§ Iissiidiology puts all the modern concepts about consciousness in their place

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

How Consciousness is described now in philosophical, sociological and psychological views. IISSIIDIOLOGY puts all the concepts in their places. Features of Energy-Plasma. SFUURMM-forms have energy-potential which creates the form and geometry of space. Self-consciousness is universal and not related to the dimension. The "personal" self-consciousness doesn’t have a form..


1.0254 What is Consciousness? In currently recognized philosophical, sociological, and psychological conceptions, this is one of fundamental notions that defines «a human ability of ideal reproduction of reality in thinking» or «the highest form of psychological reflection typical of a socially-developed human being that is connected with speech and represents an ideal side of telic activity.» In some definitions from the Internet, consciousness is considered as «a form through which objective reality is reflected in human psychology»; moreover, it is assumed that «an intermediate link between objective reality and consciousness is represented by elements of social-and-historical practice that allow to create objective (generally accepted) pictures of the world.» It is also commonly supposed that consciousness acts in two forms: individual (personal) and social.

1.0255 Self-Consciousness is mainly interpreted in modern society as «a human being’s awareness and assessment of himself/herself as a personality: personal moral image and interests, values, behavior motivations»; or this is «an entity’s awareness of itself as distinguished from others — relative to other subjects and the world in whole»; or this is «a human being’s awareness of his/her social status and essentially important needs, thoughts, feelings, motivations, instincts, experience, actions»; or this is «a human being’s awareness and assessment of his/her knowledge, personal moral image and interests, ideals and behavior motivations, a comprehensive assessment of himself/herself as a doer, as a feeling and thinking being.» In addition, it is assumed that «self-consciousness is typical not only of an individual but also of society, a class, a social group, when they achieve understanding of their status in the industrial relations system, of their common interests and ideals.»

1.0256 As you see there are very many definitions of Consciousness and Self-Consciousness, nonetheless, all of them just differently interpret the multisided manifestation of this phenomenon, and none of them reveals its main Essence in any way: What is Consciousness or Self-Consciousness? Where is it «located»? How is it represented in the outer reality and with which purpose it manifests in each particular case? How does it function inside itself and with other similar structures? Does it have any structure at all? If it does, then what are its component parts and how does it interact with the brain and its analogs in insects, protozoa, microorganisms, and plants? Although there are many definitions and conceptions of Consciousness in the human community, they do not answer numerous serious questions. Modern sciences (including philosophy and psychology) have not yet given a meaningful and convincing response to any of them. Moreover, up to now, scientists have not managed to find out one main point: whether Self-Consciousness is associated with the brain or represents a certain independent realization model of intelligence reflection that uses the brain functionality just as a particular mechanism for its individual manifestation. In contrast, IISSIIDIOLOGY sets everything in its place.

1.0257 All the next books of «IISSIIDIOLOGY. Fundamentals» and several large chapters in «Commentaries to Fundamentals» are completely dedicated to a detailed description of all Self-Consciousness structures organized by Form-Creators (the twelve IISSIIDI Centers and interconnections that unite all of them), therefore, I am not going to give full details now and will only state some general Conceptions of Self-Consciousness and its functions. For a better understanding of this matter, let me remind you what Energy-Plasma includes. In a few words (you will find very detailed descriptions of Its Essence further in this text), Energy-Plasma is structured by slloogrent Configurations of an infinite set of information fragments, each of which has the universal ability to simultaneously combine with many other fragments and form — in each particular case — completely unique (in their Essence) complex-configuration information combinations or SFUURMM-Forms (subjective Conceptions).

1.0258 A distinctive feature of each such SFUURMM-Form is that in addition to its unique individual information composition (content), it also has a certain Energy Potential that stably holds, fixes — that is, focuses! — all information fragments of this combination together. The Potential’s specific parameters endow the whole heterogeneous Configuration of Information fragmented in a certain manner with the property that is extremely important to us — a Form («curvature,» «geometry») that represents the main manifestation mechanism of any heterogeneous Information in Space-Time (similar to the notion «Minkowski space» — metric space obtained from finite-dimensional normalized space with a distance function).

