What is Iissiidiology

Iissiidiology postulates the intuitive cognition method, where distinctive feature characteristic is considered the researcher’s positive intellectual and altruistic state of Self-Consciousness, ultimately defining the quality of intuitive perception of the surrounding reality in correlation to the researcher’s own psycho-mental conditions cognition opportunity. In its depiction of surrounding reality concepts, coupled with the comprehensive narration of the human nature, Iissiidiology aims to establish a holistic, science-oriented worldview, integrating within itself a knowledge of the social, human and natural sciences. Iissiidiology’s conceptions and theories will most likely be a subject to the necessary degree of criticism and scientific data verification compliance in regards to its criteria of verifiability, falsifiability and the Occam's principle.

General concept

Iissiidiology by definition is a collection of the latest cosmological perceptions regarding the humankind and its role within universe, and while displaying radically new constructive approach to the implementation, analysis and interpretation of any kind of scientific research, it creates the preconditions for the complete revision and modernization of all currently existing scientific principles and ideological norms. This Conception consists of radically reformed set of assertions that outline the scope of multiverse and any material unit self-conscious nature principles, advocating multilevel and multidimensional structure of Space-Time and Consciousness.

Backed by broad interdisciplinary platform of humankind knowledge and experience in various scientific fields as well as the positive moral environment, Iissiidiology tends to form a more profound worldview understanding and identify internal structural relationship between the quality of our perceptions and the external reality.

Iissiidiology outlines physical phenomena and event mechanism interpretation of our lives within the framework of deeply researched "transcendental existence essence" – the consciousness, self-identifying its entire infinite amount of interpretations throughout the Universe. Moral foundations of harmoniously developed global society – laws and cooperation principles of "Self-Consciousness Forms“, (both – living and “inanimate”, as defined in accordance with modern ideas of what a "life" is), are thoroughly formulated by Iissiidiology.

Oris has begun working on “Iissiidiology Fundamentals” book title in the beginning of 2009, based on intuitive cognition and deep meditation method. Intuitively perceived iissiidiological conception provisions are presented in a multivolume cognominal edition. Currently, this conception is widely utilized by various researchers (both scholars and enthusiasts alike) greatly facilitating the development of their own theories and beliefs http://www.iissiidi.org/ – currently being translated into English).


Axiomatic Perceptions

Self-Consciousness and the World

Iissiidiology postulates the unity of mind and matter. All manifested objects throughout the Universe - elementary particles, atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, planets, stars and galaxies - have their unique inherent self-identifying Self-Consciousness of a certain level and quality. Because every single elementary particle has its own unique Self-consciousness, (just like any other Form of Consciousness or any object in the Universe) it therefore possesses a unique individuality.

Upon considering the formation processes of the surrounding reality (all the way to the origin of elementary particles fundamental interactions as well as their generations), this position implies the necessity of considering the material objects physical conditions (as well as their constituents, like cells: molecules, atoms, etc.), and their components state of consciousness, including elementary particles. Iissiidiology asserts that surrounding reality is created by means of physical and conscious states of “interpenetration" and "overlapping" of the entire pallet of the surrounding world objects, involved in the overall interaction process.

Diversity / Multiverse

The Diversity (or Multiverse) Conception is adopted as the sequential world organization dynamics (phenomena of time as the physical and mental processes implementation form), suggesting the simultaneous existence of countless of individual interpretations ("twins") of not only human individuals, but also of any variety of other ambient self-awareness forms. Constant exchange of information between all individual interpretation forms (through the mechanisms of the collective subconscious regarding their individual experience, explains the mechanism of intuition.

Individual interpretation diversity, (which approximately can be compared to multitude of simultaneous bifurcations of Space-Time throughout the infinite amount of choice vectors) implies constant quantity of divergence instances throughout a myriad of various "scenarios" (worlds). The conception of individual immortality is one of many consequences of this model. The individual’s Self-consciousness never perceives itself as dead, always choosing another personal interpretation, which in turn continues to live in the nearby scenario with different circumstances, where death did not occur. The iissiidiological concept of individual immortality resonates with the idea of quantum immortality, however, the first goes far beyond, including into consideration the layered structure of human consciousness.

Dimensionality: Synthesis and quality

According to Iissiidiology, the Universe is the combination result of certain Energy and Informational fragments. Dimension defined as the degree of complexity and quality of energy informational fragments combination, structuring various forms of Self-Consciousness. Energy-Information is "slloogrent", meaning that any fragment thereof potentially contains the entire information regarding all inter fragment interaction activity (just like in a hologram, where even its tiniest fragment contains information about the entire hologram). The more "fragmented" and uncoordinated (regarding its fragments) the Self-Consciousness Configuration is, (set of energy-information fragments), the lower dimensional value it assumes.

