Returning to our Pleiadian Home. Part 9

QUESTION: Could an IRR be considered an act of continuum separation, of which you spoke earlier? This continuum separation occurs by the principle of “belonging” to a certain type of civilization, or is it not?

ANNOUNCEMENT: What is an * "inversion-ray refocusing" - IRR? How does it happen? How does solar plasma emissions occur? What happens to us on Earth? Does this affect our consciousness? In today's article, Oris describes the effect of IRR in detail.

Coronal solar plasma emissions are the particle fluxes (protons, electrons, ionized atoms of light elements); on our luminary, they constantly arise as a result of giant explosions, and have their own magnetic field. Many of them, directed toward our planet, quite often can reach impressive parameters. Thus, the DST-index of geomagnetic activity (Disturbance Storm Time Index) of the solar storm occurred in late August of 1859, reached 1760 nT (nanoTesla); The DST-index of the geomagnetic storm on March 13, 1989 reached 640 nT; less severe storms occurred in 1921 and 1960.

Emissions of solar plasma are sources of high-energy particles and are often accompanied by intense X-ray radiation. They Occur due to changes in the magnetic field of the Sun in relatively small scale of thousands of kilometers and represent giant magnetic “bubbles”, the size of about a million kilometers in diameter. These bubbles throw into the space the billions of tons plasma clouds at a rate of several million kilometers per hour. However, their density is low and in most cases, the atmosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field effectively protect our planet. This is due to the existence of the terrestrial magnetosphere - a region of space that resembles a drop shape that deflects solar charged particles. From the side of the Sun on the border of the magnetosphere, at a distance of about 60 thousand kilometers from our planet, the so-called "magnetopause" is formed ( The Earth's own constant magnetic field is 300-500 nT, while the upper frequency of geomagnetic pulsations in the magnetosphere on the Earth's surface is of the order of 3-5 Hz.

Solar Processes, accompanying an inversion-ray refocusing

I offer all that technical data In order for you to understand the general principles and the details of this process, in which the mass IRR can occur. Here it should be noted that when the interplanetary magnetic field is oriented parallel to the Earth's but in the opposite direction, at the merging area of the oppositely directed interplanetary and terrestrial magnetic fields, the magnetic field erosion takes place. Because of erosion, the solar wind plasma and the energy transferred with it, slip through into the magnetosphere. Thus, the charge system of the Earth's magnetosphere and ionosphere changes entirely.

The magnetic field of the solar plasma, which will be ejected at the time of the quantum leap, will have a specific spiral profile. The eruption will consist of 17 super-powerful emissions of various sizes, with intervals from 20-40 minutes to 2-6 hours: the first eight are the strongest (in particular, the 5th and the 6th), while the rest are weaker. When the first spiral wave hits the Earth's magnetic field, it will be oriented to the south, and therefore will immediately weaken and collapse. However, even if this strike happened during the northern orientation, the planet’s magnetic field would still be literally "torn to shreds".

The first wave will be so powerful that it will literally squeeze the Earth’s magnetosphere (which usually extends for approximately 60 thousand kilometers from the planet’s surface), all the way to the lower boundary of the stratosphere (almost to the surface of the Earth). The radiation Van Allen belts, surrounding our planet will be completely torn down and destroyed, letting an exorbitant amount of protons and electrons to the surface. In addition to the light of the visible range, the first wave, after eight and a half minutes (the time required for it to reach the Earth), will also bring deadly doses of X-ray and gamma radiation with it.

X-ray radiation will instantly warm up the upper atmosphere. The atmosphere then will stretch for thousands of kilometers and will generate a gigantic amount of hidden energy, the potential of which will be 100-200 million times greater than the power of an atomic bomb. Proton showers will flood the Earth. The proton speeds after the 5th -6th radiation waves of will increase to 300 GeV (Gigaelectron-volts), and after 11th - even more. High-energy protons with charges greater than 10 GeV will interact with the nitrogen and oxygen nuclei atoms in the atmosphere, generating neutrons. Because of this, the amount of ozone and nitrogen in the terrestrial stratosphere will sharply decrease to a level of 10-15%. The restoration of the current proportions of gases in the atmosphere will require millions of years.