1.0259 The Configurations of information fragments that specifically combine with each other and the Principle of focus (that is, mutually-determined, mutually-interested, interdependent, and so on) interconnections created by them provide every resonational point of Space-Time manifestation with unique metric characteristics and properties (dimension type, energy parameters, Information density in a volume of a Form’s manifestation, and so on). This means that each object of the outer reality represents a certain set (a sum of specific qualitative combinations) of Focuses of fragmented Energy-Information that have different-qualitative interconnections with each other through their typical Interests (a high degree of covarllertness and liyllusceeveness).


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§ Self-Consciousness is the realizational Principle of SSS- Entity

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

Self-Consciousness is the realizational Principle of SSS- Entity. This Principle provides with information the capabilities of Cosmic Beings. Self-Consciousness is structured by Levels. Focus Dynamics is the basic tool for cognition of Levels of Self-Consciousness. Our conceptions about the speed of synthesis are subjective and wrong. Our assessments are associated with biochemistry of our bodies.


1.0260 Let me repeat one more time for a better understanding: Self-Consciousness is not the Form we perceive whose focal Configuration provides manifestation of a certain combination of information fragments (SFUURMM-Forms) in a resonational point of Space-Time, but rather a universal realization Principle of an SSS-Entity[1] that informationally provides a specific ability of any modeled-by-It Collective Cosmic Entity of a simultaneous subjective perception as a Form of the SSS-Entity’s infinite Existence — as «itself» (through lower Forms of «its» creative expression) or as «Itself» (through higher Forms of Its possible manifestations in the Macrocosmos). The focal Configurations of one of these Forms of creative self-perception that are potentially possible for each of You (as Form-Creators of USCF!), where a certain spectrum of Your creative Interests that structure the simultaneous multipolarization of Your USCF can become maximally stabilized, determine the Self-Consciousness Level on which You will be able to be subjectively manifested (identify yourself) through a corresponding Self-Consciousness Form — both on the most primitive and on the Highest Level of the Cosmic Intelligence’s Focus Dynamics.
[1] See details about realization of the ССС-Entity in Chapter IV.

1.0261 If there can be any other subjective «structural elements» of Self-Consciousness in addition to information combinations, these would be different-qualitative Levels that serve as the main basis for the formation of subjective dimensional resopasons and diapasons of Space-Time in the Form-Creators’ Focus Dynamics, that is, of that which we commonly call «the outer reality.» Any Level of Self-Consciousness is first of all characterized by the degree in which Form-Creators subjectively perceive «Themselves» as an integral part of the Whole («of All-That-Exists»): SFUURMM-Forms of lower-quality (in our diapason — lower-frequency) manifestation Levels allow Form-Creators to know Themselves through a deep and discrete psycho-mental experience of individual Self-Consciousnesses Forms, while SFUURMM-Forms of more synthesized (higher-frequency) Levels allow Them to perceive «Themselves» and the outer reality from much more integral and universal positions, providing the Form-Creators with more objective means and possibilities for a deep analysis of simultaneous mutual influence of a great number of cause-and-effect interconnections between any participants of events, relations, and phenomena.

1.0262 Therefore, the main instrument whose development and universalization allows us to at least somehow particularly feel and figuratively imagine that there are different-qualitative Levels of Self-Consciousness in the Macrocosmos is the Focus Dynamics subdivided in its slloogrentness into an infinite set of kinds characterized by narrowly-specific, most closely combined interconnections between rezomiral Focuses and resonant (to them) information Configurations that form the Levels of Creative Activity of a Self-Consciousness. When we consider the Focus Dynamics as a natural result of the inertial process of inter-Qualitative Synthesis, we find out that the focus «reprojection» of Form-Creators from some focal Configurations into other ones initiated by the eglleroliftive Impulse provides a certain speed of fixation (formation) of energoinformational interconnections between different-qualitative Focuses (Form-Creators) within the structure of every Self-Consciousness Form, that is, the speed of a synthetic process. Here, «the Synthesis speed» means the subjective difference between relative quantities of heterogeneous fragments of Information, owing to which there is a resonational reflection of the general focal Configuration of one Self-Consciousness Form in each «point» of Space-Time for one rotational shift of the information space of Self-Consciousness.