Our perception represents dynamic synthesis process within a constant, experience accumulating, Self-Consciousness Configuration. We have conventionally termed such processes as synthesis, because all additional experience gained is a result of integrated, combined and balanced number of disparate perception transmutation (energy-information fragments) into more energy-capacious blocks. Consequently, Self-consciousness Configurations have two dimension indicators: quantitative complexity (saturation), as well as qualitative energy-information combination diversity.

Existential contemporaneity and simultaneity

All possible World variations, (as well as each one of us within them), as various types of Self-Consciousness Configuration Form relationships, all exist primordially, where nothing newly created can be revealed, by definition. The entire variety of different worlds (as well as all people within them) represents simultaneously existing palette of infinite number of all possible choices and destinies, ("scenarios") not only of all human, but also of any other Forms of Self-Consciousness. At that, multi-level and complex-structured Configurations, (for example the same person as a child, and as a grownup respectively), organize simultaneous reflection of the “slloogrent” (holographic) principle, i.e. potential integration experience of existence in general multidimensional Universe structure. Time, expressed by the rotary principle, represents the result of subjectively perceived duvuyllerrt (conditionally similar in terms of dimension) Worlds, alternated with a certain frequency, by various Forms of Self-Consciousness, based on perpetually improving cause-and-effect relationships among them.

2.5 Scenarios and the Freedom of Choice

Iissiidiology elaborates freedom of choice principle, pertaining to any Form of Self-Consciousness, considering the existence of countless scenarios (World variants). Though it is completely impossible for any Form of Self-Consciousness to create anything new, previously non-existent, it can, (and always does), nevertheless select any desired destiny variation scenario, which is holographically embedded within more advanced Self-Consciousness Configurations, manifested throughout more advanced levels of dimensional value. The individual self-improvement has no limits or restrictions, other than the current set of informational relationships, such as our own worldview perceptions, or other psycho-mental and physical processes, occurring in it.

Transformation of the more primitive (inferior-dimensional) perceptions into more energy-capacious ones, leads to advanced awareness and the ability to interact with other Forms of Self-Consciousness. In Iissiidiology, the multiverse freedom of choice concept resonates with the idea of the “quantum jumping” method, - the technique of conscious perpetual "shift" ("refocusing") through various scenarios; however, the first goes farther than that, introducing principles of the layered structure of human consciousness, as well as participation of all the surrounding self-awareness forms in the "formation", (choice-making) of various development scenarios.


Iissiidiological methodology and philosophy

Intuitive cognition

Currently scientific approach does not utilize the intuitive information as fundamental in the surrounding space formation, while operating exclusively with empirical or mathematical facts and logical reasoning. Such recognized scientific criteria methods as impartial assessment, objective world review, critical experiment and others, although contribute to human progress in terms of comfort and information exchange intensity, completely omit the emotional and sensuous aspects of human life, therefore we would refrain from defining them as integral world cognition means. Iissiidiology, on the other hand, constructively seeks to combine the scientific assessment objectivity with sensuous (intuitive) comprehension, perceiving both of them as equal and mutually beneficial research instruments. Iissiidiological intuitive cognition method is similar in its nature to such an exotic variety of scientific approach, as a mathematical intuitionism, with the exception that the first implies positive-sense perception, coupled with deeply thoughtful personal motivations of the creative process. According to Iissiidiology, intuition is rather a sensuous capability to obtain certain experience, directly projected into a given individual’s Self-Consciousness by his or her other personal interpretations, bypassing the direct involvement or participation in gathering of said experience by that individual (see the above mentioned multiverse conception description).

Such intuitive approach allows absorbing additional new knowledge without any speculative limits, giving impetus to the perpetual ideas and hypotheses steady development, facilitating the effective realization of the most stupendous discoveries. Per se, the transcendental nature of this intuition is inherent to various scientific and philosophical investigations, destined to surmount all currently existing scientific dogmas, tenets and notions of reality in its present state. Intuitive knowledge methodology, reflected in Iissiidiology, offers such sensory intellect development opportunities, which should undoubtedly contribute to the tremendous transformation and cognition method improvement in all areas of scientific advancement. Adding to the already existing - theoretical and experimental, as well as emphasizing the intuitive cognition method, based on improving the intellectually-sensuous perceptional levels, - is a key factor of worldview transformation paradigm to a level, at which the surrounding world does not exist objectively, (i.e. by itself, separately from humankind), but is rather shaped by our own subjective perception.

