.
  38. That is, with increasing the activity of the constructive and promising neuronal networks, the realizational activity of the first two types is significantly reduced, which greatly affects the universalization of all of our conceptions about ourselves and the world around us.
  39. In the end, a spiritually and intellectually developed man acquires an ability to form a fifth neuronal network, which can be called observative; although, this happens only after the deactivation of Fields-Consciousnesses of the four lower Levels in the Focus Dynamics of personalized Self-Consciousness.
  40. This is done in parallel with the gradual transfer of the functions of existence of physical body under full control of the anatomically modified cingulate cortex, along with a significant extension of the functions of both hemispheres of the cerebellum, as well as at improving, against this background, the role of the medial and lateral parts of the prefrontal cortex and the entire system of the temporo-parietal junction.
  41. These physiological changes will mean the beginning of the next evolutionary stage in the development of the current collective Consciousness of the humanity and new, simply unimaginable by us now, favorable prospects and preferences for the processes of formation of our civilization.
  42. Massively appearing in new people, new psychic superpowers and intellectual abilities will become a prerequisite of our further exponential development in the Human Direction bringing us to the active conquest of space and to the constant contacts with other highly developed civilizations.
  43. But it is in no way possible to carry out at the current state of the society completely infected by the aggression and negativism, intolerance towards others and extreme cruelty, greed and hatred, arrogance and selfishness; society that absolutely does not accept and is not able to understand the importance and benefit for itself of the most ordinary and simple within the meaning, Human values — highly sensual Intellect and highly intellectual Altruism.
  44. It turns out that, without massive in-depth study of the unique in own Essence, iissiidiological Knowledge and its effective cultivation in the Self-Consciousnesses of hundreds of millions of people, who would pass this Knowledge on to their offspring, it will be simply impossible for all of us to get out of this planetary degradation collapse!
  45. Iissiidiology proves convincingly — not only logically and analytically, but intuitively — to enlightened people and adequately thinking scientists the pressing for all of us, need and the apparent evolutionary benefit of cultivation, in own Consciousness, of these basic, true Human values — highly sensual Intellect and highly intellectual Altruism.
  46. Now we just have to wait and hope that this desperate Call will be heard by those who have high enough Intellect to understand what all this is about, who have the high national Dignity and at least some financial or political means to implement this process (the national Idea) at the national or at least regional level.

D) the Centers of Altruism and Intellect as the most effective way to implement the national Idea of Russia’s spiritual revival

  1. The number of morally and psycho-mentally degraded individuals in the modern human community, who purposefully and deliberately cultivate in themselves brute force, violent aggression, relentless negativism, fascism, chauvinism, racism and other man-hating trends and ideas, is just about to come to a critical mass, beyond which there is simply no possibility at all for the natural return of this part of our society to a constructive and civilized state.
  2. With such a powerful and poorly controlled thermonuclear combat potential, with the incredible dominance of cybercrime and very critical geopolitical situation in all regions of the world, without urgent measures for the mass distribution of the iissiidiological views about the real Purpose of humanity and its evolutionary Essence, about the Main Goal of the development of every personality — profound cultivation of the signs of highly sensual Intellect and highly intellectual Altruism in own Self-Consciousness — another alternative to prevent the rapid degradation of the society simply does not exist.
  3. A sharp increase in the randomness, unpredictability and spontaneity in today’s world, including geopolitical, geoeconomic, geosocial and humanitarian aspects of our existence, is caused to a large extent by the lack of the overall Universal Idea uniting all countries and peoples — regardless of religion, race, ethnicity and cultural and social status — which can naturally and constructively unite the majority of mankind for the powerful evolutionary development.
  4. The authorities of some countries and their elites reach for some time a point of relative solidarity and unity among own people due to the constant search for an external enemy (a vivid example is the mass insanity on the imposition of Russophobia); others achieve the same by maintaining chauvinistic and neo-Nazi tendencies in the masses, and third achieve this on the basis of the use of hegemonic attitudes, materialistic ambition and other selfish weaknesses of unenlightened and already fundamentally corrupted people.
  5. A truly human national Idea would allow — without violence and any other coercion, but only through a deep understanding of the true Essence of own Life on Earth — to inspire great masses of enlightened people on the altruistic creative work not for material benefits and other preferences, but for the sake of the world around so it could really become even more beautiful and wonderful every day! And such an Idea is used to unite people in no one — mind you, no one! — country.
  6. Only by following clearly marked for all people, conditions required for the rapid evolution of human Self-Consciousnesses Forms and inherent in our specific Synthesis Scheme, any collective Consciousness of Humanity is able to reach the heights of its Evolution.