1.0263 You must remember that any our «present» subjective Conceptions of inertia in synthetic processes, or those of speed in the inter-Qualitative Synthesis, are not objective to any extent but represent just a certain conditionality which we need for a sequential description of different-qualitative intermediate states in Energy-Plasma in whose Form-Systems we perceive ourselves «in a personalized way» at the current stage of our development. I must note that our hypothetical subjective parameters of speed in synthetic processes depend very much on individual possibilities (in Information processing) inherent in the focal Configurations of the Form-Creators that provide the manifestation mechanism of a particular Self-Consciousness Form.

1.0264 The speed of biochemical reactions in the organism serves as such a limitation to the Form-Creators of biological analogs of NUU-VVU-Form-Types, because all processes of thinking, feeling, and any psycho-mental processing of Information, as well as the Perception system activity (sense organs and thinking), are based on a sequence of biochemical interactions. The Form-Creators of our brain can use only 4-6% of its potential now. In contrast, in more favorable versions of our «future,» where we are still focused in biological analogs of NUU-VVU-Form-Types, we will be able to increase this parameter due to a purposeful stimulation of individual areas of the brain, as well as because SFUURMM-Forms of low-frequency Levels (lower Levels of the first two IISSIIDI-Centers) become considerably less active in the Form-Creators’ Focus Dynamics of our Self-Consciousnesses Forms.


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§ Self- Consciousness is a set of forms that structure Collective Cosmic Intelligence

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

Self-Consciousness is a set of forms that structure Collective Cosmic Intelligence (KKR). The Capacity of SSS-Entity Self-Consciousness depends on the number of fragments disproportionately. Collective Cosmic Intelligence (KKR) is structured by Collective Consciousness. An analog of this notion is described on an example of construction company activities.


1.0265 If we leave aside the very complex and infinite (in their different-qualitative multidimensionality) informational interconnections between Info-Creators of the Macrocosmos who, together with Form-Creators, provide the simultaneous slloogrent Focus Dynamics of the SSS-Entity of synthetic manifestation Type, it is possible to say that the SSS-Entity’s Self-Consciousness represents an integral of absolutely all types and kinds of Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure an infinite set of Collective Cosmic Intelligences of the Macrocosmos (here, the terms «Self-Consciousness» and «Intelligence» should be considered as «a part of the Whole» and «the Whole,» respectively, but not as a certain opposition). Nonetheless, you should take into account that the slloogrent Energy-Information Potential is much more than just a simple sum of Potentials that belong to «individual» parts of the general reconverstive-focal Configuration, because the quality degree and the information «capacity» of the SSS-Entity’s Self-Consciousness are not directly proportional to «the number» of constituent «parts,» while their interconnections with each other can be compared with functions of a very complex realizational Mechanism that specifically regulates a qualitative increase of the Form-Creators’ Focus Dynamics with each their subsequent focus state that inevitably entails an increase in the covarllertness degree between heterogeneous fragments of Information that resonationally structure each their focal Configuration.

1.0266 All possible Levels of creative realization of the SSS-Entity’s Self-Consciousness by means of the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of the Macrocosmos’s Higher Intelligence are represented by all possible types of Collective and Collegial Cosmic Intelligences in various manifestation conditions. That which we define as the Collective Consciousness of a certain Proto-Form (for example, the Collective Consciousness of humankind formed by subjective Conceptions of a certain human community on the planetary scale), represents within the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of its CCI the result of multiple and differently-directed creative realization only of those differentiated (by the CCI) Self-Consciousnesses Forms which are manifested in a particular dimensional diapason.