Giant plasma bubbles will induce intense ionospheric and Aurora **electric currents. These currents in turn will create intense, high-voltage multi-ampere electric current field, connecting continents throughout an entire surface of the Earth. Not only all transformer devices and batteries will ignite, but also all metal will be red-hot, and all flora and fauna, wooden and plastic objects, houses, etc., will be completely burnt. Of the four oceans, water will remain only in two, as the remaining oceans, seas and rivers will evaporate, forming in the atmosphere a powerful steam. Only after the completion of the 17th emission wave, the steam will begin to cool down and spill onto the surface with endless super hailstorm.
Starting with the 8th wave, the spiral of the interplanetary magnetic wave will switch to the north pole. This will significantly reduce its intensity and destructive influence, although, in reality, by this time nothing alive on the planet will remain, except for microorganisms in ocean water, and creatures living in the deepest ocean cavities. They will give rise to new forms of Life, both in water and on land. After some time, the Galactic Sowers, including us, transformed after the posthumous IRR, will arrive on the restored planet. We will create new Forms of Self-Consciousness for different needs from the naturally formed biomaterial.

That is roughly the scenario of a quantum leap appeared before me during Deep Meditation. However, this is only one of the millions of possible variants of this event of a planetary scale, from the ones that can simultaneously occur in different scenarios of our development. However, they might not necessarily happen at all or be less powerful, such as the coronary outbreaks in 1859 or 1989; most likely almost none of you ever heard or knows anything about them.

The IRR’s influence on human consciousness

Now let us begin to consider the influential principle of such cataclysms on our biological and "field" (etheric) constituents. Well, regarding the biology everything is clear: in the first instant of a solar blast wave, all people will immediately lose their consciousness. This will be associated with the annihilation of low frequency (from the 1st to the 9th) Channels of IISSIIDI-Centers of individual Self-Consciousness under the influence of fatal doses of ultraviolet and gamma radiation. This in turn means that the connection between the etheric components of our consciousness and the bio-Creators of our physical bodies, simultaneously manifested in various scenarios, where this event has had such a destructive effect, will be destroyed completely, without the possibility of restoration.

In these scenarios, depending on the intensity and duration of the occurred coronary events that have, our bodies either will resemble a handful of ash or charred remains. There is also a scenario, where the ***pradarguts and corrupimpryy, populated throughout the multitude of people, will still survive and create their civilization. The connection between the etheric components of Consciousness and the bio-Creators will begin to recover according to several paths, potentially possible for each of us.

  1. In some cases, the radiation dose will be low and not fatal for the functioning of our organism, perhaps only temporally disconnecting your consciousness, making you experience only an insignificant distress. In such cases, simply no IRR occur, since no IISSIIDI-Center Channels have been affected.
  2. In other cases, the dose of irradiation was sufficiently intense to annihilate in the people of only 1-3 IISSIIDI Center Channels. In this case, after passing through a series of instant posthumous scenario changes, you will regain Consciousness in the human community, which is less inclined to waging wars, and people - to commit murders. This will serve as a definite stimulus for the more accelerated individual development, however, gangsters, rapists and other criminals will remain. You will refocus into one of your personal Interpretations, who has reached this development stage naturally, without cataclysms, however, through scenarios with major biological wars and pandemics, resulting in hundreds of millions of fatalities. The number of people in this civilization is slightly less than what we have now (approximately 5-6 billion).
  3. In these groups of scenarios, the spectrum of 1-6 IISSIIDI Center Channels will be annihilated, which will result in the fact, that this society will show the evident signs of humanity and technological advancement. There will also be some individuals, who are undeveloped, non-criminal and cruel, but still very far from perfection. There, the humankind has also reached this stage of its development through wars, including both nuclear and planetary pandemics. Their number may not exceed 3-4 billion people.
  4. In the fourth scenario, there will be an annihilation of 1-8 IISSIIDI Centers. You will awake in the Collective Consciousness of people who are trying to build a society on justice and kind-heartedness. They have also went through very destructive wars and epidemics and survived, realizing the perniciousness of aggression. However, among them many more, who enjoys to benefit at other’s expense. The number of people on the planet in these scenarios is about 2-3 billion.
  5. In these scenarios, there will be an annihilation of 1-9 IISSIIDI Center channels. The society in which you awaken in this example already greatly resembles the True Human society. Most people there are either approaching transformation into bioplasma Forms of Self-Consciousness, or have already begun mastering them. These types of civilizations also appeared as a result of the external factor influence, such as an increased solar activity, including our case of the quantum Transition, nuclear wars, the fall of huge meteorites with serious but not fatal damage to the stratosphere and the Earth's biosphere, which led to an increase in radiation and mass death of most humans and animals.