  7. Failure to do so would result in an unfortunate fate of self-destruction or prolonged stagnation in all areas of development with subsequent rapid degradation and absorption by a more developed cosmic civilization.
  8. Of course, an inhibitory role is largely played here by the factor that the Knowledge of the true causes and functions of human Forms in the general structure of the Macrocosmos is not yet known to a wider intellectual public, although issued in the form of fifteen thick volumes. I have recently received this Knowledge during staying tens of thousands of times in a deeply altered meditative States.
  9. This universal Idea (or at least its main provisions) minutely and constructively explains to anyone the urgent need for the cultivation of truly Human values based on the priority development of deep intellectual and highly sensual values, altruistic and spiritual inclinations. At least, due to the fact that the iissiidiological Knowledge is originally written in Russian, this Idea could become a reliable guarantee for the further strengthening and prosperity of namely Russia.
  10. Of course, this great quality improvement of the Paradigm of the collective Consciousness of such a huge country is possible only in the presence of practical interest in this Idea and help in its implementation at the highest national level.
  11. First of all it concerns the availability for large-scale construction of multiple centers of intellect and altruism development (Ayfaar centers) through which the deepest Sense of true Human ideas would be introduced and cultivated in the Consciousness of Russian people.
  12. The universal and endlessly positive Idea of intellectual-altruistic development, inherent in and deeply researched by the most advanced Human civilizations, underlies the formation of all Ayfaarian relationships cultivated in such centers.
  13. Given appropriate organization, our society could unite around these conceptions. But there is the insufficient intellectual training of the Russian society, lack of the mercantile, selfish component in this Idea and absolute indifference to it on the part of government officials, elites and party leaders. Therefore, this Idea is the basis for the life creative work of a small group of enthusiasts, who decided to study this unique Knowledge, to include it in their relations with the outside world and thus to provide for other people an example of how, in fact, we have to live like a Human.
  14. They have elaborated and widely use in everyday life a variety of progressive techniques for individual development and strengthening of intellectual abilities, formation of high sensuality, intuitiveness, openness, honesty, conscious positivity in general and the desire for spiritual self-improvement in particular.
  15. A special place in this process is occupied by Ayfaarian songs with the deep human Sense, which I have written to the tunes of many Soviet, Russian and foreign hits (their number is around 1000 already).
  16. A meditation practice is actively cultivated, which is aimed at the efficient development of the high vibrational centers of the brain; later on, in own creative work, one will not only use the available knowledge, but also have the ability by himself to receive intuitively answers to the questions directly from the inexhaustible universal treasury.
  17. All their highly valuable experience and deep iissiidiological background could be a precious material in a radical qualitative improvement of Self-Consciousness of all citizens of Russia, as well as a powerful Factor in improving physical and mental health of the whole nation.
  18. The latter is due to the fact that there is a direct correlation between specific features of the human Synthesis Scheme and the degree of its implementation in the Self-Consciousness of each personality.
  19. If the tendency to the high vibrational human conceptions and motivations (that is, a natural orientation on Kindness, Love, Altruism, Intellect, Honesty, Compassion, Empathy, etc. in own choices) has been stabilized in the Focus Dynamics of the individual, then metabolic processes get normalized in his body at the cellular and DNA levels; the concentration and accumulation of the tensor energy States do not occur or get reduced to a safe minimum; stress and depressive mental state are excluded; interaction between all systems and organs normalizes, which has a very positive effect on the overall health.
  20. This is a guarantee of the significant reduction of the enormous public expenditures on health services, a key to improving productivity, intellectual component in the organization of any production, positive attitude to Life and, very importantly, a liberation of Self-Consciousness from violence and terror, as well as a significant lowering of the protest, opposition movement of aggressive masses to implement the anti-constitutional intentions.
  21. The latter is due to the fact that, according to the iissiidiological views, absolutely all possible options for the generation of all Worlds’ form-systems in the whole Macrocosmos have already been implemented and simultaneously-potentially exist in different types of dimensions of Space-Time in all their diversity.
  22. This also applies to the development scenarios of every individual, and therefore to the development scenarios of the structured by people, collective Consciousness of humanity.
  23. A key role of the Focus Dynamics of Self-Consciousness of the personality boils down only to choosing resonationally, among this, already existing variety of proposals for the further continuation of his life, the ones that are most relevant to the implementation of his essential interest.
  24. That is, if the individual is convinced that he can change his life for the better only in an aggressive or any other destructive way — revolution, terror or war — he will slide with the Focus Dynamics of own Self-Consciousness only through those human forms that structure the same development scenarios.