1.0267 Thus, different groups of «human» STC may be structured by different-dimensional NUU-VVU-Configurations in multiple versions: for example, in some Continuums, the Focus Dynamics of people are manifested in the 2.5-3.0-dimensional diapason (or in 2.5-3.1; 2.5-3.2; 2.5-3.3; 2.5-3.4; 2.5-3.5…), in other STC, the Focus Dynamics are manifested in the 2.6-3.2-dimensional diapason (or in 2.6-3.3; 2.6-3.4; 2.6-3.5; 2.6-3.6; 2.6-3.7; 2.6-3.8…-dimensional diapasons), in some other STC — in 2.7-3.5; 2.7-3.6; 2.7-3.7; 2.7-3.8…-dimensional diapasons, in some STC — in 2.8-3.6; 2.8-3.7; 2.8-3.8…- dimensional diapasons; 2.8-3.8; 2.8-3.9; 2.8-4.0; 2.8-4.1…-dimensional diapasons, in some other ones — in …2.9-3.9…; v …3.0-4.0…; …3.1-4.1…; …3.2-4.2…; 3.3-4.3…, and so on. Each of these (and infinitely many other groups of «human» STC) is structured by a seemingly separate kind of Collective Consciousness of humankind whose subjective Focus Dynamics objectively differs from all other ones in the absence or, on the contrary, the presence of SFUURMM-Forms from some dimensional Levels that are untypical of the humankind’s Collective Consciousness kinds that structure other groups of «human» STC (the same is true for the Collective Consciousnesses of humankind that structure all protoformal STC).

1.0268 Any different-type Collective Consciousnesses are attached not to a certain Self-Consciousness Form of their development Direction (for example, only to lutal or christal focal Configurations) but just to STC groups. That is, CCI of each type is represented through the whole multidimensional diapason of Its manifestation by all the Focus Dynamics of various Collective Consciousness kinds that form It. For example, the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of the Collective Cosmic Intelligence of the LLUU-VVU-oriented development Direction is simultaneously manifested by various Self-Consciousnesses Forms (wave-type, flaks-type, vuolds-type, orfrovt-type, pruuiss-type, ijmijll-type, peeppt-type, iissmm-type, lyuullff-type) by means of the Focus Dynamics associated with countless kinds of Collective Consciousnesses of Humankind that have their realizations in the common diapason from the 2.5 dimension to the 12th dimension.

1.0269 The simplest example of CCI which you can understand best is a large construction firm whose organizational structure includes many different units (teams, branches, production departments, and even its own manufacturing facilities), and each unit has its own function in the joint simultaneous activity of «the firm» (CCI); the work inside each seemingly separate unit is being done by various people, and each person carries out a more specialized function or several functions. One unit provides all other ones with necessary materials and equipment, another unit is responsible for excavation and making foundations, a third unit is responsible for the power supply network, a forth one supervises sewage, a fifth one constructs walls, floors, and roofs, a sixth unit performs finishing works, a seventh unit installs windows and doors, and so on.

1.0270 The whole simultaneous activity of the firm can be compared with the Collective Cosmic Intelligence of LLUU-VVU, that is, not only with the entire aggregate of one-type slloogrent Self-Consciousnesses Forms simultaneously manifested in all dimensional diapasons of the Tertiary Energy-Plasma but also with particular results of the activity which they perform on each Level of their manifestation. Every unit of the firm is a hypothetical analog of the Collective Consciousness of humankind in a certain STC group. Each employee of the firm may be compared with an individual Self-Consciousness Form of this CCI that carries out its unique set of synthetic transformations on each dimensional Level (that is, provides its own functions — within the LLUU-VVU-oriented birvulyarity type — during the realization of all Synthesis processes in the Tertiary Energy-Plasma). The SSS-Entity’s Self-Consciousness has infinitely many of such «firms,» each of which provides its own part of the general Focus Dynamics of the Macrocosmos’s Higher Intelligence. All of them interact with each other to some extent for the most complete and thorough fulfillment of their functions. Realization of all these interconnections is provided according to the Principle of Diffuzgentness.