Iissiidiological attitude towards the conception of foresight, as an opportunity not to oppose, but to unify practical and intuitive experience as equal components of the same cognitive process, allows considering intuition as functionally justified, and even evolutionary indispensable constituent of the entire human consciousness structure, as an essential attribute, extrapolating the perception far beyond the subjective reality, currently perceived only by our senses or experimental devices. Combined conscious use of intuition along with scientific cognition development methodology have the potential of not only providing everyone an opportunity of drastic life improvement through the sequence of perpetual choice-making, but also to assist modern scholars by offering a fresh look regarding their newly developed theories, evidence and solutions to their scientific and technical issues.

Presentation and terminology

Key features of the Iissiidiology information and assimilation are as follows:

  1. Nonlinearity and unconventional reasoning introduction coupled with periodic repetition of various topics, aimed for the development of not only the abstract logic and analysis ability, but also for the effective intuitive and critical thinking skills enhancement;
  2. Use of various scientific terms (such as physical, mathematical, medical, etc.), meanings and definitions of which in many cases are adapted and improved in accordance with iissiidiological perceptions;
  3. The introduction of new terms and the so-called "Acoustic Space Codes" (code-determinants, such as IISSIIDI), designed for those concepts and ideas, which currently have no analogues in any of the knowledge areas. The codes are the sound combinations, used in description and analysis of any given phenomena through meditative introspection.

Mentally-sensuous balance

Determining factor in the study of this knowledge is a delicate balance between the mental perception and sensuality, that in different areas of knowledge tend to dominate individually. Iissiidiology minutely elaborates the importance of two key elements of the world cognition’s most effective holistic and universal processes - "Highly-altruistic Intellect” in conjunction with "Highly-intellectual Altruism" which, when expressed in everyday decision-making as well as on every stage of the cognitive process, gradually reshape the researcher’s Self-Consciousness configuration to the extent, where creativity potential is used for the benefit of the entire mankind and not for selfish purposes.

Manifestation of a more holistic and informed life creativity is possible only once we cease to perceive ourselves and our consciousness in separation and isolation from the outside world, which contributes to a clear objective vision and the purpose of cognition. Successful study of Iissiidiology implies consistent alternation of abstract, positively intelligent perception information and positively sensual creativity, for which a soulful inspired singing of poetic lyrics, written to popular tunes of the 20th century, is proposed. This is essential for the development of highly intelligent Altruism and creation of optimal mental state preconditions, necessary for successful mastering of iissiidiological conceptions. In these verses are embedded the ideas and notions, identical to these, depicted in Iissiidiology; however they are relayed from a position of sensuousness.

Global development perspectives within the iissiidiological concepts framework

Iissiidiology as a fundamental knowledge, aims at a radical change of social collective worldviews from conservative and selfish to altruistically-intellectual and more objective, all of which collectively refocuses evolving humanity into a more harmonious and favorable scenarios of its future. Iissiidiology proposes to follow this specific development direction (from a variety of existing) because a rapid quantum leap of our civilization’s altruistic and intellectual growth is primordially contemplated only in the framework of this direction. Iissiidiology develops and offers new approaches to solving the fundamental problems of modern science, all of which are based on an intuitive knowledge. However, currently the iissiidiological concepts proof complexity is based on the fact, that since they are all gathered by means of deep intuitive approach, only some hypotheses, introduced through them, can pass the criterion of falsifiability.


Iissiidiology volumes

Informational Self-Consciousness Nucleation theory: Information relationship formation; emergence of energy and localized Self-Consciousness configurations; Multiverse formation and dynamics; multidimensional universe ranges structure (similar study and phenomena research: eternal inflation theory, the holographic principle).

Slloogrent theory of space-time: dissonance (qualitative) distance between self-consciousness configurations (the illusion of space), inertial surmounting of these dissonance distances (the illusion of time); rotation cycles, development scenarios, individual worlds, subjective realities and space-time continuums; "Rotational shift" and "skrruullerrt system of choices" (related research areas: postulates of Hugh Everett III, particularly “many-worlds” interpretation and biocentrism.

Materiality qualitative basis theory and field structure synthesis: surrounding reality and Self-Consciousness forms dimensional structure, the diffusive and “Pure Cosmic Quality Aspects” interactions upon the inter-dimensional Self-Consciousness forms materialization.

Elementary particles dimension theory: inter-dimensional causal geometry manifestation, dimensionally tiered particle synthesis multi-qualitative mechanisms; mass and gravity formation; inertia and antimatter nature (related areas of research: string theory, M-theory).