  25. But if the individual makes own choices consistently and purposefully towards Understanding of the objective cause-and-effect relations, which reflect his own imperfectness so far, and pays more attention not to changing external, somehow not acceptable to him, circumstances (which are objectively justified, already exist and always will remain the same in the form-structure of the Macrocosmos, regardless of his subjective attitude to them!), but to the internal self-improvement, then the refocusings will have a constructive character favorable for his development.
  26. The most important factor contributing to the formation of the negative, aggressive behavior, relationship to other people and socially dangerous mental states in the Self-Consciousness of each personality and human community in general is the fear of death, fear of the inevitable cessation of own existence or uncertainty about the opportunities of the post-mortem States.
  27. In the iissiidiological Knowledge, this subject is examined and disclosed in great detail, and is fully confirmed by recent advances in the field of quantum physics.
  28. Briefly it can be expressed in the following way. The multidimensional Structure of the Macrocosmos is represented by focal interactions between an infinite number of concurrently existing and qualitatively very similar to each other (holographic), groups of the Worlds’ form-systems with the slightly different parameters of dimension, which however interpenetrate each other over the multitude of attributes generally inherent in them.
  29. The form-structure or individual energy-informational configuration of every human individual (as well as of all other objects of the surrounding reality) structuring some of these worlds’ groups is not a discrete, closed on itself, system; it simultaneously spreads (diffuzgates) in countless diverse worlds’ groups and forms own Self-Consciousness Form in each of them.
  30. The basis of the existence of Self-Consciousness of each form is the individual characteristics and capabilities of the focused by it, system of subjective perception that forms the entire Focus Dynamics of the personality — the main mechanism for the implementation of the Synthesis Scheme peculiar to us.
  31. Behind each Focus Dynamics lies a creative interest which can be in varying degrees versatile and stable, and each perception system is arranged in such a way that it can provide only a strictly defined potential of creative interests.
  32. Due to the presence of inertial difference in the operation of all the cellular ensembles of our biological organism and realization of own peculiar interests in the Self-Consciousness, there is a recurring internal functional conflict between these two states — physiological and psycho-mental.
  33. Its essence boils down to the fact that, in the Self-Consciousness of the individual, a powerful potential or an urgent need are formed to implement some other creative interest, but the functional resource of the perception system of this body is simply not able to provide its realization.
  34. Then the Self-Consciousness of the personality automatically disables own Focus Dynamics from this system and switches it to the concurrently existing perception system of the most synchronous with its Focal Dynamics, personality that lives in the neighboring development scenario.
  35. The main “collation” mechanism of such a refocusing from one body to another is the vibrational parameters between the DNA of the dead personality and the DNA of his following interpretation — they are almost identical (the difference is at the level of a few methyl groups, which do not alter the genome itself).
  36. Once the genomes are absolutely identical in the donor and in the recipient, so what is the difference between the two perception systems? The difference is that, in one scenario, the epigenetic factors have contributed to the expression of some sites of the DNA sequences and to the formation of some mutations resulting in the formation of specific abilities, interests and opportunities in the perception system of this version of the personality, and in other scenarios, other epigenetic factors have had the decisive influence on the identical genome.
  37. Since the carrier of our individual Essence is Self-Consciousness but not the physical body consisting completely from other Self-Consciousnesses Forms, we cannot feel and discover that our body has become different with every such refocusing (as we don’t notice the constant cell renewal of our skin and organs).
  38. Death as a process of instant teleportation of Self-Consciousness from the body of one development scenario into the body of another development scenario always happens completely unbeknownst to us and unconsciously carried by us much more often than we think.
  39. If all people knew about it, relationships in the intellectual-altruistic community of people free from the fear of death would have changed dramatically for the better, allowing each man to plan his life and realizational creative work for much longer periods of time along with setting much higher-qualitative goals.
  40. I perfectly understand that, in primitive, spiritually and morally degrading communities similar to the current one, which are managed by dishonest and unscrupulous government officials, as well as by outright villains, scoundrels, and scum, awareness of our existence, fundamentally immortal in relation to the Self-Consciousness, can cause a very inadequate response.
  41. But hiding this truth only because of the fear of the possible increase of the activity of some deranged thugs in the society would be a huge crime against all our civilization, which still has some chance for survival and further development.
  42. And the main alternative to the threat of extinction of the current civilization can be a quick spread of the iissiidiological Knowledge, on the basis of which all opportunities for the establishment of truly Human relations will be created at the state level.

Author: Oris