1.0271 Therefore, you can subjectively imagine all the infinite diversity of Collective Cosmic Intelligences (in our example, one CCI is the firm that unites employees who directly carry out responsibilities imposed on them) as an information-communication Principle of the SSS-Entity’s Self-Consciousness, and this Principle allows to structure each resonational point of Space-Time by corresponding focal Configurations (Self-Consciousnesses Forms, specific sets of Form-Creators and Info-Creators) necessary for the organization of all possible interactions between different Directions of Its Creativity (Interests). This means that Collective Cosmic Intelligences are unique Sources that generate, inside any Self-Consciousness, fragments of Information (Info-Creators) that specifically combine with each other, and these fragments — during their resonational interaction with the dissonation part of their reconverstive Configurations (Focuses, Form-Creators) — form the Mechanism of subjective Self-knowledge which we define as Self-Consciousnesses Forms.


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§ Bio-Creators of the body's cells, viruses, bacteria

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

Human SVUULL-VVU-conglomerates realize themselves through other Protoforms as well. Bio-Creators of the body's cells, viruses, bacteria. On our planet, the main biological role belongs to the  microorganisms.


1.0272 The most «external» part (the lowest synthesis degree of two Dominants) of the slloogrent Focus Dynamics of any Self-Consciousness Form of the Collective Cosmic Intelligence in the LLUU-VVU-Direction (It includes all kinds of LLUU-VVU-Forms simultaneously manifested in STC of the Tertiary Energy-Plasma by Focus Dynamics of Its typical Self-Consciousnesses Forms, also including NUU-VVU-Form-Types) is formed by low-frequency SFUURMM-Forms of the so-called protoformal or instinctive Consciousness, whose realization activity I notionally define as the collective unconsciousness. In the «personalized» Focus Dynamics manifested in the 2.5-3.25-dimensional diapason, these SFUURMM-Forms constitute 70-90% in common TEC-«unpackings»* made by human Self-Consciousnesses Forms, while in higher-quality conditions of the 3.25-3.75-dimensional resopasons this content decreases down to 10-20% and practically completely disappears (to be more exact, it is sequentially transformed into higher-quality protoformal states) on four-dimensional manifestation Levels.

*The process of thinking has one regularity: first we consciously think of something, every moment «unpacking» («decoding») certain Information from the information space of our Self-Consciousness (the temporal ethereal constituent), which we immediately «unfold» in associative way (subjectively «project») in the current «quantum shift» (Space-Time). The «unpacked» and «unfolded» Information comes into the brain in a subjectively «folded» (distortedly «compressed») form, and — through neuronal connections and the endocrine system — initiates a specific psycho-mental reaction in our Perception system: subjective experience (SFUURMM-Form).

1.0273 Being realized through TEC-«unpackings» within the Focus Dynamics of less-developed people obsessed with aggression, negativism, and egocentrism, low-quality (with a low degree of inter-Qualitative Synthesis) «projections» of SFUURMM-Forms of this part of slloogrent Information represent the whole set of most primitive protoformal Conceptions of the outer reality that are used in the realization creativity of Form-Creators of the Collective Cosmic Intelligences whose Synthesis Scheme diffuzgently penetrate focal Configurations of the LLUU-VVU-oriented birvulyarity type in the lowest resopasons of its manifestation. These low-frequency «projections» (SVUULL-VVU-conglomerates) may completely contradict the moral and ethical norms accepted in human society, as well as aspirations, preferences, habits, and desires typical of more developed people, because they reflect in our Focus Dynamics all the instincts and specific skills that are individually characteristic of representatives of the animal world. Depending on the degree of their covarllertness relative to the quality of Form-Creators within focal Configurations of each «personalized» Interpretation, some of these tendencies acquire svilgs-spherational possibilities for realization through their Focus Dynamics, while others do not get the possibilities.