Self-Consciousness levels classification:tiered structure of individual interpretation fragments and their description; human psycho-energetic centers structure; mental process interrelation specification, biochemical hormonal reactions and gene activity of DNA; Self-Consciousness dynamic information space, including the sleep state, the astral experience, hypnosis, coma, etc. (similar studies: emotionally-genetic evolution theory, the theory of positivism, the theory of cognitive dissonance, neurobiological theory with neuronal plasticity in particular).

Self-consciousness birvulyartnost types classification and evolution development directions: diffuzgentnost (mutual permeability of interactions) of various forms of self-consciousness; pathology and disease emergence causes; qualitative organism genetic deviations implementation; diverse individual evolution development possibilities (adjacent directions of research: behaviorism, theories of aging, genetic intervention and quantum immortality; synthesis evolution theory, DNA wave genetics theory, psychosomatic theories and models.


Scientific interrelations

Iissiidiology reflects a wide range of issues, pertaining to the relationship between the surrounding world and the humankind. In particular, a unique interpretation of psychophysiological processes in the human body as well as reasoning and memory mechanisms are introduced. Self-consciousness Configuration structure is depicted through the prism of brain and the so-called intestinal brain activity, with consideration given to hormonal activity under the control of the central nervous system. The relationship between the mental reactions and physiological processes throughout the body is presented through the so-called "Form-Creators", dynamics, organizing the entire spectrum of our everyday activities.
In addition, Iissiidiology presents a wide spectrum of solutions, largely not coinciding with the traditional, conventional perceptions to current problems in the field of new gravitation and cosmological theories, together with elementary particle and quantum field theories.

Among them are such scientific topics as:

  • Parallel worlds existence - many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics by Hugh Everett,
  • Quantum entanglement states phenomenon (quantum mechanics theory),
  • Multidimensional theory and the "unified field theory" (UFT) - (string and superstring theory , M -theory and others),
  • Determinism - (predestination, hidden variables models) or "probabilistic " surrounding reality (square of the wave function interpretation in quantum mechanics),
  • The emergence of the Universe (the inflation and the Big Bang theory, Hubble's law, dark matter and dark energy, black holes phenomenon),
  • The basic structure of the Universe at the elementary particles level (quantum field theory, the Standard Model, the Higgs mechanism, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, the Planck scale),
  • The nature of space-time (the curvature in Einstein’s general relativity theory),
  • The maximum light speed value (the tachyon existence principles),
  • The Universe holographic structure principle,
  • Energy-informational fields (morphogenic fields),
  • Complex systems self-organization structure, and much more.

Iissiidiology provides completely new meaning to the following definitions: "wavelength", "frequency", "particle", "entropy", "multidimensional energy preservation law" and others; it also reveals the essence of such concepts as: "Energy" and "Information", describing their manifestation and interaction structural principles, with the consideration of multiworld and multidimensional forms coexistence. Iissiidiology proposes new areas for research related to the creative activity of Self-Consciousness.

This pertains to:

  • Qualitative level of consciousness, defined by such iissiidiological notion as sintezirovannost, or “degree of synthesis";
  • The fundamental concept of "Energy-Plasma" (the entire Universe multidimensional material substance manifestation mechanism);
  • “Form” - and Info-Creators" as "constituents" of Self-Consciousness’s energy and informational structures;
  • “Pure Cosmic Qualities” synthesis process theory;
  • "Resonance and dissonance” principles, determining the implementation sequence of any Energy-Informational process;
  • Time, Space and Inertia – closely elaborated from the "Rotationality mechanism” point of view – completely new to science;
  • Detailed studies of freedom of choice principle, determining our life creativity on the basis of the skrruullerrt system functionality;
  • Fundamental concept of "Self-Consciousness Focus" dynamics and qualitative "re-projection" mechanisms of the form-creators “focus Dynamics” (perpetual refocusing process).

According to Iissiidiology, our nearest future will be commemorated by the following independent, scientifically oriented fields of study:

  1. Aaylliietika (basic sensuousness interactions),
  2. Sfuurmmvvulogy(subjective reality reconstruction art),
  3. Svuullogistics (regulation of emotional relationships),
  4. Iisstllika (basic mental interactions),
  5. Koarddiirlogy (targeted rotational cycles modeling),
  6. Psycho-Bionics (bio system correction),
  7. Psycho-Genetics (mental and emotional influence on the chromosomal DNA mutations),
  8. Vitoscopy (telepathic communication), and many others.



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