At last, 1-9 IISSIIDI-Center channels lost their functionality. This has taken away a real possibility to destructively influence the life creativity of people from the low-level fragmented consciousness of the mental-rational and emotionally sensual types. Because of the increased radiation background, the human body has changed considerably. From the current carbon-hydrogen, It has evolved to the more functional and advanced carbon-hydrogen-silicon and hydrogen-carbon-phosphorous bioplasma Forms. The development degree of such civilization is much higher in comparison with our current type. The population is comprised of 1.5-2.0 billion people of various races who does not waste time and effort in destructive realizations and are determined to build a True Human Society. They actively cooperate with the Pleiadians, Siriusians and other highly developed space civilizations.

How the IRR occurs and where is it directed?

Well, in some cases, it occurs in the form of a periodic process of collapse of the remaining and unscathed part of your consciousness (after the IRR), with the corresponding part of the consciousness of your bioplasma Form. Usually it is tied to your bioplasma Form’s state of sleep or Meditation, or its particularly altered state of consciousness at any time in her life. In her Self-Consciousness, this can be affected by some vague memory from someone else's Life (yours). Only the most vivid positive and pleasant impression at the time of your IRR can reflect in the form of a quaint dream, unfamiliar experience and the like. In cases when your developed highly vibrational potential of 5th-7th Levels of your Self-Consciousness at the time of an IRR rather insignificantly, there is a high probability that remaining volume of consciousness can be synchronized only with the brain of the bioplasma Form of the child, or with the consciousness Form of your less developed bioplasma Interpretation. Therefore, it is very important to master the maximum possible potential of high-vibration psychisms (thoughts and emotions) before the IRR.

The fact is that high-frequency neural networks of the brain cortex are dependent on the performance of high frequency IISSIIDI-Center Channels and are much less susceptible to wave deformation than the synaptic circuits of the limbic system. Of course, now all the cortical neural networks are inextricably linked to the subcortical networks, which will be almost completely annihilated together with the corresponding part of your memory during the act of an IRR. However, the more universal neurons of bioplasma Forms are able to restore the missing Form-Images from the information space of individual consciousness and recreate many of your current high-quality memories.

Depending on how seriously, responsibly, and systematically will you currently approach the improvement of the quality of your consciousness literally in all spheres of your current life, will you be able to realize the best part of your current self after the act of an IRR. Otherwise, you will simply be left with the memory of your newly acquired bioplasma Interpretation. Note that the devoted spiritual self-development in the given group of continuums will allow you to "book" a "place" in the qualitative and highly developed civilizations of your possible individual "future”.

Let me also tell you about what happens at the time of the quantum Transition with Self-Consciousness of the Pradarguts and Korrupimpras - the most primitive representatives of the present Collective human Consciousness, whose 10-12 IISSIIDI Centers were not practically been synthesized. Nothing terrible will happen to them of course, but I would not want this fate because, in fact, their quantum transition can be compared with the rapid fall of Self-Consciousness into a deep temporal (historical) loop – thousands and hundreds of thousands of “years ago".

When the primary IISSIIDI-Center Channels, ensuring their entire life activity, are annihilated, they will resonantly manifest in the bodies of those of their Interpretations, who belong to civilizations that are much less developed than ours - either humans or humanoid apes. The allocation criteria is determined by a narrowly specific characteristic and subjective orientation of self-image in the primary part of their consciousness that remained after the IRR. Most often, their postmortem refocusing occurs in the rudimentary consciousness of young children and adolescents of undeveloped civilizations. However, it can also be the children of those of the parallel modern scenarios, where the quantum transition either did not materialize at all, or was at a low level of coronary emissions.

* Inversion Ray Refocusing (IRR) - an act of planetary Transformation, continuum mitosis, spiritual Ascension (for those who are ready), quantum transition.
** Aurora zone (Aurora oval) - This zone (oval) surrounds the geomagnetic pole, approaching it during the day and moving away from it at night. With increasing geomagnetic disturbance, the oval extends to the equator. The thickness of the aurora zone is about 1 kilometer.
*** Pradarguts and Corrupimpryy – see “Pleiadian Home, Part 8


This is an adapted version of the cognominal article, originally written by Oris.

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