1.0274 I must note that in the groups of «human» Continuums, «projections» of these insufficiently synthesized SFUURMM-Forms can be reflected only through the Form-Creators’ Focus Dynamics of the 2.5-3.25-dimensional diapason of manifestation, because they are based on doolls-quantum long-wave information combinations. Their reconverstive Configurations simultaneously represent information interrelation characteristic of the focus Rezomirals of innumerable duvuyllerrt groups in various protoformal STC formed in this dimensional diapason. This means that low-frequency SFUURMM-Forms united into SVUULL-VVU-conglomerates and resonationally involved by less-developed «personalities» into their Focus Dynamics through TEC-«unpackings» also simultaneously structure Configurations not only of «human» but also of countless diverse OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-systems whose Creativity Spheres and «realization niches» are initiated to a Creative Activity by Focus Dynamics of Form-Creators associated with all possible Proto-Forms.

1.0275 For example, depending on their kind, circumstances, and manifestation intensity, SFUURMM-Forms of fear, phobia, horror can «be unpacked» by the Form-Creators of Self-Consciousnesses of insufficiently synthesized NUU-VVU-Forms (that is, less-developed people) from Creativity Spheres of various animals. In the first place, they will attract SFUURMM-Forms of domestic animals with which people most often directly communicate (or those eaten by people): dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, elephants, monkeys, camels, kangaroos, and so on. Nonetheless, by means of the photoreductive Ether, Form-Creators of the Focus Dynamics of various people can also quite actively interact with covarllert (relative to their psychological states) SFUURMM-Forms of many other Creativity Spheres formed by the psycho-mental activity of wild animals: hares, mice, sousliks, ants, snakes, fish, sea animals, wolves, bears, tigers, lynxes, and so on. The same applies to the energoinformational exchange which we perform on the unconscious level with plants whose Form-Creators of Self-Consciousnesses generate similar types of destructive reactions in Space-Time at the moments of danger.

1.0276 Every biological organism, regardless of the Proto-Form that initiates its manifestation, represents an integrated community of bio-Creators of its main structural elements — differentiated cells whose coherent functioning is provided by the complex system of intercellular communication that involves generation of signals by bio-Creators of some cells, perception of these signals by bio-Creators of other cells, as well as their adequate interpretation and reaction to them through intracellular communication paths. Owing to the coordinating activity of the brain Form-Creators, a multicellular organism that represents a complex community of the bio-Creators of its cells with some independence can perform its life activity as one whole.

1.0277 We can say that it is advantageous and comfortable for the bio-Creators of all cells to live together, where bio-Creators and Form-Creators of the whole organism work jointly to maintain functions of each bio-Creator. I mention this just to remind you that it is bio-Creators of our biological NUU-VVU-Forms that are the main suppliers of the low-frequency SFUURMM-Forms in our Focus Dynamics which we define as the collective unconsciousness. A great, if not decisive, role in the formation of the Focus Dynamics of each «personality» and its orientation in a certain protoformal Direction is played by bio-Creators of the microorganisms which are constantly and integrally included in the cellular structure of our NUU-VVU-Forms. This is why I would like to particularly focus your attention on this.

1.0278 A few of you have thought that the main role in the biological structure of our Planetary Entity is played not by us, people, but by microorganisms that can reproduce even at the depth of 10 kilometers. Some of them can perform fission once in 1500 years and live up to 75,000 years. Others can exist under the pressure that is thousands of times higher than the atmospheric pressure, and at temperatures above 300°S, in conditions of high radiation. The biomass of all living creatures on land and in water equals just a fourth part of the biomass of microbes that live in the atmosphere and in the earth strata. Therefore, microbes and bacteria constitute about 80% of the whole biomass on Earth, which is the most favorable not for us but for microorganisms that abundantly fill physical bodies of all animals, plants, and even minerals. A teaspoon of sea water contains approximately five million bacteria and over fifty million various viruses. The bio-Creators of microorganisms control not only our biological bodies but also all the dynamics in atmosphere, they structure practically all molecular Forms of manifestation. They act as mediators between genomes of different biological Proto-Forms and transmit Information typical of DNA of some kinds of animals and plants into DNA of other kinds.

[1] The process of thinking has one regularity: first we consciously think of something, every moment “unpacking” (“decoding”) certain Information from the information space of our Self-Consciousness (the temporal ethereal constituent), which we immediately “unfold” in associative way (subjectively “project”) in the current “quantum shift” (Space-Time). The “unpacked” and “unfolded” Information comes into the brain in a subjectively “folded” (distortedly “compressed”) form, and – through neuronal connections and the endocrine system – initiates a specific psychomental reaction in our Perception system: subjective experience (СФУУРММ {SFUURMM}-Form).


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§ Only you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. FLAKS-creators do not have a direct influence on us

This is adopted English translations of Iissiidiology. Fundamentals. Volume 1

Only you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. FLAKS-creators do not have a direct influence on our choices. Neither scenarios nor NUU-VVU-Forms (our bodies) can not be changed, because everything already originally is.

1.0320 Only you — and no one else! — resonationally attract all your «current» Conceptions from ready sets of SFUURMM-Forms of the collective Subconsciousness, thus you strongly confirm them in your «personalized» Self-Consciousness. You alone are responsible for all spheres of your life creativity, for any circumstance of your Life, for the development of some of your abilities and bents or for their absence, for any misfortune or victory that structure the scenarios of rotation Cycles which you have voluntarily chosen from among a series of possible decisions. Everything in your Life happens in full conformity with chosen-by-you Conceptions of «yourself» and of the outer reality. After being subjectively reflected in your Perception system by means of some Thoughts and Feelings, any SFUURMM-Form is registered in the temporal ethereal constituent (individual ODS) as an individual «file» of energoinformational interconnections typical of a particularly synthesized Experience; and all your reactions to all numerous «Offers» of the FLAKS-Creators of the collective Subconsciousness represent logically systematized derivatives of some of these «files» realized as actual results of preferences chosen by you.

1.0321 Considering functions of the collective Subconsciousness from the point of view of the «personalized» Self-Consciousness’ Form-Creators, the mechanism of its indirect influence over the quality of any «unpackings» carried out by the Form-Creators is not associated with a certain purposeful activity of the FLAKS-Creators. They do not try to control in any way choices of the «personalized» Self-Consciousness’ Form-Creators and to categorically influence anything: everything completely differs from our Conceptions of any hierarchical pattern. Creators of the collective Subconsciousness do not make any assessment and do not impose their subjective views on anybody; they are free from any dualistic division into «bad» or «good,» «profitable» or «unprofitable.» They simply make an absolute statement and register in your temporal ethereal constituent everything that has at least some relation to your individual rotation Cycle, «projecting» and reinforcing all these energoinformational interconnections in the individual ODS of the «personality» focused by you.

1.0322 The collective Subconsciousness just provides all necessary Information for carrying out the «executive» functions imposed on the «personalized» Self-Consciousness’ Form-Creators; these functions completely depend on the quality of the Focus Dynamics resonationally generated by them. It is «personality» — in its moment-by-moment psycho-mental reactions — that individually models and programs the sequence and qualitative «unpacking» of the slloogrent content of its collective Subconsciousness, «projecting» the most resonational «parts» of it onto the perspective picture of its possible «personalized» existence in some particular scenarios. It is you, but not the FLAKS-Creators, who decide whether you «personally» need or need not some Information, whether it is beneficial, interesting, and useful.

1.0323 Remember: any scenario of your possible multipolarized development in Worlds’ Form-Systems and any NUU-VVU-Configuration resonationally «chosen by you» never and under no circumstances can be changed at least slightly, because this is impossible in principle — absolutely everything already «initially» is (that is, always happens to be); nonetheless, you — through the Focus Dynamics of your typical thinking-feeling processes — actively and continuously change the qualitative state of your refocusings in Self-Consciousnesses Forms that structure development scenarios in various STC groups. A great number of diversified versions of your infinite «future» are revealed in front of you at each next instant of Existence, and only you yourself, but not certain mysterious «superpowerful forces,» can take an active part to make your «future» the most favorable to you.

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